What is a female cat named Molly

The 10 most popular cat names

Year after year, the pet register Tasso e.V. compiles the Top 10 list of the most popular cat names in Germany - for cats and hangovers. More than 9.7 million pets are already registered here.

These are the most popular cat names in Germany

The top 10 cat names for cats and males have changed little over the past four years. These names occupied the top positions in 2020:

The 10 Most Popular Cat Names For Female Cats:

  1. Luna
  2. Lilly / Lilli
  3. Nala
  4. Lucy
  5. Mia
  6. Maja / Maya
  7. Mimi
  8. Bella
  9. Mila
  10. Molly

The 10 Most Popular Cat Names For Male Cats:

  1. Simba
  2. Leo
  3. Charly / Charlie
  4. Balu / Balou
  5. Findus
  6. Felix
  7. Sammy
  8. Max
  9. tiger
  10. Rocky

Popular cat names from other countries

  • Oliver (USA)
  • Romeo (Italy)
  • No-rang-i (Korea, means: piece of gold)
  • Minette (Canada)
  • Kuro (Japan, means: black)

Popular cat names from literature and film

  • Snowbell (from Stuart Little)
  • Garfield (from the comic of the same name)
  • Spot (from Star Trek)
  • Salem (from the series 'Sabrina - Totally Bewitched')
  • Church (from 'Friedhof der Kuscheltiere', short for Churchill)

Already knew?

A Japanese study found that cats respond to their own name as well as dogs. The research team assumes that cats are conditioned to use their names because they expect something positive in the process: food or a caress.

Whether or not your cat responds to its name also depends on the sound of its last syllable. Canadian veterinarian Dr. Uri Burstyn advises: "Twitter like a bird or whine like a squirrel!" The high pitched sounds of the potential prey will grab any cat's attention. Cat names that end in i are therefore particularly suitable.

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