What are the best secrets to be had

Men: These are the greatest secrets they keep from women

How much we would like to play spy in the mind of men. Although we had to hear from our male friends or exes that we women are a real mystery and that we are difficult to decipher, we feel exactly the opposite. In our opinion, it is the masters of creation who do not always come out immediately with the language. Exactly for this reason we have always wanted to analyze the boys in the past and have already told you what they are really secretly Googling for or which sex position they do not find hot at all. Now we wanted to go a step further and learn more about their greatest secrets that they would never tell us women directly. We'll now reveal what interesting things we came across.

1. Financial problems

There has long been the stereotype that men are the main breadwinners in the partnership and the ones who bring the bread home. Even if we have a completely different opinion, there are still many gentlemen who keep this thought in the back of their minds and put themselves under pressure. So if you ever have to do with financial problems, you wouldn't tell us about it, otherwise you wouldn't feel masculine enough. We admit that finance is actually a matter that everyone wants to deal with in private. You would never talk about it, especially on a first date. However, if you already live together or are even married, such a situation is welcome to be shared with us women. After all, in a relationship you plan a future together and only through the right communication can you help and support each other. If you would like more information about relationships, you can order the book "Relationship Life" for about 12 euros from Amazon.

2. You want to cuddle

And there we are again on the subject of masculinity. The gentlemen, who always want to come across as strong and as the protector of women, actually have a soft core, which they do not show to everyone. Her secret desire to cuddle therefore remains one of her greatest secrets. You could also never imagine sharing this thought with your friends for fear of being laughed at. We women love the tender hugs and would even be happy if our partner just laid down with us. We wouldn't tell anyone either

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3. Sex fantasies

Another thing men hide from us: their sex fantasies. Especially at the beginning of a relationship, they don't want to express their ideas immediately and prefer to keep them to themselves. But even after a long partnership, many men do not always dare to share their secret wishes. The fear that they will expose themselves or be embarrassed in front of us is too great for them. But if you are interested in his secret and want to find out more about what hot scenario is going on in his head, then just tell him your secret wishes first.

4. Check out other women

Girls, admit it, you've done it before. When something suddenly gets our attention, our gaze follows that one thing automatically. It is of course similar when we see a person whom we find attractive. Then why shouldn't men do it too? Of course, we don't mean that he shouldn't look the other way anymore and that he should pay all his attention to another woman. We should just understand that it is a human instinct that we women ourselves are exposed to. Even so, he would never admit that he checked out a lady. However, if this happens often and you get a strange feeling, then feel free to bring up the topic.

5. The opinion on the dress

"Honey, do I look good in that dress?"Often enough we asked our friend for his opinion when it came to our clothes. Whether or not he always told us the truth, however, remains a secret. Sometimes men just want to be on time for the event and not spend more time with our outfit -Waste searching. That's why they just always say we look good so that we're satisfied. Pretty mean, but we'd probably react similarly when it came to football. "

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