What is your favorite movie site

The winners of our MJ design competition!

Update: The fan campaign is over and we would like to thank all participants who gave us their ideas. We will soon review all submitted proposals, select the winners and create the designs.

You guessed it: It will take some time, so we ask you to be patient. The winners will be announced in April.


This is my Moviejones! There are many other movie sites out there, but this one is mine! Moviejones is my best friend! It's my life! I have to master moviejones as I have to master my life! Moviejones is useless without me! Without Moviejones, I'm useless too! Moviejones never misses its goal! I have to comment faster than my friend, otherwise he will be informed faster than me! I have to get him before he gets me! I will! As a film fan, I believe and swear: Moviejones and I will stand up for the film landscape! We are the conquerors of bad films! We are the keepers of the cinema! I swear it! Until there is no more bad film! Only good ones!

Following this slightly free adaptation from "Full Metal Jacket", you can show your connection to your favorite film site and your friends in the MJ community!

In cooperation with Spreadshirt we are organizing the big slogan out, shirt on competition!

What does that have to do with you? It's simple: think of yourself the Say that we will later print it on shirts, hoodies, mugs and other items and win your exclusive MJ fan shirt, the MJ mug for the office or ... whatever you wish for!

That's how it works:

1) Come up with a funny saying, adapt a cult movie quote or ...
2) Create the absolute MJ fan article with your saying!
3) Enter your details in the form and you will take part in the fan campaign!

There are only two requirements:

1) Neither your avatar pictures nor film scenes, posters, sayings from known people or direct film quotes can be used, which we cannot embed for legal reasons. So please modify sayings or upload your own pictures.
2) Think of a design or a saying that the community also benefits from. If only a few users are informed, it doesn't do much good.

1-5 Prize: The 5 participants with the best slogans or designs win their exclusive dream item - along with their slogan!

There are up to 10,000 points on the MJ point account for all other participants whose submission or design convinces us.

Are you one of the quick types and just want to post us a line without going into a designer? That works too! Simply send an email to shirt (a) moviejones.de and state your nickname. This submission also qualifies you for a prize, provided we use your saying later.

Until 03/15/2015 you can show us what an MJ fan you are. We keep our fingers crossed for all participants and look forward to your ideas!