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Sr. Dr. Klara Fietz (1905-1937)

She is certainly the most famous sister of our congregation. Not only did she lead a holy life, but she was also a true mystic.
God brought her to Graz very early from her Sudeten home - a 'distant country' for the girl who was not yet 15 years old, but she followed His call - unconditionally and immediately.

From then on, just as unconditionally and immediately, she followed every call that became recognizable to her in her later life through the superiors or through her living conditions.

Since she was very talented, the superiors first sent her to the teacher training institute, after a few years of service as an elementary school teacher at the university, in order to get a well-trained worker for the grammar school. She completed her studies in a very short time (German and geography). But after only five years of teaching, her health collapsed completely. A TBC that had been 'working' for about 10 years was only recognized when it was far too late. However, she herself had carefully hidden her illness from the world - she had only always told the superiors and doctors the truth - without finding any faith. She bore the misjudgment as well as the great pain without complaint, smiling and with a cheerful disposition, because in everything she saw nothing but the will of God.

What is more, she regarded suffering as a special grace, even as a secret distinction from God. Sr. Klara wanted to "beg love" from HIM for other people in order to save souls.
In her spiritual diary one read - after her death - with amazement:

  • Love god. my only science. To love him, the great grace of my life.
  • When I smile at people, it is a conscious recruitment to proclaim and communicate divine love to everyone so that they will love him again.

Our Congregation initiated the beatification process very early on. It is in fact closed: the reputation of holiness and the heroicity of its virtues is already recognized by Rome. What is missing is the recognized miracle.
What God wants to say and give to us and the world through Sr. Klara and her life has not yet been fully processed.
There is no doubt that she is a great role model and had a special assignment. God's work is wonderful.