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ISSN no. 1612-1848 The magazine for industrial trucks and logistics 5th edition I October 2018 I 16th year tugger trains LPG special Future prospects positive pages 24 to 29 pages 19 to 23

ISSN no. 1612-1848 The magazine for industrial trucks and logistics 5th edition I October 2018 I 16th year tugger trains LPG special Future prospects positive Pages 24 to 29 Pages 19 to 23 Less

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ISSN no. 1612-1848 The magazine for industrial trucks and logistics 5th edition I October 2018 I 16th year tugger trains LPG special Future prospects positive pages 24 to 29 pages 19 to 23

SONNENSCHEIN LITHIUM The intelligent energy storage system for maximum productivity Visit us at LogiMAT 2019: Hall 10 Stand C45 Sonnenschein Lithium traction batteries are the ideal solution for all applications that require 24/7 availability of the industrial truck fleet. With their high cycle stability and excellent fast charging capability, Sonnenschein lithium batteries are perfect for intensive use and a correspondingly high energy throughput. In addition, Sonnenschein Lithium systems are maintenance-free and thus combine the highest GNB Industrial Power is a division of Exide's efficiency with the "Install & Forget" concept. Technologies, one of the world's largest producers and recyclers of industrial and starter batteries. GNB is 24/7 applications very quickly recognized as an outstanding and proven provider of multi-shift use interim charging drive batteries for industrial trucks and other traction maintenance-free over the entire high range of applications with high demands on the performance and battery life, durability and cycle stability of the battery. The right GNB chargers as well as fleet management - MORE THAN successfully implemented sunshine solutions, service and advice ensure optimal 100 lithium projects all over Europe operating costs in intralogistics.

STAPLERWORLD 05_2018 Foreword What exciting weeks! Our trip to Italy took us to Midac, Baumann, B + B-Elevators, Baoli and many others - things really start again south of the Alps. The urgent problem of our many interlocutors - whether the neighbor sells his property so that his own company can expand. Sounds good and has shown us that the southern neighbors are really good at building special forklifts. It was exciting at Bulmor, where there are new faces in the management and the clear commitment to continue to offer multi-trip trucks, so that the market with Bulmor, Hubtex, Dimos, Genkinger, Baka , prescribes the annual test. And to the Votex, Fiora and the more well-known brands of forks, only experts are allowed to call them, or especially well-stocked. Also great, certified companies - ideally what makes a sideloader the manufacturer. lets to get passengers with restricted mobility on planes. That Franz Müllner Speaking of manufacturers: Who would have thought that it would still be possible to pull a 32,000 kg sideloader from the Deutz diesel engine manufacturer in Cologne 10 meters intensely around the subject of hybridization with muscle power requires extremely praiseworthy care? This is due to the changed mention, especially when you see how many demands many customers have that smaller mo- "normalos" have tried after their attempt without complicated exhaust lines. If you need a power greater than 56 kW, an e-booster can help. The fact that the KION Group, as a global number, is getting wider and wider with the Manitou telescopes that have been completely retrofitted on Emers 2 and equipped with a drive. Baoli now a budget brand in Germany That sounds exciting but it is clear that I would like to establish with all seriousness that the replacement of the combustion engine requires a close look, because the troops have an electric motor that is not the wisdom of the last pe in Italy good product, which should also be concluded - the effects of the Noblelift devices are too great, with which the loss of courage. Future E-Telesters will certainly have a joint venture. 12.6% of all head forklifts are equipped with electric wheel motors, forklifts in Europe are meanwhile “that sounds very different. Chinese "and that with an increasing tendency, because the products fit better and better and" ennobled "my many forewords Data established with the tenor of this year's future branch, with a bbi conference on sales. It has to be occupied and best of all by these Europeans and is led by a very close association. Forklift and data evaluation, fleet management, we were allowed to spend a very exciting Saturday with management, driver monitoring (anonymous), from increased temperatures in the machine utilization - and the Stap- new training center from Vetter (it has become fancy components for attachments and forklifts). The topic is becoming more and more common. Forks were more understandable for the host - "speaking" and the results of these conversations are very dear to the heart, it is so important to be digitally processed and to pay attention to these components. That is why we managed orderly systems - so to speak we decided to use the most important in-house forklift Facebook. Summarize checkpoints on page 49. So please remember, ISO 5057 Sincerely yours, Oliver Bachmann Follow us on Facebook and Google+ (

4 5 Foreword 3 Content & Imprint Editor / Verlag TechTex-Verlag GmbH & Co. KG Content / Imprint 4 Schäferstrasse 2 | D-55257 Budenheim Management: Dipl.-Wirt.-Ing. Oliver Bachmann front forklift Fon: +49 6139 9628123 | Fax: +49 6139 960455 [email protected] | Counterbalance forklifts with E, LPG and diesel drives, reports, interviews Limited partnership - Budenheim - HRA 4370 Mainz General partner: Bachmann Verwaltungs-GmbH News 5 Budenheim - HRB 8678 Mainz The plate lifter from Neumarkt - compact 6-7 publishing / property management 12-tonner in Europe's largest chipboard plant STAPLERWORLD 05_2018 Ewa Palinska-Wrobel | [email protected] Cover story: Open day at the Austrian 1, 9-11 editor-in-chief VISDP sideloader producer Dipl.-Wirtsch.-Ing. Oliver Bachmann [email protected] | Cell: +49 1522 9225539 Baoli prepares for Germany 12-15 Advertorial GOODSENSE 16/17 Editorial assistance Ewa Palinska-Wrobel, Joachim Töpfer, Annette Pasewald, BGHW starts security campaign 18 Kevin Meyer, Adma Hoyer, Bernd Derenbach, Georg Duglosch, Reinhard Irrgang, Ramona Quilitzsch TREIBGASSPECIAL 19-23 Print ads (within DA-CH) Systemgeräte Publishing house Albert Mumm Albert Mumm | Advertisements STAPLERWORLD reach truck, order picker, Ernst-Ludwig-Straße 35 | 55257 Budenheim / Mainz High-bay stacker, control systems Tax number: 26 119 60420 | [email protected] Fon: +49 6139 788 | Cell: +49 151 59456278 Tugger trains special pages 24 - 29 Print advertisements (outside D-A-CH) and online international sales / advertisements STW EUROPE | Ingrid West-Hein Valentin-Brand-Strasse. 5 | D-55437 Ober-Hilbersheim Tax number: 08 189 50229 | [email protected] Fon: +49 6728 9921840 Future prospects positive 24-27 Finnish tugger train specialist establishes itself in IMP InterMediaPartners GmbH | Sven Anacker / Britta Steinberg Germany Fon: +49 2 02-2 71 69-12 | Fax: -20 28/29 [email protected] [email protected] | Oktoberfest: Lifting in accord with tent builder 30 Pletschacher Frequency 6 times a year plus special issues: (FTS-AGV-Facts, CLEAN LOGISTICS (from October 2018) Advertorial EFAFLEX 31 Print run 10,000 copies Special equipment set A-team Design | Kerstin Adams -Voltz Teleskop-, Kompakt-, Seiten-, Vierweg-, Taunusblick 45 | 55437 Appenheim | Container handlers, empty and full container reach stackers Fon +49 6725 300408 | Druck Silber Druck oHG | Am Waldstrauch 1 | 34266 Niestetal Griepe operates the largest bar handler reach- Fon: +49 561 52007-0 | stacker Europe 32-35 Single price Klaus builds (Part IV) 36/37 domestic: € 30.00 plus shipping , incl. VAT STW series> Battery manufacturer part 1: MIDAC 38-41 abroad: 35.00 € plus shipping Sales between HighTech and HighTouch 42/43 Annual subscription price (6 issues + German special issues): Intensive discussion at the bbi -Strategy day "Sales" in Germany € 120.00 incl. Shipping + VAT St. abroad 180.00 € including shipping Deutz wants to know: 44-47 VAT ID no. DE239327294 Flexible drive concepts from a single source Fork tines: Never test or weld yourself! 48/49 Cancellation of subscription 8 weeks before the end of the half-year subscription service & preview / dates 50 Place of performance and place of jurisdiction Mainz All rights, including those of reprinting, reprinting in extracts, photomechanical reproduction and translation, are held by the publisher. No guarantee is given for unsolicited manuscripts. The author assumes responsibility for contributions that are identified by name. The publisher reserves the right to shorten texts and edit images. These changes will not be coordinated with the 01_2019 special issue for companies / agencies that has been sent in before they are published.

NEWS Change at Toyota Material Handling Deutschland to the new task: “I am honored to lead the German organization at a time when the change to Hyundai dealer lean logistics, automation and connectivity is advancing rapidly. The forklift truck professionals who work at Toyota Material Handling Germany are, for me, the new focus of our activities in Wels. Continuous investment in the skills and the well-being of our team that Mario Sipura and other Toyota Material Handling Europe (TMHE) founded in 2006. Jan Lorenz is the new business also for the customer relationships of companies with headquarters in Wels, the Apführer will be strategically important for one of his. ”He will take up his post on October 1, 2019, his new headquarters in the industrialized countries: the German sales organi- 2018 and will follow Norman Memminger, rie area in Wels Respectively. Generalization of the TMHDE. The hamburger can refer to the senior vice president for the important entrepreneur INGEBA, the new company will be appointed to an international career in the young rent & used business building based on the design of the well-known einrich. Jan Lorenz, 45, is happy. Austrian architect Wolfgang Renje from Renje Design. A warehouse with a workshop and PartnerLIFT trains UVV large office wing is being built on a 4,000 square meter plot of land. The building offers the currently 15 employees a lot of space to work with qualified person forklift trucks and also has the capacity for additional staff. The 500 square meter STAPLERWORLD consultant Bernd Derenbach Basics of forklift technology, but workshop offers 4 workplaces with Warschult now with his experience from 30 years also with more practical topics like the service pits and lifting platforms. A 500 ren forklift business, expert for the handling of test tools and the square meter spare parts store with around 2 industrial trucks and accessories, TÜV-tested equipment of a tester. The practical part on the fast-moving machine is completed by the CE coordinator, the experts on the part- second day consists of the test sheet. Forklift professional has been a nerlift operator in Austria since 2017. The two-day training course on industrial trucks (forklifts and, for Hyundai Material Handling, based on the warehouse technology equipment that has been successful for years) is also responsible for training in Eastern Austria, the rest of the UVV training for aerial work platforms. The attention and evaluation of these devices in the area is supervised by dealer colleague forklifts Pfit theory is not only concerned with working groups. There is also enough shear here. Legal bases, guidelines and regulations. Time for questions, discussions and technology, risk assessments and shattering. Info: Staplerprofi GmbH Photo: Manufacturer info: PartnerLIFT Tel. +49 4791 82040 -10

6 7 The panel lifters from Neumarkt - compact 12-tonne trucks in front forklifts Europe's largest chipboard plant. The headquarters of STAPLERWORLD 04-2018, today's Pfleiderer Deutschland GmbH, has been in Neumarkt since 1944. In the chipboard plant there (there are another eight), around 900,000 m3 of chipboard is produced with 680 employees and delivered across Europe, especially for interior work and the furniture industry. The chipboard, which is up to 64 mm thick and measures up to 5,300 x 2,600 mm, is moved by a large fleet of front forklift trucks at the Neumarkt location - around 40 units are in operation on the 26 hectare factory site, some of them in multiple shifts. The cross-branded FFZ trading house Meyer Fördertechnik (primary brands Hyundai, Svetruck, Ausa, Bulmor, Unicarriers) from Neumarkt is responsible for maintenance and service. This dealer also helped with the procurement of four new 12t type 1260 front forklifts from Svetruck as an authorized dealer. Pfleiderer has been using the Swedish brand since 2009. Julian Spangler is a strategic buyer for the Fleet & Logistics division and is certain that despite the price and the long delivery time of the devices (almost a trademark, editor's note) that he has made the right choice, because older machines from this manufacturer, overall - including 5 Svetrucks are currently in use in Neumarkt and another in Arnsberg (four have now been replaced) have already performed up to 23,000 operating hours without complaint. "We have tested several current devices from different brands," says Spangler (height 4775 mm). A power of 160 kW. Flanged is “and it quickly became clear that they were going to be very short. They were going to use a full-service association with a ZF 4 WH converter power shift transmission with a front forklift truck from Sweden on behalf of Meyer-Fördertechnik and four forward and three reverse gears for a best on our products and logistics - complete around 15,000 hours in 60 months. Top speed of 12 km / h, which fits on surfaces. Our drivers have also been determined by customer requirements. a word to say, because thanks to a special permit, the machines can be used in three shifts in any weather, rotating beacons, 8 LED ar- With lift mast damping, mast tilting are in three shifts in any weather, rotating beacons, 8 LED ar- On the road and there must also or especially FFZ at Pfleiderer , via public spotlights, reversing alarms, ergonomics are right ”. Every vehicle road comfortably to the forklift workshop from Bluespot, reversing camera, indoor / outdoor is its own cost center and Spangler Meyer on the opposite road precisely analyzes which costs per device drive outside in order to be serviced there of incurred and whether they are within the framework. Despite the unchanged design, Schulte-Henke (stabau), combined with the most modern Vetter knife tines and fork backs in the current Svetruck devices, The 1260s lift 12,000 kg at 600 mm components, this includes layering the four devices are excellent on LSP and have a wheelbase of only 3,000 mm and the D 5 display and monitoring system for use in the chipboard industry are prepared for this use with a duplex with the option of remote diagnosis and the. (oba) Fully free mast for 6,500 mm lifting height with new Volvo TDA 567 TIER IV final engine

One of three Svetruck 1260s at Pfleiderer in Neumarkt. The device loads a stack of chipboard that weighs around tons. The around 50 front forklifts at Europe's largest chipboard manufacturer have to load up to 90 trucks a day. Detail of the tine adjustment from Schulte-Henke, equipped with knife tines from Vetter, which thanks to the fork back coating prevent damage to the sensitive products. It is the S 11 ZVKGI 120-SV, an integrated tine adjustment with sideshift valve: body width 3000 mm, adjustment range AK 1,800 to 3,850 mm, screwed-on knife forks with load stop to compensate for kinks. info Pictures: STW / OBA Meyer Fördertechnik GmbH 92318 Neumarkt Tel. +49 9181 232080 Svetruck Deutschland GmbH 22113 Hamburg Tel. +49 40 7137570 Schulte-Henke GmbH 59872 Meschede Tel. +49 291 207-0 Vetter Industrie GmbH 57299 Burbach Tel. +49 2763 4961-0 Pfleiderer Deutschland GmbH 92318 Neumarkt · Tel .: +49 9181 2848-0 STANDARD and SPECIAL SOLUTIONS for FORKLIFT ATTACHMENTS Schulte-Henke GmbH | Im Schlehbruch 21 | 59872 Meschede, Germany | Telephone: +49 (0) 291 207 0 | Fax: +49 (0) 291 207 123 | Email: [email protected] |


Open day at the Austrian sideloader manufacturer: Bulmor is driving internationalization with innovations Every two years, the sideloader manufacturer invites the company with 150 employees Günter Kitzmüller to manage the business of Bulmor industries on “bulmor day” and currently has 43 million euros in sales since June 1st, 2018. the production plant in Upper Austria in: Sche Perg ein. Also this year, at the end of • sideloaders from 4 to 20 t, Andreas Leonhartsberger (left) has been in the home of sideloaders (up to 8,000 mm lift height) since September 1, 2018, many new features have been presented to the world- • multi-way -Side loaders from 3 to 12 tons drove responsible. starting with the chairman of the management (up to 11,000 mm lifting height) up to the new CSO of Bulmor • Ambulift airport boarding vehicles, frame construction and the Mastprodukindustries group. Passengers with reduced mobility are among the core competencies of (PRM Passengers with reduced Mobility) Bulmor. To bring the company's successful path on board aircraft. To continue to pursue men and to drive growth and international growth with innovations, Günter Perg took over the production of around 350 machines annually in Austria - Kitzmüller sideloader on June 1, 2018 the business line - from 3 to 20 tons, one understands as a status. As a business economist with longstanding earthworks, one also speaks of experience, for example as a member of the board of von individual project and special fire fighting vehicle manufacturer Rosenbauer, bau. The production of the ambulift devices he brings the necessary economic is the fastest growing background as well as experience in the business unit at the traditional location Perg, mechanical engineering in the company. Than where one has been based since 1879. CSO was appointed as of September 1, 2018 Andreas Currently they have branches in Leonhartsberger. He is considered a product and customer expert in Germany, England and for some time at Bulmor, with several months in New York in order to be able to better devote himself to the best networking with the global US market. Dealers and customers. The most important customer groups are the In the large production halls, large devices such as this 12-tonne truck are assembled on special workstations.

10 11 Front forklift STAPLERWORLD 05-2018 Four-way forklifts of the BMS series are produced with a load capacity of up to 12,000 kg. The flexible steering program is new. Ambulift for a working height of 8,100 mm, so that passengers with reduced mobility can safely board the Airbus A380. The QR code leads to a video showing the new four-way steering. Founded in 1879 as Schöberl & Söhne Maschinen- und Motorenfabrik, the company initially built front forklifts from the 1960s onwards, before concentrating on the production of JUMBO sideloaders from the 1980s onwards. By integrating pioneers such as IRION, LANCER and the German SHS, we are now able to offer individual solutions from a wide range of sideloaders, returnable forklifts and ambulift vehicles based on over 45 years of forklift experience to be able to. The company has been privately owned since it was founded. Employees approx. 150 Sales approx. 43 million euros consolidated Sales worldwide Certified according to EN ISO 9001: 2015

4 Sideloaders with electric drives are developing further, the E share in Switzerland is around 95%. Wood, steel and plastics industry as well as gement and other options almost generated a turnover of around 43 million euros. For the automotive industry. on board as standard. In 2019, we will increase our energy efficiency in our core countries and also in Scandinavia and in the USA BMS belongs to even more energy efficiency and strengthen our market presence ". latest product innovation in the electrical sector With 80 percent, Europe is the lion- The new generation of multi-way tap- To the currently most important development part of sales. In the Airler sector, presentations were also heard at Bulmor on bulmor day. The clear trend ground shows the sales development clearly. The BMS series of multi-way forklifts has moved away from internal combustion engines and towards the top. with one of the fastest 360 degree electric steering drives. E-forklifts up to 8 tons are in order to increase the market presence in Central Europe in the sector (through an ener- on the advance, in Switzerland will strengthen and in Europe and North America energy-efficient and specially developed control 95% of all machines with e-drive geor - To continue to grow, Bulmor starts a technology) equipped. Still positive, around 60% in Austria and on the market offensive. The aim of this project is that this series is established by maximum Si Germany 40%. Bundling of know-how in matters of the market, safety in lifting movements through integrat- In this area, Bulmor is expanding its pre-customer needs and product-required mast and pendulum balancing, especially through even more energy efficiency, in order to make even greater use of the future at high lifting heights, as a premium device am enz with its devices. Bulmor's resulting knowledge to pro- market. has been building electric vehicles since the 1990s and at the same time the specific sideloader and was therefore one of the first requirements of customers in the individual sideloader: a provider in its branch. Countries to meet more individually. Classic or Premium Line new The new concept, the company development forklifts in the load capacity range of up to 8 tons as a further positive info Images: Bulmor / STW Classic and Premium Line to be offered in parallel- Andreas Leonhartsberger zur STAPLER- th. Line relies on conventional WORLD: “In Austria, Germany and Bulmor Industries le hydraulics and electrics. In the premium UK, where we have high market penetration, we have continued to grow. Kickenau 1 · A-4320 PERG devices are CanBus, electrically piloted. For Tel .: +43 7262 58397-0 ert joysticks, remote maintenance, fleet management - we are counting on [email protected] · for the current financial year: Franz Müllner - “The Austrian Rock” has a 32,000 kg heavy Sideloader pulled 10 m with sheer muscle strength. The QR code leads to a video that shows Franz Müllner's successful world record attempt in Perg.

12 13 Front forklift STAPLERWORLD 05-2018 Baoli is preparing for Germany

Covestro Deutschland AG, D-51365 Leverkusen · COV00085384 INCREASE PERFORMANCE, REDUCE COSTS. WHY NOT? The wheels and rollers of industrial trucks have to do heavy work every day. Extreme loads and external influences permanently stress the material. It is precisely here that the high-performance elastomer Vulkollan® combines maximum mechanical strength with maximum dynamic load-bearing capacity. Compared to the use of alternative polyurethane elastomers, it enables significantly longer running times and, associated with this, significantly reduced maintenance costs. More information? Write us! [email protected]

14 15 Front forklifts Baoli prepares for Germany In 2016 it was decided to relocate Baoli, which now includes forklifts with electric, activities from Prague to Lainate, petrol and diesel engines as well as storage, STAPLERWORLD 05-2018 and to found Baoli EMEA that is embedded in facilities: the organization Still. • E-three-wheel forklift truck currently covers 40 countries, the aim is to expand its presence from 1.5 to 2.0 t payloads to 86 • E four-wheel forklift markets in the region in just a few years. Today, 13 employees work exclusively for the diesel forklift truck, a Chinese forklift truck manufacturer, with a load capacity of 1.5 to 3.5 t. Baoli from 1.5 to 10 t payload EMEA uses central services from • LPG forklifts from OM-Still and IT and also shares the large 1.5 to 5 t payload warehouse in Rolo near Luzzara, where around 300 • warehouse technology devices Baoli forklifts European traders are waiting. The warehouse functions both as a central distribution hub as well as the engineering and technology of a spare parts area, which, with an area of ​​large global corporations and the pragmatism of more than 10,000 m2, is one of the largest in terms of muse and attention to the Cost that is for Giovanni Culici to head the 13-strong Europe. Products are typically made in China Baoli team in Lainate. will be presented. We are the first manufacturer from the Chinese production of forklifts from the Far East, which Giovanni Culici visited on a STAPLERWORLD, exports around 3,000 machines annually. fall back on a well-organized structure Head of Baoli EMEA and his team in Lai- Largest single market outside of China is able to not only carry out market developments near Milan in the large OM still Italy with around 900 machines per gen, but also a ho - Italy headquarters. Baoli is today year. 70 dealers ensure proximity to the market in hes level of service, ”says where once the cradle of well-known Italy. Francesco Pampuri, Marketing Manager. test Italian forklift manufacturer In 2012, the still current KBD- While the guarantee for the availability- OM stood. With a production of around and KBG series with diesel and liquid spare parts from the central warehouse 12,000 units, Baoli was introduced by KI gas drive in 2009 and replaces the one that has been taken over until now, becomes the guarantee for ON, the European market leader and former CPCD -Model series. In 2015 the service level directly from Baoli Emea, second largest manufacturer of material handling equipment, Baoli began with the production of electrical equipment, which was taken over for sales and distribution worldwide. rust forklift trucks (KBE series). Four product families service of all dealers is responsible. The modern OM-Still headquarters in Laainate is also Baoli‘s “home port”.

HydroBull® German quality cranes ElektroBull® battery cranes made in Germany WITHOUT a driver's license OVER 80 YEARS SPECIAL CRANES Siegfried Frenzen GmbH Phone +49 (0) 2154 8106-0 [email protected] Europe's largest workshop crane range 1.8 t rear-wheel drive - many Options can be put together using a configurator. Short delivery times thanks to the large warehouse in Rolo. Under the direction of Rory Harvey-Kelly, Harvey-Kelly about STAPLERWORLD: “Five info pictures: Baoli / STW who has just successfully opened the Benelux market with up to ten employees / company are good dealers, Germany is now in the vilers for us, you know your area of ​​expertise and Baoli EMEA · 20020 Lainate / Italy taken. Harvey-Kelly explains that the customers who wait for different machi- Tel. + 39-0293765549 the typical Baoli dealer between 7 and NEN and typically have a flair sold 40 machines per year. Either for front forklifts. You can also become our partner as a service company - renting out the modern training center in new machines to its customers - Lainate brings the dealers and their services, or as a high-quality secondary brand. staff quickly to the desired and Baoli has what it takes, because the level of knowledge ”. From 2019, Baoli EMEA will increase its participation in the trade fair, quality requirements, marketing. This service bus is soon to be used in the CE certifications, the forklift The booth at LOGIMAT 2019 is double-German-speaking to the usual configurator and the IT processing is as big as 2018 and there are also images on the streets and with forklift users clearly defined by the Kion Group and on new products to improve the current situation. a very high level. elles assortment expected. Front forklifts are primarily in focus, but warehouse technology is becoming more and more important, as the devices shown in the background show.

16 ADVERTORIAL STA PLER WO RL D 05_ 2018 GOODSENSE Deutschland GmbH “Bathing alone is not enough, you also have to change the water.” (Paul Schnitker) Goodsense Deutschland GmbH as the general agent for the Chinese forklift brand Zhejiang Goodsense is through Arrangement together with many cooperation partners on the German market very successful. “The water change became necessary because it was no longer possible for us at the existing locations to meet the increasing requirements and to quickly map the provision of forklifts, storage machines, additional equipment and spare parts for our dealers,” reports Managing Director Thomas Rose . Started in 2015, the level of awareness and sales have risen steadily. After the move from Bottrop to Hamburg and the reorientation of the company, another milestone in the company's history will be written in 2018. Goodsense Germany is moving to larger premises. “From October 2018 we will have a new address. A spare parts truck is now available - all-terrain forklifts with 4x2 and 4x4 drives up to 3 t load capacity are a domain of this provider. ger with common wear parts, a showroom with warehouse and demonstration devices, full and half cabins, show that one knows how to adapt very precisely to the requirements of the German market, as well as to a larger office area. supply. The Goodsense team would be happy to bring you closer to our product range, ”continues Rose proudly. In addition to simple operation, simple technology, compact, stable construction and an attractive price with a 3-year guarantee, a friendly, motivated team awaits you in Hamburg. Under the motto Good sense - good life

ADVERTORIAL 17 STACKER WO RLD 05_2018 Thomas Rose leads the dedicated look into the large warehouse in Hamburg Goodsense team. Large forklifts up to 48 t are in the range, devices up to 10 t load are already with German customers. info pictures: Goodsense / STW Goodsense Deutschland GmbH Pinkertweg 10 22113 Hamburg Tel. +49 40 23686618

18 19 BGHW starts front forklift safety campaign A good training of forklift drivers is important in order to avoid STAPLERWORLD 05-2018 accidents in the company. A certification program for trainers, initiated by the BGHW, guarantees a quality-assured level of training. The initial certification in member companies is financially supported. In Germany, the training of forklift drivers has not yet been standardized. The quality of the training varies greatly. Inadequate knowledge of theory and practice increases the risk of accidents in companies. The BGHW wants to counteract this with the certification program for forklift driver trainers. The certified trainers prove that they adhere to the standards according to DGUV Principle 308-001. The certification program is offered under the umbrella of DGUV Test, the established testing and certification body of the German Social Accident Insurance (DGUV). In order to enable certification for many companies, the BGHW bears the costs for 500 trainers from member companies, that is around 500 euros per person. All information on the certification offer is provided by the link: fahren-ohne-stapler-suende / info Pictures: Manufacturer of the trade association for trade and goods logistics (BGHW), M 5.7 , 68161 Mannheim Tel .: +49 621 183 5960


20 21 Market overview LPG suppliers for industrial trucks LPG special petrol station Yes / No number of sales leasing / sale and number of dealers focal points of pick-up points Rent / purchase / lease-back LPG manufacturers / headquarters stationary (volume, number of NL regional petrol station Weight) Vendor bottles STAPLERWORLD 05-2018 Dragon propane gas Frankfurt Nationwide 50 5kg, 11kg, 33kg Rent / purchase on the Main Knauber Gas GmbH & Co. Bonn Nationwide 11kg (a) Yes Rent / purchase KG Lange & Co. GmbH Lippstadt NRW, Thuringia , Hessen, 3 11kg rent / purchase Berlin PRIMAGAS Energie GmbH Krefeld nationwide 3 yes rent / purchase & Co. KG Progas GmbH & Co. KG Dortmund nationwide 14 2,500 2,500 11kg, 11kg click yes deposit propane Rheingas GmbH & Brühl nationwide 11 11kg, 14kg Rent / purchase Co. KG Propane Geppert GmbH Berlin Berlin, Brandenburg 3 Yes Rent / purchase Salzgitter-Gas GmbH Salzgitter Lower Saxony, North Hesse, 1 (b) Yes Rent North Thuringia, West Saxony-Anhalt Tyczka Totalgas GmbH Geretsried Nationwide 2 3.0 00 3,000 3kg, 5kg, 11kg, yes rent / purchase 19kg, 33kg, 11kg, motor gas, 11kg Motogas-Bluetec Westfalen AG Münster nationwide 11kg (f) yes rent / purchase

Forklift holder on-site advice Forklift tank retrofitting retrofitting website number service triple pallet fork DRPK Ruf- Yes Yes Yes 069 9200690 Yes No Yes 0228 512 755 treibgas Yes 02945 8080 Yes 0180 1111 4444 * Fork positioner RZV-S Yes (d) Yes 0561 318186 200 Yes 0800 65 65 65 8 Yes 030 75687515 No (c) Yes 05341 83369 0 Telescopic fork tine TGZ (d) (d) Yes 08171 627 454 (e) (e) Yes 0251 695 6716 Rotatable Clamp fork DUZ (a) easyClick forklift gas returnable bottle (d) Brokerage by partners (b) no LPG bottles, (e) in cooperation with partners only petrol stations (f) fuel gas: (c) depending on requirements 5kg, 8kg, 11kg, 19kg, 33kg * € 0.039 / min. From the German landline network, mobile phone max. € 0.42 / min.Paper roll clamp PRK rotating device DG LogiMAT 2019 We will be exhibiting: February 19-21, 2019 Hall 10 - Booth B45 Durwen Maschinenbau GmbH August-Horch-Straße 5 D-56637 Plaidt Telephone: (+49 26 32) 70 00-0 Fax: 7 27 15 [email protected]

22 23 Propellant gas special Efficient drive energy from Bonn Knauber Gas GmbH & Co. KG belongs to belstapler, one of the leading liquefied gas providers refueling at the touch of a button - the changing of bottles in Germany. Not included in the in product portfolio. In this way, longer companies based in Bonn will no longer count downtimes in operations- Sales Manager Udo Kretzer STAPLERWORLD 05-2018 also use tank gas and bottled gas and technicians. With the appropriate tank size, specific gases are sufficient. Across Germany, the sells the gas in a tank for a complete U. K .: Especially for smaller companies, propellant gas to business customers. In addition, our men benefit from their annual consumption below the den. STAPLERWORLD talks to sales customers about volume discounts at the limit of 300 bottles a year, Udo Kretzer is the manager. position - at the same time, because the petrol station solution is simply too large, larger quantities also have to be ordered less often. STW: Mr. Kretzer, your propellant gas business can also be built, which means less management of the local conditions. The installs on two pillars: The sale of maintenance costs. lation of a petrol station is not possible. In LPG in bottles as well as in the and these cases, LPG bottles are the operation of LPG filling stations. Which STW: Which services are in your means of choice. Area is a more important service package for your company? or which offer will be more in demand? STW: Do you offer your LPG bottles? U. K .: We offer the complete all-round “neutral”. What does that mean? Carefree package. We create tailor-made U. K .: Both areas are for our speech concepts that are important to the respective U. K .: We are the same when using the business model. Which offer fits the local conditions of our customers better to the emissions produced by LPG bottles depends to a large extent on the vehicle fleet that is adapted. If the LPG filling station has only been installed by investing in sustainable climatic conditions, its utilization and the respective one, we take care of the regular projects. This happens automatically from the location conditions. Rough can moderate maintenance and operation. For example, as soon as a customer has a drive to say that the installation of a gas bottle, for example, there is the possibility of buying a gas bottle and there are no additional costs for him with a LPG filling station after a remote monitoring of our contents. average annual consumption of 300 bottle technicians, so it is not worth it to leave empty spaces. can come. STW: Thank you very much for the interview, Mr. STW: What are the advantages of the propellant gas tank Kretzer! face propellant gas bottles? STW: That sounds like the perfect solution. At the beginning, however, you said that each U. K .: On the one hand, depending on the customer, the operation with bottles also benefits from enormous time savings. The Ga- can be useful. Why? The click connection makes it easy to change the bottle without tools. LPG filling station with electronic consumption billing. info pictures: Knauber Knauber Gas GmbH & Co. KG 53115 Bonn Tel. +49 228 512-0

32-tonne crane lifts rigging The continuous expansion of CVS FER limiter, increased noise protection package, RARI and its high-quality product as well as a centralized and automated system has now also supplied the schem lubrication system in addition to Germany. Netherlands reached. Shortly after MotracLinde was signed as a sister company by MotracLinde as sole distributor, Reesink, which was founded in 2016, is CVS FERRARI's sales partner for Schwerstapler GmbH, the general importer for the Netherlands in August 2017. CVS Ferrari in Germany In May 2018, the new head office in Neuss was moved into a large, heavy forklift. CVS Ferrari FH 32- from Rove- "In a warehouse of 800 square meters, we will supply the German company Di Cadeo, the company headquarters with spare parts, and the well-known Italian Un- thus further increase the already high availability of the company's Ferrari vehicles," said Mar - in the port kus Kirchhoff, Head of Sales and Service Rotterdam Germany “Neuss delivered us as the central customer location with optimal transport connections. Franklin Offshore is convinced of the location search in North Rhine-Westphalia - Europe BV, provider of take-several logistics hubs are available for direct supply and mooring equipment, and we are also pleased about those of steel as well as services especially proximity to our customers and potential for the offshore oil and gas industry. At the prospective customer. ”The Rotterdam location is also being built with a series of hydraulic vices and point in the Port of Hamburg in 2018. Forming machines manufactured there. With hydraulic, the technicians also have a spare parts store, and wire rope closing machines can also be used. ropes with a diameter of 2 to 128 mm. Regarding the new FH series from CVS Fer-. All lifting ropes and belts are developing on the German market since the product launch with certificates for the fulfillment of many of the specific requirements of each customer-promising project. “Our customers issued the. make high demands on the availability- Operations Manager Hans Coenen and the efficiency and profitability of a Stap- HSEQ Manager Ray Wijn explain why lers with a load capacity of up to 48 tons. you have made this choice: “We also value the robustness, which the excellent service and the manufacturer also enjoy a lot of support from MotracLinde, and we value it,” emphasizes Kirchhoff. “We are pleased that the CVS Ferrari FH32 is able to offer us, our customers with the FH series, a 32 t lifting force that meets all of our requirements and wishes. At the moment it is constructed in the toughest operating conditions, it is still possible with a Euro, is easy to operate and sets standards for 4-diesel forklifts in our hall with regard to economic efficiency ”. but with the Euro 5 engine in our forklift we are ready for the com Info Pictures: CVS Ferrari for the coming years. ”The machine is standard with Reesink Schwerstapler GmbH load scales, load and moment display, 41468 Neuss · Tel. +49 2131 405372-0 load moment limiter, speed-

24 25 Tugger train: ROUTE TRAINS SPECIAL Future prospects positive Björn Riechers has been one of the makers in the field of industrial trucks for many years, who has been managing director of LKE in Marl since 2014. The qualified industrial engineer managed the straddle carrier manufacturer Consens, which was taken over by Konecranes STAPLERWORLD 05-2018 and was in the service of Hoppecke and Linde - all names that need no further mention. Most recently he worked for Hoppecke Batteries GmbH & Co. KG within the Hoppecke Group, in the Motive Power division, where he was in charge of the operational business of the largest division within the group. LKE in Marl, with its 170 employees and EUR 35 million in sales at the Marl, Freiburg and Grossenhain locations, is to be seen as a hidden champion, even though CEO Björn Riechers with a customer-specific portal car is probably the list of customers like the Who- is who reads the automotive and logistics industry. Riechers stayed just because of the new egg - heart and mind is in the business. The owner constellation was on board and was sold to an experienced entrepreneur. But let's start with. In 1994 two further co-partners founded. STAPLER- certainly made sure that our three-person engineer managed the company and concentrated- WORLD met with him and Jörg Pitzen, the management team under my leadership, to make the new CFO (Chief Financial Officer) decide on the production of wagons faster and more efficiently and rolling containers for postal logistics. the extensive production in Großenhain and setting the course for new activities Even today, the Deutsche Post is the largest in Meissen. can. Customer and orders many thousands of mail container and parcel trolleys every year. From STW: You have known the company for four STW: How is the company today, LKE was also part of the equity years from 2010 to 2017. What will now change under the new against the background of the acquisition of Fond Orlando, which will change the company's ownership structure? Schneider Leichtbau in Freiburg six October 2017 to a private investor years ago? sold. In 2012 one grew through the B. R. A lot. From 2014 we bought Schneider Leichtbau in Freiburg to 2017 from 24 to 35 million EUR annual turnover: We serve the postal logistics markets (stainless steel and aluminum containers and sets have grown, but a fund is working on intralogistics, industry solutions primarily for handling devices for clean room use). Deter than a “real” owner who deals with laundries, aviation and hygiene. The latter two activities come from Schneider Leichtbau. Aviation produ- Platform trolleys with R6 + ® chassis: space-saving in shipping and in use. Containers and systems for the Airbus can be easily moved across the direction of travel and the stainless steel handling systems for clean room applications are also manufactured at the Freiburg location. The name Schneider Leichtbau will disappear. The postal market accounts for 35% of our turnover - here we work directly with the customer. Tugger train systems for intralogistics are currently offered by six in-house sales consultants. The industry solutions segment relies on flyers, pre-sales over the phone and direct contact with customers for sales. Aviation is a special case because we only do it in Europe

Goods also have to be physically moved on the way to Industry 4.0: Assembly of KLT vehicles have to do with Airbus as the largest customer. Here we go to the market through a project sales organization. We market stainless steel products for our hygiene market segment through specialized dealers. STW: How high is the export share? B. R .: Around 20% across all product groups - this number is to increase significantly, and by 2021 sales are to be increased to 60 million. Today we are represented worldwide with several sales partners and some of our own branches. STW: An ambitious goal, how will you achieve this growth in sales? B. R .: We have big plans. The tugger train, i.e. the provision of materials with minimal effort at the worker's workplace, is the second most important segment. Our Um- FILON FUTUR FILON CLASSIC set portfolio currently includes half battery chargers in battery chargers in standard items, such as floor or platform high-frequency technology, 50 Hz technology and the other half from customer-specific developments. New products and new markets will drive sales further. It is clear that the tugger trailer itself is certainly not a “rocket science”. Our strength lies in advice. We go to the customer, we measure, we simulate and we even build a ready-to-drive prototype in 10 days. In this way we were able to win an important customer in England from the automotive industry. Simulation and “try and error” were good and safe procedures there. But with our real tugger train prototypes, the material flow could be developed very well for the specific conditions. Optimized loading programs The perfect combination of on-site. I see us in the IEB know-how, which has proven itself for every type of battery, as an advantage over the providers of ready-made components. Simple operation and state-of-the-art converter technology, application and control electronics. These are certainly technically good but can be used universally and flexibly. Extremely robust. Energy-saving and environmentally friendly. Service-friendly design. Easy handling. Loading history can be read STW: That sounds like an infinite variety of variants and small batch sizes. Guaranteed quality can always be the opposite of the tens of thousands of IEB charging systems are VDE certified and meet the EN standards for EMC and electrical safety. be the same letter carriage for the post office? The IEB company is certified according to DIN EN ISO 9001: 2008. B. R .: In the series there is surely the salvation for the utilization of the production. But with a WE BRING ELECTRICITY INTO FORM® annual production of more than 100,000 units. Industrie Elektronik Brilon GmbH Tel .: (02961) 96 07 0 · Fax: (02961) 96 07 77 pulled units, of which I am around Almerfeldweg 40 · 59929 Brilon E-Mail: [email protected] · half as a real tugger train trailer

26 27 ROUTE TRAINS SPECIAL There are now many taxi vehicles, the Original Cargo Liner comes from LKE. our know-how lies. Work it out - automate it without further ado. We work ourselves and do this together with many industrial truck manufacturers and together with forklift manufacturers we use tractor technology. Also available to customers. I only see the automatic tugger train in connection with a driverless STW: They mainly manufacture in German tugs. However, this leads to Siche- land. Can a company even afford to manage the gaps between the sizes? hang on to challenges because from my point of view, from STAPLERWORLD 05-2018, this is only hybrid concepts from ma- B. R .: Our production concept sees the customer-specific developments that can be for manual and automated solutions. But intelligent tugger train- added value at our locations in a trailer, provided with GPS, RFID or similar- Germany before. This is the only place where we have the right equipment, and flexibility and quality in implementation will soon be the business. we also like to invite all interested visitors to visit our customers. In the Far East, why we buy double-sided loading, we fast-moving assembly assemblies STW: The production and logistics areas of load carriers will in future be single parts or single parts in larger quantities and will also assemble them here, also because of many new indispensable properties within the industrial sector. With all sour trends, one thing is how goods-to-man will always be a constant supply of materials. cing in Best Cost Countries for sure. enlarge, traffic routes are getting smaller. The engineering remains in Germany! Will the virtual STW: Where do you see the tugger train in five steering, which has a particularly high gauge? Years in general and your company? STW: Are service / spare parts reliable, an important driving force for men in 5 years particularly? value sales volume? become increasingly scarce traffic space? B. R ..: The tugger train will be used in many B. R .: Our wagons are very low-wear. B. R ..: There is no such thing as a real Lö- industrial company. There are yes and therefore low-maintenance. Repair and replacement. The optimized material flow system is not just the one solution. We are talking about the spare parts business naturally and always depends on the local, with customers for generations. Of course, the existing customers are subject to an ever-increasing framework. these will become important in the next generations. Today the after-sales include the proportion of straight-ahead and investing and new users become Si Sales business approx. 6% of sales from cornering, curve radii, etc. The LKE sales consultant can rely on proven solutions for this analysis first of all. At LKE, the tugger train is STW: Everything speaks of Industry 4.0, which is currently a rather recommend to the customer the best steering technology, the dominance of the solutions for tugger train trailers. In the next few years, LKE will replace “simple mechanical journeyman” for postal logistics, something that almost every vehicle needs every one available today. does the future bring? Coupling and steering solution. STW: Thank you very much for the informative B. R .: We are thinking about that, first STW: The year 2018 is now a good half of the conversation. Is it sure that semi-automatic loading is a thing of the past? Which innovations may be with racks, chassis and other load carriers from your company? The tugger trains? info pictures: LKE drives into the station and then the loading takes place fully automatically, for this the BR has to: We would like to invite you to the Post LKE Society for Logistics and Trailers not necessarily “intelligent” Expo in Hamburg or at the next communication -Equipment mbH. Material supply does not allow LogiMAT to be our guest! There explain 45768 Marl · Tel. +49 2365 910027 LKE is the provider on the market that offers all vehicles with a wide variety of steering systems. In this way, the optimal solution for the respective application can be found, with the necessary directional stability and maximum cost efficiency.

LKE handles large orders of several 10,000 pieces, as well as the prototyping and small series shown here, starting with a quantity of 1. Due to the many possible variations of the KLT vehicles, manual work is the first choice in final assembly.When planning a tugger train system, there are some important points to consider: • Which load carriers are available in the company and should be transported? • What are the dimensions and weight of the load carriers? • What is the total weight when loaded? • How should the load carrier be transported? • Are the aisles wide enough for loading and unloading? • Are there any inclines or ramps? • Do work processes have to be adapted? • One-way operation or turning option? • What are the soil conditions like? • Is only internal traffic planned or should the tugger train also be used outside? • Special requirements for the transport of the load carriers (ingress of dirt, conductivity, load securing, protection against vibrations)

28 29 Finnish tugger train specialist establishes ROUTE TRAINS SPECIAL in Germany K.Hartwall Oy Ab is a Finnish provider of transport logistics and is therefore an all-round logistics solution that reduces handling steps from efficient logistics solutions with the main focus on optimizing and improving them Ergonomics, as well as based in Helsinki, Finland. One has to deal with the logistics and supply chain. In practice, better utilization of the loading area is the subject of lean logistic, i.e. holistic, this means that a product in the KLT or truck through a form fit. With the global increase in the logistical efficiency of its workpiece carriers with the Lean trolley presence, companies are able to transport customers through the plant according to Lean criteria and for whom a very good delivery service worldwide starts with the analysis of the plant -Transport on a Lean Adap- to use. The requirement for forklift STAPLERWORLD 05-2018 the actual state of the customer is shifted to the inter-pallet, so that the free environment can be used by the customer with the plementierung. The company is with handling effort of refitting eli solutions from K.Hartwall with ease 160 employees and a turnover of 55 min. Understanding is the pro-implementation. M €, as well as a global process, seldom starts only in the company's own plant and the sales and service network with a focus does not end there. The portfolio includes - Also on the subject of Industry 4.0, K.Hart - in the areas of retail, post-industrial - has highly flexible tugger train systems, as well as an approach. The system with which Nature and Automotive operate. K.Hartwall, like the transport within the supply men, “Visimore” is a Bluetooth-based chain, along with many other companies. of the asset management system, which is standard in companies around the world. The range of solutions ranges from dimensions to locate entire fleets from Bosch, Schaeffler and Valeo with standards from 300x400 to 1600x1200 and up to located assets, covered and scalable Solutions. Loads of 1500 kg. In addition, ways to transparently display and predefine the customers will be reported to profitability-based rules. In this way, a current account was supported with software tools by joining the company. A&A in Heidenau to the K.Hartwall Group is prevented from shrinking. In one of the main growth markets, however, the inventory management can also be a further efficient system for Lean Loman in Germany in addition to the direct loading. The system is added to gistic portfolio: The Liftliner. Supervision of large key accounts, mainly not linked to an existing infra- Through a combination of electrical, large automotive groups with a global structure, but is completely self-sufficient. A mechanical drive and a wide spread, even with the appropriate steering system, high Las sales partners Orgatex GmbH, Bloksma Interview with ten can be mapped in extremely short strokes with perfect Engineering GmbH and Gehmeyr GmbH Jan Florian Fliegner, directional stability. A core pro and Syskomp active. Head of Sales DA-CH: dukt is the lean adapter pallet, which, in combination with floor rollers in the Ma- K.Hartwall, impresses with the orientation STW: How do you limit 600x400 and 600x800 to the fulfillment of the three dimensions: yours Products from competitors? multiple plant-to-plant transport possible. Quality, cost, delivery service and through the process, the main focus is on both the simplicity and stability of the products. Im F.F .: Our lean logistics solutions are on intralogistics as well as on the external - focus are on verifiable savings potential - highly innovative, the majority of the solutions are patented worldwide, that offers the customer and us a certain protection. Our solutions stand out from the competition thanks to their easily calculable savings potential. We don't just sell products, we sell solutions. In addition, we would like to make our customers satisfied with good quality, acceptable costs and a good delivery service. The feedback from our existing customers on this has been consistently positive. STW: Does the heart beat for special applications or for standard products? Liftliner product line, including FF: Our solutions are strongly oriented - Elephantboard (Red Dot Award winner), based on standard applications, which for a load of 1000 kg per slot, extremely space-saving, rolling out in large companies - already in use by 2 well-known OEMs s groups are designed. We are used to working with the standardization departments

Innovation - Construction - Production forklift attachments Aerial view of the factory in Söderkulla, Finland, near Helsinki. On a total area of ​​50,000 square meters, a total of 12,000 square meters are built with halls and offices. of our major customers hand in hand to F.F .: You can work with good. Special applications are not a matter of conscience, environmental storage technology is the focus at K.Hartwall. that we are in almost all industrial sectors. Visit us STW: What is the significance of tugger trains - with our solutions, components such as Carrymore-E-Frame are active for. There is too- your house and what products do you offer? one focus on pavers Hall 9, a31 Hazardous Goods Container FF stood: We focus on small parts such as mechanical systems, the E-Frame is a plastic injection-molded transport medium for the transport of cast iron or customers with large load carriers in the format 1200 x 800 ESD areas. Uses and 1200 x 1000, the operation is designed according to the right solution, lean point of view as simple as possible, industry-independent recycling container. With the addition of this size-to be used. We are expanding our portfolio with more components and are thus able to provide all basic dimensions. STW: Which products, which ones from Euro- and te will be able to be broken down for ISO pallet dimensions in 2019 to our market- BAUER GmbH. tripped and introduced? Eichendorffstr. 62, 46354 Südlohn, Tel .: +49 2862 709-0, Fax: -156 [email protected], STW: What are the USPs of the Lean Adapter FF: Currently working palette? we are working with a well-known industrial partner on an AGV concept for dolly transport, K.Hartwall was founded in 1932 by K.Hartwall FF: The unique selling point of our also we have with our new K.Hart- and is today from Jerker Lean adapter pallet is a Transportme- wall group member A&A in Heidenau managed with Hartwall. The company needs to be able to offer a pioneering new employee at 3 locations around the world 160 location in the Liftliner, the transport of those loaded on rollers, also in the AGV area for large load employees and achieved one in 2017 converged products of customers in the intraloträger, the solutions are on the Logimat consolidated sales of 55 million. EUR. gistics can also be seen mobile within the supply chain 2019. to be able to map. The whole thing is also highly ergonomic in Europe through branches, so that an implementer and dealer is represented on the market. In tion in the productive environment is very good and in Germany the following trading savings can be realized quickly. We have a look back here, in the mean- info pictures: Manufacturers for the company, in many branches of industry, can look back on over 10 years of experience. Actively active: Orgatex GmbH, Bloksma K. Hartwall Oy · Jan Florian Fliegner Engineering GmbH and Gehmeyr GmbH STW: In which industries apart from automotive Tel .: +49 152 53736077 and Syskomp active. and TIER I-Supplier are you already represented? Product line Modular Lean trolleys and Lean adapter pallet, in use at Bosch Group, Schaeffler Group, among others, perfect for plant-to-plant transport

30 31 Oktoberfest: Lifting in chord with system equipment tent builder Pletschacher Wiesnzeit is also warned apart from the crowding signal in the cabin when heavy work, namely during the loading, the load is lifted more than 2,800 mm high. In the marquee the one-way. Uwe Höß: “Although there are up to 6,500 STAPLERWORLD 05-2018 residents in an entire city with a mm stroke possible, the hall entry - they offer a good 119,000 spaces. at Pletschacher are significantly lower. Heavy-duty forklift SMV 10-1200 C In 1948, as a one-man operation, Pletschacher builds almost all of them. Today, the driver can be safe with the height sensor, always the right height for the load capacity of 10,000 kg marquees and most of the small gate entrance. ”The air suspension length / wheelbase 4,700 / 3,000 mm neren stands at the Oktoberfest. For the dampens bumps. This protects the lifting height of 6,500 mm. Transport of the tent parts, Konecranes delivered cargo and the lifting system of the total height. 4.890 mm, a double-girder bridge crane with 2 x 5 t heavy-duty forklifts is designed to protect against damage and total height. 8,100 mm lifting force and 10 ton heavy wear. The forklifts for the Pletschach group of companies are also particularly durable. Solid rubber tires. "There can always be a hydraulic system and other festivals such as the Gäubodenfest that a metal part or a Parker load-sensing system with Straubing, the Cannstatter Wasen and a screw are lying around," says Uwe Höß. variable pump capacity tere Oktoberfest supplies the company- “Solid rubber tires, on the other hand, are insensitive with headquarters in Dasing near Augsburg. and last longer than pneumatic tires. ”Additional equipment Also stored outside the new halls at An electronic weight display in the short wheelbase, height sensor with Pletschacher large quantities of material - and ergonomic, noise and vibration signal in the cabin at 2.8 meters must be moved safely become. “The dampened Optima cab enables a lift height, EMC 107 electronic piles normally up to three containers for safe transport and precise loading. Weight display, solid rubber tires on top of each other and put them close together, deprocess. The strutless front window to save space, ”explains Ulrich Plet. The cab also always offers the driver a very good overview, while the ergonomic safety and comfort cab pe. “When designing a heavy-duty seat heating and air conditioning system with a high level of noise and vibration forklifts for these tasks, work for hours is allowed. damping, front window without visible struts, maximum performance with compact size, seat heating and air conditioning, ”emphasizes Uwe Höß, Sales Manager at two tailor-made solutions maanlage forklift manufacturer. The SMV 10-1200 C lifts and provides comprehensive service up to 10,000 kg / 1,200 mm LSP. Its wheelbase measures 3,000 mm - this requires a Ulrich Pletschacher is pleased about the proof of its value already now in the hot smaller turning circle. As a result of the joint project: “Thanks to the Oktoberfest preparation phase, even in cramped conditions, the driver can maneuver well - the good connection between the Konecranes and the Konecranes service. The nes experts and our technicians have stayed with us for a long time. "We are now offering solutions that are ideally suited to unsafe requirements thanks to the height sensor." In addition to information, pictures: Konecranes and solid rubber tires, the equipment was also a service Training and acceptance of the SMV 10- Konecranes GmbH 1200 C included in Sweden for extra safety for forklifts. 63303 Dreieich · Tel. +49 6103 7333-0 a height sensor that automatically “Our new crane and heavy-duty forklift So that everything that is important comes to the Oktoberfest: The new heavy-duty forklift loads the 44 articulated lorries that are currently from Dasing roll towards Oktoberfest in Munich.

A D V E R T O R I A L 31 STAPLER WO RLD 05_2018 Installation during operation minimizes production loss F.X. Meiller GmbH & Co.KG, Werk schickt, are not outside subcontractors. Munich: Almost all of the 32 Schnellmer, but well-trained, own EFA-STT® flow turbo doors were used by the staff. ”Among other things, that was a good ongoing one Company swapped! Reason for more than 20 years of cooperation. The new doors let more daylight into the old industrial buildings, he adds with a wink: The Munich company has moved on and thus created better conditions. “They are expensive to buy, a forge to a global group for employees, says Christian Schnei - but they correspond to our quality development. Producer a good 110 years ago. Through slats made of crystal clear claims. ”The first trailer for an acrylic glass is the door leaf of the EFA-STT® for mobile trucks. Since then, Meiller has had over 70% transparent. It is robust and The close collaboration between F.X. its product portfolio systematically but almost completely transparent. Meiller and EFAFLEX Tor- und Sicherheits- builds and manufactures tilting superstructures and tilting systems GmbH & Co. KG combines trailers and high-quality elevator doors. The clear view through the EFA-STT® brings quality demands from two world market leaders. Further decisive advantages for the rer in the Munich area. Employees: Accidents are avoided and smooth transport processes are EFAFLEX has been in the new since January 2018. The doors were largely kept in the old ones. In addition, the doors are entered with a world market leader index and the building stock is integrated, reports Christian. A maximum door leaf speed is one of the top 461 cutters. He is responsible for the maintenance of up to 2.5 m / s much faster than Germany, Austria and maintenance of the buildings, machines and the old ones. That means that during Switzerland. This means that the company has the entire sanitary area on the plant's heating season, the heat in the building with a total of 1200 employees. In some cases, the gates even had to remain in place. The door leaf is active across the board in a spiral and can be exchanged in winter. kept at a distance. This means that the development of new products is based on experience. “Short assembly times were then explored when the transparent slats were used in a wide variety of industries, otherwise the cold would not be for our corners. They offer almost wear-and-tear. With headquarters in the bay employee was not reasonable. ”Free years of scratch-free perspective. erischen Bruckberg, EFAFLEX is the largest. The door can be used very universally. Firmly anchored in the region by employers. Christian Schneider talks about the different units, such as the modern, clear- The employees of the branches different installation situations: “A clear look, the quick opening across Germany for close proximity to a large part of the work, we can do the Sizes up to 8,000 the customer. In addition, EFAFLEX opens up discussions in advance. Often in mm x 7,800 mm and an electro-me- dia company with ten subsidiaries, problems arise, but it is only with the high-performance mechanical door operator that the inter- expansion of the old doors is possible on five continents. EFAFLEX responds to continuous use in a wide variety of domestic markets. Well-known customers are then very agile and active. ”Even the industrial application areas have been relying on customer service for years and have been working very carefully. bar. The F.X. Meiller GmbH & CO.KG uses the specialist for high-speed in- “We get exactly what we want the doors in both production and industrial doors. waiting. When I call, I have to have someone in the metalworking shop as well as in the repair shop and someone on the phone who can give me an electrical workshop immediately. “We can give about the answer. I don't want to find out for years that the doors are being consoled by EFAF-, I need LEX to be very susceptible to malfunctions deo-high-speed-turbotor-efa as soon as possible -sttr.html a technician. The people who have EFAFLEX, ”explains Christian Schneider. And further information: EFAFLEX Tor- und Sicherheitssysteme GmbH & Co. KG | 84079 Bruckberg | Tel .: (0 87 65) -82-0 |

32 33 System equipment Griepe operates the largest barhandler reach stacker. Gerd and Jörg Griepe from Bremen are ex- cleaning, handling and loading the container from DRF450-65S5L and loading experts for loading sea containers. Managing director Gerd Grie- him on the truck or brings him to the warehouse. Up to with wire rod and tons and up to pe explains: “We have been working 30 strokes / hour for 20 years, the super barge STAPLERWORLD 04-2018 to 11 m long steel bundles.You work together with Kalmar, you operate a dealer, significantly more than any other Um-Container according to IICL and or shipping company- full container reach stacker Contchampschlagsystem. Bars, wire rod and dards and they store up to 10,000 TEU on DRF450-65S5L as well as an older barge. Other steel products are sold at Griepe in their spacious terminal in the industrial dealer with 7,500 mm wheelbase. Since we packed the containers. Every three days there is a fen in Bremen. Barges for unloading the fourth barge on schedule - up to 80 rows of containers turn in the harbor basin, empty and 150 full containers then wait. The 45-employee company now had to reload what costs time and money. In addition, there are several with the Kalmar DRG450-92S5HCXS with me about the purchase of a new large spot departures a week. 9,250 mm wheelbase and almost 110 tons of equipment. A bar trader of the nine months was on the new device gear- dead weight probably the largest reach- super class is more flexible and cheaper than worked. In June 2018 it went into operation after a three-day stacker in bar handling - as a mobile harbor crane or a container assembly phase and becomes a device for loading / unloading Conbrücke every year. Together with Kalmar, this resulted in as many hours of work as possible - rented containers from Bargen, up to and including the conception for this large machine, which is initially for 60 months. Kalmar third row with a weight of 45 tons without a load capacity of in the fourth row takes care of the shaped and up to the fourth row with 41 tons - 27 tons and has a hydraulic range of high availability of almost tons Weight with support. width of 11,200 mm. “100%. Large devices of this type are manufactured at Kalmar on the basis of the standard devices in the The operating concept is ingenious - the modular system is developed. Frame, boom The family company, which was founded in 1978, was put into service in June 2018, and the terminal in Bremen moved the containers from the barge and adapted it to the extreme requirements. Heart of the drive - Windhukstraße and operates there on one parked it on the quay, there is a line is a Volvo engine with 285 kW area of ​​86,000 m² storage, repair, smaller standard reach stacker Kalmar power (TIER IV final), one Five-speed IF

The hydraulically telescopic spreader has a foldable 1,600 mm overheight frame mounted on the spreader ends for lifting containers from the bottom row, for example when the water is low. Europe's powershift transmission with integrated converter and a high-performance axle from Kessler ensure trouble-free operation. The new EGO cab, which this bar handler can lift hydraulically by 2,800 mm and has an electronically controlled air conditioning system, has large front and rear windows that offer the driver an optimized view diagonally forwards and backwards from all angles . Thanks to the clearly arranged and ergonomic instruments, levers, pedals, control panels, switches and displays, the driver has very good control over the workflow. All movements are controlled with an electronic joystick. Depending on the workload, the driver can choose between three driving modes: • Power maximizes handling and lifting capacity. • Normal ensures optimal fuel economy. • Economy minimizes operating costs (fuel savings of up to 20%). The Kalmar DRG450-92S5HCXS with a 9,250 mm wheelbase and almost 110 t dead weight in use at Griepe Containerhandling in Bremen - it unloads up to 25 40-foot containers from the barge every hour. In the first to third rows it has a load capacity of 45 t. Laufer No. 1 in selection and competence - SF. 30,000 filter types from stock. For the mobile and industrial sector. 24h delivery SF-Filter GmbH | DE-78056 VS-Schwenningen | Phone +49 7720 80 91-0

34 35 System devices Mounted on the special features of large devices. It has a side shift +/- Kalmar offers freight loading solutions for some years now the CanBus for 800 mm with end position damping for the 20` and services for ports, terminals, dis- communication of the components under- - 40` spreader adjustment and hydraulic tribution centers and the heavy industry STAPLERWORLD 04-2018 each other. Kalmar relies on the specially developed bus system (control analysis of container chassis) and he is responsible for automation and energy-efficient net) . This redundant ring network has a maximum load capacity of 45,000 kg. Efficient container handling. Each four binds each operating unit in the DRG by means of an electronic weighing device and te container on a terminal with around reliable plug connections and the electronic overload limiter around the globe is monitored by a squid guard at 500 measuring points. are standard equipment at Kalmar. The turntable has a comprehensive product portfolio with two drive motors, our step is immediately forwarded and equipped with a double brake system. global service network and solutions and implemented. Disturbances are immediately turning range + 195 ° / -105 °. Four load hooks for the seamless integration of Ter- precise recognized and shown on the display. are located at the ends of the spreader. We improve the efficiency of all operations, drivers and maintenance staff can improve the ciency of every single movement. Eliminate the causes immediately. Cable construction The large device meets, after the instruction me and distribution boxes are replaced by a four- the first driver, the requirement of 25 third cables. Relays and contacts strokes / h. The aim is to achieve a transshipment rate thanks to the extensive CAN busing of 30 container strokes / h. System no longer required, which means that Zu- Kalmar is part of Cargotec. The reliability and safety of the DRG over- info Pictures: Kalmar / OB rate from Cargotec (Nasdaq Helsinki: on average increased. Heart of the CGCBV) amounted to around 3.2 billion in 2017. Machine is of course the two-part Kas Kalmar Germany GmbH billion Euro. Cargotec employs ten brackets made of high-strength fine-grain steel 22525 Hamburg over 11,000 employees. len. On it is a Kalmar automatic top Tel. +49 (0) 40-54730532 lifting frame for 20 'to 40' ISO containers Comparison of the two Kalmar bar dealers used at Griepe : The front device has “only” 7,500 mm wheelbase, the giant behind it has been in use since June 2018.

The bar handler can be used for loading and unloading and of course he also works in the container stack. Hydraulic supports lower fully automatically when working from the second row and increase the stability of the large machine. The EGO cabin is extensively glazed and, in the case of the Griepe giant, can be lifted hydraulically by 2,800 mm - it offers a very good view of the containers to be picked up. The QR code leads to a drone video of the super bar dealer. Quality and variety: your specialist for industrial tires and accessories. Visit our n Sie n Online euen hop: shop.we n industr zel- [email protected] n Edisonstr. 9, 28865 Lilienthal n Zur Linde 2, 04749 Ostrau Tel. +49 4298 9368-0 Tel. +49 34324 508-0

36 37 Klaus builds special equipment (Part IV) No, it shouldn't sound disrespectful - building equipment such as paper roll clamps is of course successful at the STW editorial team, although Auramo and Cascade are not the entrepreneurs, but are at the inten- but many operators are looking forward to more competition. this small series of articles was published three years ago. Because: Klaus Durwen and his Service team are extremely important when it comes to attachments. In August; as well as the subject of rented and used- Horch-Straße there is now a company premises equipment - more than 1000 attachments are available with over 45,000 m² of production and office - now in the new center in Plaidt. building available. Markus Fettkenheuer heads the sales department at Durwen Maschinenbau, which employs more of the D-A-CH area and emphasizes: “Second-hand workers as 210 permanent employees plus temporary workers' councils are in one over all product areas. Sebastian (left) and Klaus Durwen show and continue to grow. The new hall for mechanical training is also set up every year for high quality with corresponding pride. Several apprentices, of which warranty is immediately available. Also offer work. some of them always after the training in we remain in operation across the entire product range of devices. That is of course the good thing for rent - so our customers can forks equipped is due to an economic situation but also to the short- but also long-term their use with optimal loading and unloading of vehicles more rapidly increasing exports. Durwen is planning us ”. The vertical range of manufacture will continue to enable. Here you save up to the second largest manufacturer of attachments and are significantly <80% - so you are 30% time compared to loading forklifts on both sides in the D-A-CH area. independent of supplier and has the and unloading one. Value creation and quality under control. What he has achieved in the past 20 years, The telescopic forks are under load, is looking for the same in the branch. Proof of this, the new hall can be mescoped and is standard with oak. The company's success is: mechanical processing. Here are now several integrated 100% forced running • Extensive product portfolio rere new Mazak machining centers are partially equipped. In addition, the • Very effective engineering for standard robot-operated housed - and the device has a separate sideshift, which and special devices there is plenty of space for future expansion - the use of the entire sideshift in • Excellent support for dealerships. Allows for the new metal processing every fork position. A modern office and administrative wing are also convincing with sales management and state offices. telescopic forks combined with actuators • Family management: two sons join the family business due to their compact design and their father's business. Excellent review of the most booming products. There are two further advantages: If you know the Durwens, the portfolio includes the telescopic forks, the attachments are in addition to large references, they are entrepreneurs who like to stay on the ground with high residual load capacities with fork positioners their work and products. The type RZV-S-TGZ is a Zinkenver ten. Invest in order to reduce the wear and tear below the Gauge. Also, going to the complex adjustment device, which has to be reduced to a minimum with attached telescopic tines. A look at modern mechanical production - Mazak is the preferred supplier for five-axis machining centers.

Aerial photo of the entire complex in OK - overview of the various versions. tober 2018. The new building begins with an office wing facing the street, which is adjoined by the hall. we offer an extra 6 mm wear thickness as standard. A protective bracket to protect the hydraulic lines is included as standard in the scope of delivery. Advantages of the telescopic forks made from Plaidt: • Double cylinder for optimal pushing and retraction force • Service-friendly access to the hydraulic screw connections • Exchangeable wear strip across the fork tip • Standard with protective bracket with integrated hose guide • Very good view, standard separate info Pictures: Durwen ter sideshift Der QR -Code leads to • Standard with easily interchangeable wear zones, tine tip from Voll- DA-CH sales manager D-56637 Plaidt · Tel .: +49 2632 7000-0 stahl to reduce service costs Markus Fettkenheuer www.durwen. de

38 39 STW series Battery manufacturer special devices Part 1: MIDAC STAPLERWORLD met at a forklift with fully integrated lithium battery with Markus Pfisterer, Key-Ac battery, but more about that later. STAPLERWORLD 05-2018 count manager and export manager for the D-A-CH region. What is going where The Mastrotto brothers started in 1989, 40 percent of the business is accounted for by diversifying from the Italian leather goods industry, 60% of all traction batteries to a completely new field for them - the series are exported, the largest single battery production. A wise step, because the market is naturally Germany. Markus Pfisterer (left) and STW boss - this commitment bears enormous fruit. The main focus of the product range in the book editor Oliver Bachmann in the giganti- Midac operates two areas in Italy (and only there): a charging station, where all batteries are preloaded in front of factories, one each for traction batteries (700 • MLM - Midac Low Maintenance Employees in Soave) and a factory for Star batteries with voltages of 24 - 120 V batteries with 150 employees in and significantly less maintenance costs Cremona. and less heating during the charging process. 60 percent of sales of • MHE - Midac High Efficiency expected EUR 200 million this year are accounted for by trak batteries for up to 1800 cycle batteries, the rest by starter batteries • MHE almost - fast-charging batteries, MIDAC headquarters in Soave rien. Pfisterer emphasizes the exclusive European production, especially in the USA and Australia, and the 7 of its own are in demand. Branches in England, Ireland, Benelux, • PZB batteries Germany (Schwieberdingen), Sweden, (armored plate battery with dimensions Denmark, Australia. For BS British Standard troughs) are called MBS and PZS batteries. This is the OEM business currently the largest armored plate batteries the designation pillar, all industrial truck groups MDL. The PZS range from Japan, Germany and the USA are from 100 to 1600 Ah. "logged in" as a major customer. Currently ar- (BS 55 to 105 Ah).

The closed MDLblock and MBSblock batteries without maintenance effort for 130 to 250 Ah (24 V) are interesting. With the right HF charger, these electricity donors, which are extremely interesting for walking devices, can be charged in 7 to 12 hours. Like many battery manufacturers, Midac purchases the chargers (50 Hz and HF) on the market in Italy and markets them as a closed system battery / charger. Negative plate production on the most modern systems. Cell connectors are potted.

40 41 Special devices STAPLERWORLD 05-2018 The plates are baked in these ovens. Special batteries with up to 120 V are developed in cooperation with LITHIUM customers. Only around three percent of sales per unit - an example of this collaboration is the number of traction batteries, the sideloader manufacturer based in Cavaion currently accounts for the still young lithium batteries. The ler Baumann, who drives and controls his entire E-Seitenman for capacities of up to 300 kWh forklift pallet with only 120 V. Together with Midac Tröge and Zel, Pfisterer estimates that this will be a possible 5% market share by the end of 2018. The battery management and the balancers, shaped troughs for sideloaders, which is the brain of the LI-ON batteries, are developed and produced in-house from a very demanding project. What Pfisterer emphasized on the factory tour. bot ranges from 12 to 144 V voltage and up to 2,500 Ah. “We are active in both segments, both stand-alone batteries for retrofitting conventional e-forklifts,” explains Pfisterer, “as is the case with the very sophisticated fully integrated systems, the info images: MIDAC / STW permanently with the forklift control via CanBus communicate. Midac SPA · 37038 Soave / Italy BMS and software come from us ”. With this +39 045 6132132 battery type, 100% of the capacity can always be taken per cycle. The number of Midac Deutschland GmbH cycles is calculated from the sum of the 71701 Schwieberdingen mini-cycles with only a low power consumption Tel .: +49 7150 3511315 me and the actual cycles with top view of the block battery. Electricity consumption greater than 50%.

At Midac, too, traction batteries and chargers are understood as one unit that they like to market together as a package. View into the showroom. Midac lithium battery in top form HF charger of the Midatron series in a German high-bay warehouse.

42 43 Sales between HighTech Special Devices and HighTouch Intensive discussion at the bbi strategy day "Sales" STAPLERWORLD 05-2018 Bonn, October 2018. Dealers, landlords Under the direction of and manufacturers, Prof. Dr. Andreas Kaapke, in times of good economic activity, keep asking the (standing) discussed questions, with whom, how and on whom (from left to right) Frank Zander (JCB chen channels die professional customers Germany GmbH), Frank in the future construction machines, construction equipment, Ga-Seidler ( HKL BAUMASCHINEN GmbH), Dr. Alexander Fraß (MF Gabelstapler Service GmbH) forklift trucks and work platforms and the un- and Heinrich Odenwälder (Odenwälder Baumaschinen GmbH) for the sale of the services that are conditionally associated with them. © bbi / braemswig want to and will procure parcels.At the strategy day “Professional sales of machines, devices and services - power and competence growth of the employees' customers, it was possible to do the services” at the end of September in Frankfurt. In particular, online platforms that unleash sales and unused resources to develop these questions from the most varied of procurement potentials, so Vogel can bundle controversies of customers with the most varied of perspectives, will create enthusiasm for the topic. vers lit. The federal government had invited the most important earlier function of the trade association for construction machinery and equipment to take over. Own digital solutions of the similarities te and industrial machine companies (bbi). Industry companies, especially online in the sales chain More than 100 executives had arrived. Line shops can use the solutions of the industry, which for one day can hardly compete with “online giants”: Frank Zander, Managing Director of JCB (not only) about the exciting lectures "Who doesn't have an online shop needs Deutschland GmbH, advocated it," which the top-class speakers discussed. not even to tackle it now. The change in sales channels and sales channels. Andreas others have already seen 10 years of unrecovering speed as an opportunity and Kaapke, professor for trade manageable head start and in case of doubt, explained how manufacturers and dealers opt and trade marketing on the duo makes the platforms better ”. But you can also work together from time to time. At the same time, Baden-Württemberg University of Applied Sciences, if, according to Paul, it is important in the long term that today's customer requirements have an advantage in the meantime, today it is still struggling with the requirements for high-tech and high-touch and the It is essential for all industries to ask the question of aligning digital retailers of the future and “Where are people when in the future technologies, analyzes and services become digital in various processes and organizational structures”? Even if the customer integrates and differentiates and optimizes in the sense of an improved form - new technologies and the possibilities of using customer services. Last but not least, ren. “Such an adjustment is definitely welcome when buying online and warned Paul urgently against using a future-proof partnership in an industry-specific way, Kaapke advocates removing the important blinkers and statements such as: necessary on several levels” Fighting human contact - especially “Nobody buys a 100,000 EUR girl. This affects both the sales in the B2B area and online explanations. ”Male management of the company as current products - not to be underestimated. The service and after sales area is still crucial for getting closer to needs and the employees themselves. What measure- a positive customer experience and an important customer took for dealer support the under- factor to differentiate from the JCB company when establishing a competition. The factors on which the successful community of services between dealerships in the future is based, from his point of view, and on which the manufacturer himself has implemented, is explained. Never say: That applies to Matthias Vogel, which we then made clear, Zander said afterwards. re branch not to! Head of Key Account Management at Zeppelin Rental GmbH. "The elementary high-tech or high-touch? Lennart A. Paul, founder and publisher of the cornerstone of a future-proof sales organization, The mixture is what counts from the blog, explained that a well thought-out systematization means that digital sales are not just about the process, the quality of the ge - How do individual industry companies work? Rules of the game, but the whole game used data and professional men internally with the topic of “Sales that is changing. This is how digital technology and sales skills change ”. Combined with a target future ”? Under the direction of Prof. Gien and the corresponding digital-oriented leadership, a sustainable Dr. Kaapke discussed in the subsequent customer contact points the previous value indispensability for the customer and the panel discussion Dr. Alexander Fraß, creation chain and lead to a responsible Empow Head of Sales and Marketing MF Gabel

stapler Service GmbH, Heinrich Odenwäl- No reason, then, to leave the “machine” the The strategy day “Professional sales to the managing director of Odenwälder Bauma- triebsfeld and to that of machines, devices and service machines GmbH, Frank Seidler, HKL head to be stuck in the sand. Because, so tungen ”took place as part of the BAUMASCHINEN GmbH series, as well as Frank Kaapke:“ There is a lot that machines “bbi strategy days” take place that can do better in the two-Zander, Managing Director of JCB Germany, and a lot of things that they just year-round Each cycle with a bran GmbH. Among other things, it was discussed for not being able to replace. It is important that you deal with a specific topic. Which products need to be available in the future, your company and your event serve to provide quality and still a stationary sales staff necessary in terms of new opportunities for service-oriented industry companies. The discussants agreed on further development, otherwise they will take a platform for information- that the new technical possibilities will at some point think “It's so lonely to be able to exchange experiences and not be seen as a threat- saddle since the horse is dead ". This is intended to provide the participants with suggestions and suggestions, but instead - key point Da development process, however, ideas that can be implemented directly in day-to-day business - provide previously unknown possibilities that are decisive for a good mix. an even more precisely tailored high-tech and high-touch. How the sales offer. looks, that is up to you. ”bbi strategy day“ Professional Sales ”: A good 100 executives from the industry took part in the symposium in Frankfurt. © bbi / braemswig info Photos: bbi bbi - Federal Association of Construction Machinery, Equipment and Industry - maschinen-Firmen eV 53113 Bonn · Tel .: +49 228 22346 Videos and live streams all about forklifts! Take a look. m / staplerworld / videos o