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These are the 10 best Spotify playlists for all hip hop fans

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Heard the crème de la crème in one go: We present 10 playlists that no serious hip-hop fan can do without.
In the past, the mixtape was the driving force behind hip-hop culture. With the advancement of technical possibilities, the classic C-90 cassette has long since become obsolete. If you want to share your mix with the world, you do it with a playlist.
One look at the Rap Caviar playlist, curated by Spotify's hip-hop chief Tuma Basa, shows that playlists have become indispensable. A total of seven million followers hear it, and last but not least, the compilation garnered a lot of praise from genre greats like Lil Uzi Vert and Rae Sremmurd.
But also in German rap, the joy of discovery that triggers a good playlist plays an important role! We're celebrating and bringing you 10 Spotify playlists from around the world that you shouldn't miss.
The greatest artists, the hottest beats and the most followers of all hip hop playlists on Spotify. This is your go-to resource if you want to get the freshest, finest US rap music.

2. Red Bull Rap One Hundred

Broaden your horizons! Here you will experience how hip-hop and current club music from the African continent merge. Definitely danceable.
Here crackling beats are served ice-cold. Coming from a global cast of beat wizards, these instrumentals give you the late-night-into-early-morning vibe if that's what you're looking for.
The dark side of rapeseed. Entire decades of rap history come together in this playlist, which has been in existence since 2014. Here you will find deeper, darker beats from the last few years, but also classics from Busta Rhymes and Nas.
Lots of rap fire from the British scene. Before Grime gained its dominance, the British provided some of the best hip-hop tracks in the world and this playlist is the best proof of that. You will find legends like Roots Manuva and Rodney P here as well as hidden pearls and promising new talents.
A shout-out to all haters out there! Hip-hop culture spawned a lot of egos that didn't always get along well with each other. This playlist focuses on that self-righteous anger wrapped in inspired disses. It's always entertaining to see a beef like this first hand - like the Eminem vs. Fred Durst track "Girls".
For its size, Iceland has produced an impressive amount of good rap music. This playlist proves that Icelanders know how to use beats and rhymes.
Hip-hop may have started on the East Coast, but it has aged well in California. This playlist brings together the best tracks by rappers with the West Side flair of the past few years.
If you too are of the opinion that hip hop is more than just everyday trap business, then you could find it in the official BC One list, which brings out danceable breaks between rap, funk, soul and club music. Break!