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Why is DEGIRO the cheapest broker in 2018? Why is DEGIRO the cheapest broker in 2018? DEGIRO was named the best online broker 2018 and the test winner in the online depot. The cheapest broker in the Netherlands and Germany has by far the best portfolio compared to its competitors in the "best equity portfolio" class and is clearly ahead of all competitors in terms of commissioning fees.

DEGIRO can be described as a puristic discounter among online brokers. It becomes clear why DEGIRO offers the best stock portfolio and why Online Depot is the test winner. This means that the brokerage fees are significantly lower than those of the competition. For example, a Xetra order with an order value of EUR 10,000 costs EUR 2.80 via the DEGIRO trading platform.

The fee for US assignments is competitive even if other brokers with an Anglo-Saxon fee model are used for the matching. For 250 pieces they cost around 1.00 EUR. For most investors, the sum of the contract fees is the decisive criterion for evaluating brokers. Therefore, in our opinion, only those test winners can be those who allow trading on all major stock exchanges at low prices and who do not tailor the fee model to a specific customer target group (e.g. investors with very high order volumes).

But what is the significance of low order fees for an effective return of goods? If each individual order averages EUR 1,200 and each order EUR 8.00 - private investors have to calculate these fees with comparatively cheap online brokers in Germany - the shipping costs add up to EUR 3,600.

If all 450 orders are processed by DEGIRO, the order fees amount to 1,260 euros over a ten-year period. With an initial portfolio value of 60,000 euros, there is a cost-related loss of income of 2.10 percent over the ten-year period.

Compared to other providers, this number is just stupid. At this point it becomes clear why DEGIRO Online Depot became the test winner. Cheap online brokers in Germany pay around EUR 7.00 per Xetra order, EUR 6.00 per US order and EUR 6.50 per order via the Frankfurt Stock Exchange. In any online stock portfolio comparison, there are several providers with a fee model close to this example.

Cost calculation: At first glance, the price reduction seems to be a fair bid from the broker. However, this is put in relation when you compare the total costs with the DEGIRO costs, our online depot test winner. Retail cost accounting via DEGIRO: This means a saving of approx. 51.5 percent compared to the competition fees, which are reduced by 30 percent.

It is no coincidence that DEGIRO has performed so well in the "best stock portfolio" division. DEGIRO ("active in the European insurance market since 2008") is apparently in a position to place the fees for end consumers close to the marginal operating costs and with comparatively low contribution margins to finance fixed costs to deal with. Our editorial team has had such a good experience with DEGIRO that they achieved 9.5 out of 10 possible results in our editorial test.

The low fee is the broker's most important argument and makes the stock offering the best stock portfolio for large groups from our perspective. In addition to matching the contract fees, there are a number of other advantages over the competition. In this regard, DEGIRO offers the Dutch the best equity portfolio for private investors: For a very low order fee of EUR 2.00 + 0.02%, exchange-traded funds can be listed all over the world.

Futures contracts are usually very cheap - but by no means all German intermediaries. In this context, too, DEGIRO applies very low order fees. Excerpt from the fees for futures trading: In our opinion, DEGIRO is the test winner in the portfolio with the DEGIRO discount model. However, this does not mean that the broker has no weaknesses or allegations.

The biggest of these: Due to the low order fees, we rated DEGIRO's online stock offering as the best and, given the excellent fee structure, gave the other characteristics of the broker a subordinate weighting. When you open a standard account with DEGIRO, you also accept the loan of your own securities account with the conditions. The broker earns additional income by lending shares, which can partially explain the advantageous fees.

However, there are some additional costs involved. These include above all the expenses for dividend credit (EUR 1.00 + 3 percent of the total dividend payout, but not more than 10 percent) and coupon payments (EUR 1.00 + 0.1 percent, not more than 10 percent). Above all, this includes the minimum fee of 100 euros for registering for general meetings, to which all additional costs are offset.

The shareholder must also notify the broker at least five weeks prior to the day of the general meeting. The transfer of securities to DEGIRO is also quite time-consuming with a commission of EUR 10.00 per position. If the broker is active as a seller, third-party costs will also be charged in addition to EUR 10.00 per item. 2.

The broker's waiver of flat-rate custody account fees is partially illustrated by the fee item "Setting up trading modalities". The fact that DEGIRO does not have a full banking license is hardly to be mentioned, since many brokers are also active in domestic securities trading without such a license. Brokers typically keep client assets in segregated bank accounts.

DEGIRO opted for a different device right from the start: DEGIRO is primarily aimed at active investors with a relatively high number of transactions that do not represent an obstacle with setting up money market funds and lending their own papers. If an exchange participant borrows securities from the broker, he generally has to provide more than 100% of the market value as collateral.

However, if you regard the share as a crisis-proof tangible asset and hardly change your own portfolio and at the same time reject investments and the loan of securities, you are not at the right place at DEGIRO. In principle, classification as the best online equity portfolio for custody accounts is only possible to a limited extent: This account model is not suitable for investors with frequent interest and dividend payments.

How much cheaper is DEGIRO compared to the competition? In most of the comparative calculations, our research shows significant cost savings, which is why we identify the DEGIRO online depot as the best. The savings compared to a competitor can easily be calculated using a discount broker comparison.

Why are the order fees so much cheaper? In our opinion, there are several reasons for the very low order fees compared to the competition. First: DEGIRO only entered the European and German-speaking countries in 2008: In contrast to a very advantageous price model, no broker can be successful today.

On the other hand, DEGIRO consequently does without additional services, for which many competitors have accepted a lot of effort. 2. With new customer offers, other brokers can easily invest EUR 500 and more in a single new customer (see e.g. promotions with Apple iPads, cross-subsidized overnight interest rates, etc.). DEGIRO save just as much here as they do with retail software and training courses.

Anyone who has previously only traded through brokers with more convenience should do a sample portfolio comparison or similar in advance and check whether the trading platform meets their own requirements. In addition, the brokerage business model clearly stands out from that of most competitors in one area: DEGIRO lends the papers to its customers without paying a direct lending fee to the customers.

However, due to the significantly lower fees, they participate in the income from the loan of their bonds. What are the risks associated with lending securities? With securities lending, the greatest risk of loss is that the borrower can no longer issue the paper due to a lack of economic capacity. In this case, DEGIRO will probably have to pay the client.

If DEGIRO could not meet these claims, the claims from collateral would not be covered by the security. There is an alternative to every test winner in the stock portfolio. This is also the case with DEGIRO: Three competitors with equally advantageous conditions and, in some cases, significantly more comprehensive additional services, are briefly presented here. OTC orders are processed without additional fees at a flat rate of EUR 5.90.

The depot management is absolutely free of charge; In addition to securities trading, CFD and currency trading is also possible. OnVista Bank has already been rated several times by the trade press as the test winner in the share portfolio, not only because of its innovative price model. The broker regularly charges EUR 5.99 plus 0.23 percent, but no more than EUR 39.00 (German stock exchanges) plus trading venue fee.

LYNX is viewed by many media and industrial service providers as the best depot, especially for the US market, and impresses with its Anglo-Saxon fee model. He acts as an introducing broker for the English trading company Interactive Brokers. At DEGIRO, the order prices are often considerably cheaper than those of the competition, making the product the best portfolio for beginners and professionals.

The low order price can be found in stock exchange trading on the stock exchanges in Germany as well as in the USA, Europe and Asia and in commodity futures trading. If you have no obstacle with the special features of the broker (money market funds, securities lending), you can even be traded at almost the same prices as an institutional investor.