Why is Naruto weakened in Boruto

6. Boruto: Naruto Next Generation¹-Who will get Kurama?

He looked sadly at his son. The blonde with the blue eyes and two lines on his cheek was sleeping peacefully in his bed.

"Naruto?" The current Hokage turned to his wife. He looked into her eyes briefly to avoid the look then. "What's going on darling?"

"It's not Hinata .." The clan princess was definitely staring at her husband and head of the village. "Don't lie to me!" Hinata's otherwise peaceful and loving voice grew firm and sounded angry. The bearer of the fox spirit winced. "I know but that something is wrong with you! "Her voice became soft and friendly again." Please tell me! "Naruto sighed." I can't hide anything from you, can I? "he grinned at her. She shook her head and smiled.
"So ... if ... if I die, who should get Kurama?"
With wide eyes and slightly open mouth, Hinata stared at Naruto. She had expected everything just not with it. "Darling .. why .. are you thinking about something like that?" The Jinjuriki sighed again we all die and I even narrowly escaped death ... So who should get Kurama then? "

"Wait a minute, who said you're gonna scratch it off so quickly? "reported the indignant lodger.'So I'll shut up your big mouth and let me finish!'
This ended the brief conversation for the container.

"I've never thought about that," said Hinata truthfully. "Himawari could get it, and Boruto would be suitable for it too. Himawari had a very nice and above all powerful punch on it. Somehow reminds me of Sakura's. But she is a girl and so young too .. "

"What about Boruto?" His wife asked him.
The father looked thoughtfully at his sleeping son. "Boruto is ... let's say he's almost like me. However, he had everything from the start. Parents, talent, siblings and most of all, he was immediately liked by everyone. But I don't know somehow I can't do that to him. Neither can Himawari. I don't want to put the burden on them both and make them bearers of the kyuubi. "-" I understand you Naruto there are probably still people who see Kurama as monsters, but you you still have time to think about it. ”So she disappeared from her son's room.

"Yes, exactly time .." he whispered before leaving.