Lessons for Life How powerful is our subconscious

Strengthening self-esteem: How you can benefit from it in your job

Why are some more successful than others? Why have some apparently leased happiness while others struggle and yet “can't find a green branch”? It is not for nothing that it is said: "Faith moves mountains!“

Messages that we have saved - often unconsciously - have enormous power.

They determine our decisions, sometimes our entire life. Negative thoughts - even if we consciously do not even notice them - have the ability to throw us off the road to success.


When belief becomes reality

No matter what we believe, we are always right. We live in our own world and this world is our reality. We are of ours Experiences and experiencessostrongly shaped and trapped in ourselves that we ourselves mostly stand in the way yourself. If we heard again and again at school, from our parents or acquaintances ...

… "You can not!" …
... "You are still too young / already too old for that!" ...
... "You're a girl!" ...
... "Boys don't cry!" ...

... this can have serious consequences for our future lives. For example, there are families where it is said, “Everyone in our family always had good grades in math. In German, on the other hand, we weren't that good. ”It's no wonder that a child from this family puts a lot of effort into math exams, brings home good grades and is praised for it.

If an exam fails, learning continues until the grades match again. In German lessons, on the other hand, this child does not even pay attention because they think they are not good at German anyway, so it is not worth getting involved here either. After all, everyone predicted that anyway. If, logically, a bad grade then follows in the school assignment, this is not attributed to the lack of commitment, but to the lack of talent or the family history.

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The fatal thing is that this one Belief the child and the later adult pursued all his lifet. We humans form belief systems from earliest childhood on, those of our parents, acquaintances, teachers or friends reinforced become.

Comparable to a table, the table top is our opinion and every table leg is an affirmation from the outside that strengthens the belief. So the more table legs we have for an opinion and get again and again, the more firmly the belief system sits.

Thoughts are orders to the subconscious

Many people are sometimes quite strict with themselves. If something doesn't work right away, they scold themselves and downright downright:

"I am a fool. How can I think that I can do this. What a failure I am! "

Just a pity that ours Subconscious takes everything seriously - It doesn't matter whether we say something like that about ourselves or maybe hear it again and again from the boss, family or colleagues. At some point we will be too fully convinced of itthat we have absolutely no right to be successful (and / or happy).

Conversely, however, we can also decide to do so from today being nicer to ourselves and if something should go wrong, we prefer To give courage instead of further wiping us out.

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The picture of an imaginary bank account is helpful here: the more we say something bad to ourselves or visualize it, the more money is withdrawn from our imaginary bank account. Conversely, when we say something good to ourselves and visually think something positive, we deposit more and more money into our account.

If you take a closer look at successful people, you can see that they keep depositing money into their imaginary account. There are even some who do it every morning in front of the mirror by simply smiling benevolently or thinking or saying something encouraging, such as “You can do it!”. By the way: a parallel between the imaginary and the actual bank account cannot be ruled out.

Thoughts are orders to our subconscious and every thought has the tendency to be realized.

Rephrase negative beliefs

Most people have beliefs - whether they are positive or negative, decides how happy and successful they are whether they achieve their goals or not. For example, if you have an old, restrictive belief like ...

"I always have to have everything under control, nothing works here without me!"

- because he heard and noticed this time of his life with his father, a successful full-blooded entrepreneur - has an attitude that is characterized by:

  • force
  • Generalization (always and everywhere)
  • External control
  • Stress generation

Limiting beliefs hinder us like a block on your leg. Fortunately, such perceptions and messages are not set in stone. They can be reprogrammed so that we have a chance for a different, new mindset. For example, such an old, limiting belief can turn into a new supportive belief be reformulated, such as B.

"I fully trust my team, which always represents me well!"

Then your own attitude is characterized by:

  • selection (positively formulated)
  • Generalization (always and everywhere)
  • Self-determination
  • liberation (beneficial)

So the difference between success and failure depends not only, but to a decisive extent, on ours attitude and the decisions that follow. Who can do it rephrase negative beliefs, comes a lot closer to his goals.

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