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Encouraging reports from our viewers and readers

Time and again we receive great reports about how God has changed the lives of all kinds of people. Let these life stories encourage you to believe that God wants to be close to you too and to take your burdens away from you. Read here what experiences our viewers and readers have had with the programs and books by Joyce Meyer and our viewer service.

One thing has become very clear to me: without God, without Jesus, there is no way out of the desert. And I get the best instructions for this route from Joyce. Thanks!

Birgit B.

God saved my marriage!

God saved my marriage! I have done many bad things for a long time and hurt my husband very much. Because my soul was sick. It wasn't until my marriage was almost at an end and I was feeling really bad that I screamed to God and He came into my life. After some back and forth I finally decided to listen to God and his word and to trust him. He healed me and my marriage has been blessed ever since and my husband and I are very happy. Thank you, Joyce, for all of your helpful suggestions!

Diana K.

Every day a little more

Joyce, you are such a blessing to me! I cannot thank you enough for understanding the Bible better every day through you ... I pray to God that I can increasingly be a blessing for my neighbor. Your broadcasts are part of my daily life, because from them I learn more and more to become a spiritual Christian.

Gabriele B.

Thank you, dear Joyce! Following God's voice and living according to his plan brings satisfaction, inner peace and the help one needs and help that can be passed on. Keep calm even in uncertain situations and trust in him - everything happens as he intended for us. Thank you for your encouragement and your help with strengthening prayers and your lectures that are always appropriate. No coincidence!

Gabriele L.

What did you experience with God?

Write us how God met you and how he answered your prayer. This not only encourages the other readers, but also us as a team. Thanks!

I was bullied at school and there was a lot of arguments at home. Even so, I never stopped believing that my mother loved me. For over 10 years I have eaten my pain into myself. And then God came! I started reading the Bible myself through a classmate whose faith impressed me very much. My personal relationship with Jesus has changed my life. A well-paying job, a great husband, and physical and mental health. God has given me grace to forgive and bless my tormentors. My life is not carefree, but I keep growing and learning. There are so many reasons to be grateful.

Melanie R.

I only found faith now in the second half of my life. I came across Joyce by chance on the internet. Since then, I have read the daily devotional and watch their programs every morning. I thank God that He made it possible for me to get to know this woman. I pray to God that I can see them live one day. That is a great wish of mine.

Manfred M.

Thank you for the daily devotion and motivation to keep going. You try so hard every day to encourage us Christians. It's great that you exist.

Ela R.

Thanks for your prayers. Thank you, Joyce, for all your contributions, they are full of energy and power, so helpful, please continue. I also passed my exam: I am now a registered nurse. Hallelujah, without you and the Lord Jesus I would not have come this far, thank you for that!

Rita K.

In the meantime God has turned so much for the better with us! My children developed a new fire for God and our youngest instigated us to go to a church. We like it there!

Karina H.

There are many reasons to be thankful

I thank Jesus for his grace and patience with me that he does not give up on me, even if I am listless at times. I thank you for your love that I receive. I thank the Lord that he is also speaking to me through Joyce Meyer. I thank the Lord for this great woman who keeps us all busy!

Azul C.

Joyce speaks from my soul!

Dear Joyce, when I feel bad I listen to a sermon from you. Then I'll be fine again. Your trains of thought are amazing, you express what is on so many hearts that millions of people think: "Joyce speaks to me from the soul!" Thank you for telling us your very personal stories and making us laugh, us out Give your experiences new knowledge in connection with biblical content.

Assuntha B.

I entrusted my life to Jesus 17 years ago and my goal is to become a mature Christian and serve God. Joyce's articles and podcasts help me to meet people with love in my everyday life, in my job, in my marriage and in my family. Likewise, not to rely on my feelings, but to look to God. I am very grateful to God for Joyce and bless her with wisdom, health, and strength for her ministry. Thanks Joyce!


Two years ago I asked for prayer for my daughter who had cancer. It was a very difficult time as there were some complications. But she was always positive and the strong belief in God gave us all strength. She refused chemotherapy because she wanted children. The doctors were very skeptical. Today she is three months pregnant. Joyce's lectures carried us through. Thank you for everything!

Regina D.

What a great joy and gratitude: God has heard our prayers, prayers and supplications and made the impossible possible. No more cancer cells were found in our daughter, she doesn't need any further chemotherapy. Our patience and trust in God have been rewarded!

Regina D.

Safe in the love of God

For many years I felt completely abandoned. I had lost touch with God and was desperate. But I recently started seeing Joyce on TV, reading the daily devotions and the monthly mail. I feel safe again in the love of God, have found my way to him again. I absorb every word from Joyce and implement it in my everyday life. This is such a big help to me. If only I had known that before!

Christine J.

I am so full of gratitude and joy, my life has totally changed! 3 years ago my marriage was about to end, my husband and I just fought, he wanted to move out. During that time a friend showed me a book by Joyce Meyer - I was deeply moved and sensed what God wanted to do for me. She invited me to church, I followed the call to conversion and was baptized a little later. God restored our families and totally changed the way we live together.

T. M.

God is on time at the latest

I would like to thank you for your prayers and let you know that God has provided relief with the financial challenges. Glory to god!

Ruth K.

So many things become clear to me every day from reading Joyce's Daily Devotion. I would like to thank you from the bottom of my heart for this e-mail service. The devotions show in a memorable way how I can practice being a Christian in everyday life and what is important to Jesus. And they always help me if I'm stuck or don't understand something. Thank you Joyce and you for this wonderful service!

Franziska S.

New food for thought every day

I would like to thank you very much for your morning devotions. They give me new food for thought every day or shake me awake. I am so grateful to have found God after such a long time. This is why Joyce's television shows are so helpful. I stay on the ball and don't let go of God anymore.

Friederike W.

I have had a bad time. After a deep depression I found courage and can only advise everyone to read Joyce's specialty issues. Every single booklet was a huge help and lifted me up again. I was able to work through individual things and now I can finally enjoy my life again. In my faith I have grown a lot. I am so happy that anything is possible with God's help.

Gabi B.

A few months ago I wrote you my prayer request because I had some problems and doubts about my role as a mother. You sent me Joyce's book Confidence Mama. I haven't even thanked you for it yet. I've read this great book and it has helped me so much in a lot of things and opened my eyes. God has changed me for the better in so many things and it has a great impact on my whole family.

Sabrina L.

When I recently came from the doctor, completely discouraged and sad, because something is supposed to be wrong with my heart, the postman came ten minutes later and brought me a letter from you and the book gift "Full of Hope" from Joyce Meyer. That immediately gave me new hope and was so good! Thank you for responding so quickly to my prayer request a few days ago. Thank you for praying for me and thank you for the book!

Birgit S.

For so many years I have been looking for answers to very different topics. Then I discovered the book “Battlefield of Thoughts” and also the TV shows by Joyce and a new world opened up to me. Finally I manage to classify my inadequacies, to deal with them better, to achieve change in my actions and not to despair if it did not work out again, but to remain confident and just then to get words from God through Joyce, which me let know: I am not alone, God is with me! Thanks!


Trust in God works wonders

Almost 2 years ago I suffered an eight-fold series of rib fractures, a few weeks later I suffered severe Fournier gangrene, which I only barely survived. In the same year the diagnosis of "stomach cancer" with immediate removal of the stomach, parts of the esophagus and lymph nodes. In these hardest hours of my life I was not afraid (!!!), I actually knew our Lord by my side and I found new courage every day through the Bible. God helped me and my wife go through all of this suffering. And today I'm still alive! Thank you God!

Andreas R.

Thanks for the daily devotion and encouragement from Joyce! I have been able to experience God's work and blessings very often recently. What a mercy: our marriage has gotten better, the depression is easing, the morning work with delivering the newspapers is really fun. And we got another car too. Thank you Jesus!

Helmut A.

Because I can trust in Jesus

Thank you Joyce for your great words in daily devotion! I just realized how much my life has changed in the last 3 years since I turned to God. My life today is calm, trusting and without fear of the future, because I can trust in Jesus - in his help and his grace and goodwill.

Manfred M.

Our small, medium-sized family company with around 150 employees was on the verge of bankruptcy, we would have lost our entire existence. But as the situation is currently showing, we are experiencing a real miracle. The bankruptcy has been averted so far. Everyone who was now involved in this process cannot understand how we did it. Not us, but Jesus, who did not let us down here and made his word from Psalm 91 come true. To him be honor and thanks for it.


I lie in bed, open my eyes, feel strange, heavy and laden, pray and ask Jesus how much he loves me and when I can feel his love again. I don't just want to know it from the head. Then I open Facebook and find Joyce's devotion on "the nature of God's love". Jesus always answers so quickly. That just blew me away. Thanks!

Sabrina A.

I entrusted my life to Jesus through Joyce's TV show "Enjoying Life" and now I can lead a quiet life, a life free from fear and without fear of the future. Yes, these programs are a real blessing for me and always an encouragement. Thanks!

Emina S.

Hello Joyce Meyer, I spotted you on TV at the gym. I haven't looked for or lost anything and I'm not religious either. But you motivate me, give me positive thoughts and feelings. I wanted to say thank you for that. You made me curious about God! Thank you for the new perspective that makes me strong, satisfied and, above all, happier.

Nadja D.

Thank you for your prayers! God worked a great miracle! My daughter passed her exams, she finally got the results after a long shaking game. We can't really grasp it yet. Here it is again very clear: You can rely on God! He is always here.

Virginia D.

I found God through Joyce Meyer. I'm so happy about that. And then I was healed by Jesus and can now "hang up" my level of care ... I would really like to thank all my helpers. Many have seen my healing miracle, but not all have found God yet. Your magazine could be a wonderful gift to help you get to know God.

Heike S.

You answered me (to my prayer request) with Bible verses. Reading it was a very special feeling! It was like medicine for the soul and there was immediate relief from symptoms! Thank you for taking me seriously!

Maria L.

A new look at life

I thank you for the booklet “Learn to Trust God”. It gave me a new look at life. So far, many thoughts have made my heart heavy. But through Joyce I get real 'heart nourishment', learn to trust and want to continue learning to live in faith in Jesus Christ. I've become a more confident person.

Cornelia B.

It was on a weekend when my car started smoking on the way home and stopped. The car was beyond repair. I was pretty desperate and didn't know how and where to get a new car for my budget so quickly. I prayed to God and asked for help quickly. Just a few days later, I went for a walk and passed some car dealerships. I found what I was looking for at the last dealer. The car fit exactly into my budget and it was also the make I had imagined.

Sonja B.

God called to mind

I thank God that you exist. I thank God that He has not given up on me and has brought his word back to my mind through Joyce Meyer. I live my personal relationship with God through prayer.

Stephan F.

I was heavily addicted to drugs and a criminal for over 25 years. A daughter of mine has died, the older daughter has been taken from me. I have always lived with seriously criminal men. Even as a child I experienced a lot of death, violence and abuse. I sold drugs, stolen, committed fraud and ended up selling my body. I was a pretty, broken, well paid prostitute. My life has been a hell of lies and death. Hopeless. Many suicide attempts are behind me. I was even homeless for a while. Many times I've tried to change. I did three therapies and still failed again and again. But then I let JESUS ​​into my heart, started praying and reading the Bible! And I kept hearing Joyce Meyer on the Internet. This has helped me understand the Bible better and let Jesus into my everyday life. Today, after five years, I'm clean - drug free! And because of God's healing, I no longer have hepatitis C. I don't smoke anymore and am completely cured! I've been working as a nurse for two years now. I go to a Christian church where I work with poor people in my area. In addition, I am now starting pastoral care in prison with members of my congregation. I want to say THANK YOU to Joyce Meyer. To this day I listen to her lectures every day and I believe that without Jesus and without Joyce's lectures I would never have been able to free my life from death.

Sanja S.

God's word made understandable

There's something I've wanted to say for a long time: Thank you !!! My mother has listened to Joyce's sermons since I was little and I, now 17, don't want to go without them. And it's really nice to have letters of encouraging devotionals every month. I am also fascinated by the books (“Love Revolution” is my favorite). Joyce is such a great blessing for me because she conveyed God's word so clearly and has caused me many aha experiences. This is what Christianity should look like!

Amanda G.

In the meantime I have recovered well from the herniated disc, and my stabbing pain is no longer haunting me. Thank goodness I was able to take part in a rehab development program run by the health insurance company in a clinic, which also brought me a lot. I will be able to start again very soon. I am very grateful to you for the prayers and for the fact that God has freed me from this disease.

Tibor G.

I found God through my sister-in-law. She kept telling me about him.The conversations with her inspired me more and more every day to find my way to God. I felt that God is good for me. He showed me what is really important in my life. I became a different person through him. That's wonderful.

Kerstin M.

I was in a serious crisis of faith ... without God and you I would not have made it. And slowly it gets better! Thanks!

Katrin E.

The shows with Joyce give me the strength not to despair. Each one hits me and takes me along. I've seen a lot, especially in the last 14 years. I'll stick with it and won't give up. God guides me in all ways. Thank you very much for your broadcasts!

Dagmar I.

When I am down, Joyce's devotions give me courage and build me up. They make me aware of a lot of things that I have never seen before.

Steffi V.

Thank you, Joyce Meyer Ministries. You have often helped me in my life crises. Joyce's sermons and books are just great. I thank God for this good work.

Dany F.

Yes, the daily devotion has become dear to me. Simple clear words without frills. Thanks for that, dear Joyce!

Asterisk B.

God repaired and restored my divorced marriage. We have been married again for two and a half years. Thank you for your prayer support.

Gaby S.

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