How does interest in credit cards work

Where can I apply for my Mastercard card?

You can get your Mastercard from your bank or credit institute. You can find an overview here.

Where can I withdraw money anywhere?

In principle, you can withdraw money at any ATM with the Mastercard logo. Pay attention to the information on the ATM whether fees are charged.

With the ATM search you can find ATMs near you.

Credit limit:

The credit limit of your credit card at the ATM is determined by your bank or card-issuing institute. Ask your customer advisor about your personal credit limit.

Where can I use my Mastercard card?

There are around 43.3 million acceptance points * around the world where you can use your card (well over 100,000 in Switzerland). You can usually recognize this by the Mastercard logo at the cash register or on the entrance door.

The administration and support of the acceptance points is not the responsibility of Mastercard itself, but of the service providers (acquirers) and dealer banks. Mastercard cannot therefore offer a directory of acceptance points.

* Source: Nilson Report

What insurance benefits and conditions does my Mastercard card offer?

The credit card services vary depending on what your bank or card-issuing institute offers. For information about the specific conditions and insurance benefits of your credit card, please contact your bank or card-issuing institution.

What are the costs associated with my Mastercard card?

The credit card fees are variable and are set by the card-issuing institutions and banks. As a rule, an annual fee, fees for withdrawing cash from ATMs or counters, and an international transaction fee in countries that do not participate in the European Monetary Union are charged.

Handling costs: Dealers and service providers can independently charge additional processing fees when paying with their Mastercard card. Estimating these additional costs is permitted due to EU regulations. Mastercard itself has no influence on these fees.

How long is my Mastercard valid?

Your Mastercard card is usually valid for three years. However, the period of validity can also vary and is determined by the card-issuing banks and savings banks.

How safe is it to pay with the Mastercard card?

You can find detailed information on the subject of "security" here.

What do I do if my Mastercard card is stolen?

Have the card blocked immediately. Because only after the report is the cardholder released from liability. Until then, you are usually liable up to a maximum of 50 euros with the Mastercard card. You can obtain the emergency service numbers from your card-issuing bank. If you are unable to notify your bank of the loss of your card, please contact our central Mastercard emergency service numbers:

Calls from the Swiss landline network: 0800 897 092

Calls from the Swiss mobile network: 001 636 722 7111

Calls from abroad:001 636 722 7111

Download this page as a PDF and print it out. In an emergency, you always have the most important information and tips at hand.

Who do I contact if I have problems with credit card debits, disbursement problems or in the event of a complaint?

Mastercard has no access to cardholder data or card accounts.

For information on withdrawals, withdrawal problems, fees and chargebacks in the event of an exchange, please contact your bank or card-issuing institution.

How do I deal with suspected fraud?

Check your card statements regularly for unlawful debits. If you notice any debits that you have not made, please contact your bank immediately.

Pin at the POS (point of sale)?

With the use of chip cards, the use of the credit card is authorized by a PIN on the cash register terminal, which helps to reduce the risk of fraud. However, cards with magnetic stripes will continue to be accepted without restriction until the changeover is complete.

What is the relationship between Mastercard and Maestro?

Maestro is a debit card product from Mastercard Worldwide. In contrast to credit cards, transactions made with this card are debited from your account by the merchant or his bank within a short period of time.

In principle, you can withdraw money at any ATM with the Maestro seal, whereby the conditions depend on the bank.