Are there good fathers in the anime

15 fathers who have a really bad day

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Good fathers, bad days.

1. The father who tried to take a picture of his son after both of them had traveled all the way to Machu Picchu: © u / Mr_Tom_Yabo / Via

2. The father who finally found his misplaced concert tickets for a Led Zeppelin concert - 44 years later: © u / TheRealCorbonzo / Via

3. The father who ran over his son's laptop bag and ... © u / fatdouche69 / Via

4. The father who found his car like this: © u / sparklemom2000 / Via

5. The father who found his son, who had wanted to get something from the attic, in this predicament: © u / cjkowalski97 / Via

6. The father who was so excited about fishing that he forgot to park his SUV. © u / Brandnewgasm / Via

7. The father who stepped away from the grill for a few minutes and returned to this scenario. © u / Tennoz / Via

8. And the father whose grill melted the house: © u / hurtsp / Via

9. The father whose pair of socks with the inscription "If you can read this / bring me a beer" did not go down as expected: © u / mirandanielcz / Via

10. The father who bought a box of what he believed to be 55 anime DVDs for his anime-mad son - but these turned out to be hentai videos: © u / mirandanielcz / Via

11. The father who wanted to have a photo taken of himself and these birds while on vacation, but was bitten instead: © u / Grayox / Via

12. The father whose child has dutifully practiced writing the letter "H" - on the door of his car: © u / Esleeezy / Via

13. The father who falsely relied on his child to properly smear his back with sunscreen. © u / TrashTalker667 / Via

14. And the father, who wanted to go to a concert with his son, ... but found out upon arrival that his son had the ticket for 10th place: © u / Kennedylan / Via

15. And this father who lost his child on the way:

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