What is 3 + 4

3/4 pants

What is 3/4 pants?

3/4 trousers, as the name suggests, cover three quarters of the leg. This means that it is between a short and a short length 7/8 pants. Whether cut a little wider or tight, made of denim or cotton, 3/4 trousers have become an indispensable part of many wardrobes. In addition to 3/4 pants, there are also 3/4 length tops. Your sleeves go just below your elbows. This ensures a supply of air, but also looks chic as a blouse, for example.

What types are there?

A common version of the 3/4 pants is the cargo pants. It was originally used by the military, rescue workers and the police. Their large pockets offer a lot of storage space. As 3/4 pants, it is particularly popular with anglers and outdoor athletes. Although many items can be tucked into it within easy reach, it is not as warm as long trousers and is therefore more comfortable to wear. On the other hand, that is more fashionable and less purposeful Capri pants. It fits tightly and is available in all possible colors. Mostly they consist of a mixture of cotton and elastane. Many Capri pants have a slit or a zipper on the side of the legs so that they can be easily rolled up on warm days. Especially on hot days, this can be used to provide air to the legs. And should it get a little cooler towards evening, the pants can simply be changed back to their normal length.

How can you combine 3/4 pants?

Close-fitting 3/4 trousers can be worn under short ones dressbe worn. With the comfortable trousers in different colors you can easily set colored accents. Match it ideally pumps, but in connection with a summer dress, sandals also offer airy comfort.