How does Dynamic Yield provide personalized experiences

Affinity-based personalization: Dynamic Yield extends Personalization Anywhere platform

For years, online retailers have limited themselves to capturing completed orders, neglecting a wealth of valuable information related to product and category browsing activity. This structured data can be used to create relevant and customized marketing campaigns with the help of personalization.

Personalization: Creation of individual user profiles

By developing the feature for Affinity-Based Personalization, Dynamic Yield can now match the activities of a website visitor with the attributes of the products with which they interact and create a unique affinity profile for each individual in real time from this information. This in turn enables the automated creation of new and differentiated user segments that can be used across all channels, including web, mobile, app, email, as well as shared with external third-party platforms such as DMPs, BI tools or DSPs.

The user's affinity profile is updated in real time with every interaction and offers unique insights into their preferences for specific colors, brands, sizes, categories, price ranges or the like contained in the product or content feed.

Examples of affinity-based personalization

Here are some recent, concrete examples of how Dynamic Yield's customers are using affinity-based personalization:

  • A fashion retailer provides its visitors with highly individualized product recommendations based on visitor preferences for certain product categories.
  • A travel portal identified a user segment that was only interested in a certain type of vacation and used all banners and offers to promote that product category.
  • A multi-brand retailer identifies users who show a preference for a particular brand and aggressively sells offers with that brand.
  • Based on users' affinity for the Sales Items category, one retailer changed the layout of the top website navigation to highlight Sales Items.

Personalization: Use of metadata about products

"Metadata about products is a huge benefit for marketers that has been largely untapped," said Liad Agmon, CEO of Dynamic Yield. "With our new feature, we can take advantage of this to uncover meaningful relationships between the product a user is interacting with and its many properties, creating deep segmentation and tailored experiences across all channels."

"We are thrilled that this new Dynamic Yield feature will enable us to learn a lot more about our customer base," said Greg Cormier, global director of digital marketing and communications at G Adventures, a small group adventure travel company. "We have gained valuable insights into what our individual customers care about when they travel, and through Affinity-Based Personalization, we can more effectively connect with them based on their personal buying habits."

Affinity-Based Personalization was developed based on direct customer feedback and has been in beta since May 2019. The feature has become the most popular within the diverse Dynamic Yield platform. The affinity-based personalization measure is used both to enable 1: 1 experiences and to deliver very targeted experiences for certain segments.

Dynamic Yield is an AI-powered Personalization Anywhere platform that delivers customized experiences at every customer touch point - web, apps, email, kiosks, IoT and call centers. The platform's data management functions provide an overview of each consumer and enable fast and scalable development of highly targeted digital interactions. Marketers, product managers and developers from more than 300 brands worldwide use Dynamic Yield for new personalization campaigns. (sg)

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