Why is immigration good for the UK?

Points system in Great Britain : Premier Johnson only wants the best immigrants

After leaving the European Union (EU), the British government wants a points-based immigration system for foreign workers and thus significantly limit immigration. In order to receive a work visa after Brexit in the future, candidates must demonstrate special skills, speak good English and have a job offer, as the government's proposals to be presented on Wednesday show.

Johnson system based on the Australian model

Prime Minister Boris Johnson's new immigration system, based on the Australian model, will reduce the number of immigrantsBritish Home Secretary Priti Patel said on Wednesday. "We're ending freedom of movement, regaining control of our borders and taking care of people's priorities." She spoke of a "historic moment".

Great Britain officially left the European Union on January 31, after 47 years of membership. A transition phase will apply until the end of the year, during which the United Kingdom will remain in the EU internal market and the customs union.

After the end of the transition phase, according to the plans of the British government, the new immigration rules will come into force on January 1, 2021. The new system provides that candidates receive a certain number of points for their competencies, their qualifications and their salary.

The new system is intended to equate EU foreigners and non-EU foreigners. The UK is home to around 3.2 million EU citizens. The exact number is not known as there is no reporting system in the country.

Johnson's plans require a good command of English

The new system grants a maximum of 20 points if the earnings are at least 25,600 pounds (30,820 euros) per year. A further 20 points are awarded if "appropriate competencies" are demonstrated or the English language skills are at the "required level". Skilled workers in so-called bottleneck occupations can receive additional points. In total, candidates must collect at least 70 points.

"The visas are only given to those who get enough points," said the government. This gives priority to the "best talents" such as "scientists, engineers and academics". It It is certain that Parliament will support the new immigration system as Johnson's Conservative Tories have a majority there.

Sharp criticism of Johnson's immigration system

The opposition sharply criticized the plans. The Labor Party pointed out that some industries rely on foreign workers. The government will therefore be forced to make numerous exemptions. This makes the immigration system "meaningless," said Labor domestic policy spokeswoman Diane Abbott.

The Liberal Democrats said the government's plans were based on "xenophobia, not our country's social and economic needs". The fact that the new regulation should come into force in ten months will cause "chaos and confusion", said Christine Jardine. The time is too short for companies to prepare for it. The British industry association CBI welcomed some rules, but pointed out negative consequences for construction companies, hospitals and the food industry, among others. The union Unison warned of a "disaster" in the care sector. In British clinics in particular, there are already many vacancies.(AFP, dpa)

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