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He throws confetti around when he's being photographed, yells loudly that he knows exactly how handsome he is and tells fans during V-Live to buy their own food if they have a bite to eat ask. He may be exaggerated and have enviable confidence. But what probably weighs even bigger is his heart.

Today I'll show you six situations in which BTS ‘Jin has proven what a good-hearted person he is.

1. He wanted to help Sleepy in an emergency

They got to know each other through Law of the Jungle, some time later, the rapper had great difficulty bearing his living expenses. When Jin found out about this through media reports, he immediately asked him to help. You can read more about this on the Sleepy artist page, which only went online at the beginning of February.

2. He made sure that Hwang Chiyeol was not lonely

At the Golden Disc Awards in 2018 Gwang Chiyeol a bit lonely around when Super Junior were on stage. While BTS had a lot of fun behind him and they danced around, he turned to them, a little embarrassed. Signal enough for Jin to keep him company right away. He stands next to him and begins to chat with him, the ice is broken immediately.

Chiyeol later spoke about that very moment during an interview. In fact, it was the first time they'd spoken to each other! And he was very grateful to Jin for keeping him company.

3. Lee Yeonbok was given a bottle of wine

The celebrity chef is mainly through his appearances Please Take Care of My Refrigerator known from JTBC. He's a huge fan of BTS - so much so that he couldn't even speak properly when one day Suga paid him a surprise visit. Shortly afterwards J-Hope came by and then finally Jin with Jimin. But it didn't end there.

The famous chef seemed to be remembered by Jin, because during a concert in the USA he sent him a tasty wine that had evidently reminded him of his restaurant. He was very happy about it and was very touched by the gesture!

Chef Lee Yeon Bok updated IG:
BTS Jin sent a bottle of wine from his US performance venue through an acquaintance
I did not expect such thoughtful consideration at all, really touched
I will keep this as a keepsake for life
thank you ~ ♡

https://t.co/AzyXANtnG9#JIN# 진 # 석진 pic.twitter.com/ANriYgXss5

- ❥JIN 품 ◟̆◞̆ ★ S2 (@JINpoom_) November 25, 2017

4. He cooked with the father of a fan

As part of an episode Celeb Bros, where he was with Jungkook and they were divided into two different teams, they visited a household to have dinner with them. The family man was in charge of the kitchen, and instead of just sitting around, Jin wanted to help him. So he prepared an omelette for the family without further ado and had small talk with the nice gentleman the whole time.

5. He threw himself on his knees so that V would not be embarrassed

It was at the Golden Disk Awards earlier this year that V tripped and fell on his knees on the red carpet. Jin looked at him and when he noticed that the singer did not straighten up immediately, he kneeled down to share the embarrassing moment with him.

When we live the embarrassing moments together, they become our strength. Kim Seokjin

This quote gets so much more meaning!

6. He brought Norazo to the front of the stage

Everyone had a great time at the 2018 KBS Song Festival. At the farewell gig, all the idols were behind the singer Kim Yeonja - and who can say that he had a lot of KPOP bands behind him as a background dancer at one time? A little to one side stood Norazo, who you wouldn't trust to be very shy. Jin noticed that they were holding back and pulled her forward. A gesture that you will never forget!

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