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Top 5 accordions for beginners 2020/2021 - from small to large

The range of different accordions is huge. From the piano accordion to the button accordion to the Styrian and various special versions on the one hand. In addition, there is the size with the number of choirs, treble registers and treble keys. And don't forget: the wide range of prices. Let's focus on the student-friendly models in these top 5 entry-level accordions for 2020:

Check it: Our top five entry-level accordions

  • Special requirements for beginners on the accordion
  • Playability is first determined by size and age
  • The usual way: piano accordions
  • Button accordions for kids too
  • Far-sighted investment for adults

Accordions for beginners and their special requirements

Aspiring accordionists always have several questions when choosing an instrument. The squeezer must match the age, body size, level of knowledge and - easily understandable - also the wallet. There are immense differences in all of the points mentioned. As an example, the manufacturers have different concepts for young and old, with which they provide the right answer to every individual challenge.

Playability: the most important argument for or against an accordion

Fortunately, accordions have not only been available in different sizes since yesterday, which relates to the size and weight of the body as well as to the range, i.e. the treble and bass keys or buttons. This is decisive for the fact that children from around 4 years of age can also carefully approach their dream instrument.

That means: the size of the accordion has to match your height. Otherwise it’s about playability. Not everyone can carry a musical refrigerator. He then just takes the cool box. Here is a selection of instruments that made our top 5 entry-level accordions:

Startone Flip 96 accordion black: Optimal price / performance ratio

A full-blown accordion can be expensive, and the friction between your thumb and forefinger can be a pain in the ass. If you are just starting out, you may shy away from spending such high amounts. What you need in the affordable range is the much-cited good price / performance ratio. This is exactly what the Flip 96 from Startone offers you.

For years it has maintained its position at the top of the popularity list. However, you shouldn't be too small. The accordion has 96 basses and 37 treble keys. It weighs 10 kg, which should not be underestimated. So ideal for adult beginners. Here is the product page on thomann.de.

Hohner Bravo II 48 Black silent key: Great sound from bass to register

The Bravo II from Hohner is certainly easy to use. Firstly, at 5 kg, it weighs only half that of the comrade just presented; In addition, it is noticeably more beginner-friendly with 48 bass and 26 treble keys. The accordion impresses with its optimal playability. The sun really rises in the combination of key address and bellows pressure.

With this, Hohner has brought a real power accordion onto the market, on which “mobile accordionists” feel really comfortable on stage. Due to its compact dimensions, the squeezer is also suitable for even smaller beginners. Also for this reason, especially since an ergonomic textile strap is included. You can find out more details by taking a look at this product page on thomann.de.

Weltmeister Perle 26/48 / II / 3 piano accordion red

The Weltmeister Perle 26/48 / II / 3 piano accordion is a real classic. The squeeze is extremely popular with experienced accordionists as well as beginners and repeatedly receives top marks from the musicians' jury. It is equipped with 48 basses and 26 treble keys, as well as 2 choirs and 3 treble registers. With its dimensions and restrained weight, it is also ideal for children.

The piano accordion inspires with a beautiful, full sound and delivers a rich bass. The good sound properties meet an appealing look. And everything is - typically world champions - processed solidly all around. An absolute argument in favor of this instrument is the ease with which it can be played, whether sitting or standing. There’s nothing to complain about. And of course there is also the link to the product page on thomann.de here.

Hohner XS Accordion Button blue: lightweight dwarf for the little ones

Let's also dedicate ourselves to the button accordions and here especially a new model for children from around 4 to 7 years of age. Very fresh - since October 2020 - the XS Accordion Button blue from Hohner stands out here. Especially for the age group. After all, this instrument is 60 percent lighter than conventional accordions. The lightweight weighs less than 3 kg and is correspondingly compact. To achieve this, the housing and inner construction of the musical dwarf are deliberately made of plastic. The instrument is also easy to play because the fingerboard is mounted at an ergonomically adjusted angle.

In addition to other accessories, the scope of delivery includes a so-called Click’n’Play harness that is geared towards the needs of children. So that older beginners can also enjoy this instrument, a suitable harness is offered for adults. However, you have to order this separately. The jury says: This is an absolutely interesting button accordion for the next generation of musicians. Need a look? Okay, here the product page on thomann.de.

Roland FR-1XB BK: Endless possibilities for the electrified

With the Roland FR-1XB BK, we move into a different category, both in terms of price and age. For almost or fully grown accordionists, the button accordion is an investment in the future and will accompany them in the long term. Analogously, it is functionally characterized by 72 buttons and 72 bass buttons, each of which is velocity sensitive. The accordion is 128-note polyphonic, which in itself stands for an awesome sound.

But that's not all, because the squeezer also has digital functions on board. And not too close. Electronics are integrated with mp3 and wave players, effects such as reverb and chorus, real-time controls for volume, MIDI and much more. Oh yes, even a loudspeaker is built in. You don't even have to move the bellows. Even the sounds can be recreated.

With this accordion from the FR series by Roland you can do pretty much anything that is in front of your musical eyes. Logo that so many features have their price. But this way of playing is very relevant. Take a look at the product page on thomann.de.


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