Where can I get football predictions

More than 80 football predictions a week - what are the advantages of a football forecast?

Let's say you have € 50 on the lowest rate for a tip 2 placed, you would have in case of a win € 100 get paid. In the highest rate you would have yourselves € 107,50 can get. That is € 7.50 more. We know from experience that it is sometimes even greater deviations gives.

Football predictions tips, what does that mean?

In the football predictions you will not only find a forecast. In addition to the possible betting variants, we also give you regular tips on the way:

  • Is this tip 1, e.g. B., more for one Combi bet or System bet suitable?
  • Should one use tip 2 rather than Bank tip use?
  • Which Over / under bets are why more sensible?
  • Why is there one here Half time bet to recommend?
  • Is a Outsider bet useful?
  • Is a Double chance or one Draw no bet Better bet?

In addition to these questions, we also answer others in a football forecast that are not included in the odds comparison. Because it can also happen that a handicap bet is the most lucrative betting variant represents. For the sports betting topic we have written "Successful betting" for you. In addition to the best betting strategies, you will find a more detailed explanation of the individual types of bets, as well as the betting assistants, who should answer all relevant questions about football betting and sports betting.

© GEPA pictures Football bets are often subject to emotions. So take our football predictions to hand. Pictured: Austria vs Ireland Junior Chikwubuike Adamu; Photo: GEPA pictures / Mathias Mandl

What is the fastest way to place a football bet?

In conclusion, we would like to talk to you Step by step, but in a few words, go through the quickest way to place a football bet using betting format.

  • 1. After you either have the Home page or about the Betting tips selection a football forecast (analysis) you have to decide which bet you want to place.
  • 2. To make the choice easier for you, it is advisable to use the Betting tip and the forecast read through.
  • 3. If you have found what you are looking for, you only have to make the decision, with which bookmaker you want to place your bet.
  • 4. If you choose, for example, the bookmaker with the highest rate off, you just have to click on the green butter click, in which the odds are written, and you are on the sports betting provider page.
  • 5. Do you choose another bookmakeryou have to go to that Betting company logo Click and you get to the site of the sports betting provider.
  • 6. In both cases you just have to follow the steps given by the bookmakerhow to log in or register, possibly make a deposit, select event and betting market and Place bet.

How do we rate the football predictions, tips and the football forecast from Wettformat?

It is of course not surprising that we rate them as good, because they only offer advantages. At the end Of course, everyone is free to do sowhether he will stick to the football forecast or not. The fact is that the analyzes and predictions are written impartially and the odds comparison tops it all off.