Is it possible to do room navigation

Central contact point barrier-free


Route planning

UniMaps offers room-to-room navigation within the various buildings as well as on the outside areas between the university buildings. It is possible to avoid various barriers on the route, such as stairs, through individual settings. This, and the ability to report obstacles such as defective elevators to the building management directly from the app, enables barrier-free navigation.

Space and people search

UniMaps offers a person and room search. When entering data, suitable persons and rooms are automatically suggested. When a person is found, the person's office is automatically added. This can be used to navigate directly to the person or to find out where the office is.

Integration of further services

UniMaps does not only include pure navigation, but also contains many functions that are useful in everyday student life. On the one hand, the menus of the various facilities of the Studierendenwerk are integrated, and on the other hand, the real-time timetable of the tram is integrated.


UniMaps offers various options that the user can adapt to his needs. In addition to the route options, this also includes the option of creating links for direct navigation.

BITV / WCAG compliant

UniMaps is fully compliant with BITV NRW and WCAG 2.1.

Small, high-performance available on all devices

With a size of 7MB, UniMaps is 80% smaller than average navigation apps, can be installed on over 99.9% of the Android smartphones used and is powerful enough to run on older smartphones. In addition, no internet connection is required because the entire app can be used offline.

Other features

  • Positioning and other information by scanning QR codes

  • Share places and routes / create a link to share

  • Toilet selection according to gender (male, female, all-gender) and / or barrier-free

  • Low-detail map view selectable

  • Simple operating concept with help overlay

  • Support many different languages

  • And much more