What do you secretly want

What men want and secretly looking in a woman!

The secret is naturalness

Naturalness and authenticity are important. Everyone should have heard this sentence hundreds of times by now, and that's right. The only question is why it seems so important today to point out again and again that it is better not to pretend, but to be yourself.

If you look at posts on Instagram or Facebook, our life, on the other hand, often appears boring and bland. Self-portrayal and self-staging are the order of the day for many.

Unfortunately, this often gets in the way of finding a partner. What men want are women who are credible, honest and open. No drama queens who just revolve around themselves.

Try not to pretend from the start. The energy that you spend on being someone you are not is wasted energy that you should rather invest in perceiving the other in all its facets.

You only become authentic when you free yourself from the compulsion to always want to please everyone else. Every person is unique and it is wonderful to get to know the incomparable facets of a person. If we all conform to a norm, the world would be a terribly monotonous place.

Have the courage to stand by yourself and present yourself as you are. Men don't want to wake up one day to find that the woman they fell in love with is actually very different. Nobody likes such surprises.

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