What are the characteristics of Zen Buddhism

Zen Buddhism - An Introduction

What is zen

Zen denotes the gathering of the mind and the immersion in which all dualistic distinctions such as I and you, subject and object, true and false, are abolished. So the Zen path is a mystical experience.

Zazen is sitting in contemplation and represents the most direct and steepest path to enlightenment (satori). In zazen, all conceptions are transcended; there is liberation from any bondage of thought forms, visions, etc.

Everything is one spirit, one reality. All multiplicity is an illusion . A great Zen master of our time, Zensho W. Kopp, writes: “This one reality can only be experienced when all that is not the reality of the one mind falls. But how do you get there? ”He gives the following, astonishingly simple answer:“ The way to experience your true face before your birth, this way to enlightenment is nothing other than 'the everyday way. ”So this way can be taken anywhere wherever you are and at any time. We therefore do not need to travel to distant lands or retreat to a hermitage. Because in the midst of worldly hustle and bustle, in every activity, the divine reality reveals itself. "


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