Can someone become their own grandpa

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How to be your own grandpa

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How do I become my own grandfather?

1. The appeal of older women

It takes some effort to become your own grandfather. First, you need to marry a widow who has a grown daughter. You have to pair them up with your father (if necessary, you can't avoid getting your mother out of the way). You can celebrate a chic double wedding together.
The effect: your father is also your son-in-law and your stepdaughter is also your stepmother.

2. Complicated family ties

If you give your old woman a child, your son will become your father's brother-in-law, because he is also his wife's brother. In addition, with the birth of your son you had a new uncle because he is also the brother of your mother-in-law (i.e. your father's wife, your wife's daughter). However, this branch of the family is not necessary for you to be your own grandfather.

3. Your father's marital duties

Your daddy is more important. He must father your stepmother (your wife's daughter) a son. This is not only your brother, but also your grandchild, because he is the son of your wife's daughter. Now you have to be strong: your wife will also be your grandmother through the birth (you perverted sack, you!), Because she is your brother's grandmother. You are of course your grandson too, but more importantly: Your grandmother's husband is naturally your grandfather - and that is you yourself.
Remember, as your own grandfather, you can squander your inheritance yourself!