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Gay series "All you need" : And that's just as well

A scene with which the makers of “All you need”, Germany's first TV series with queer main characters, almost trip themselves up. Oral sex in the club toilet takes place after just a few minutes. Beloved clichés: It's hot in the life of homosexuals - whether in the flat share, the sauna or in the Berlin club toilet.

It takes a few episodes of the new ARD series before the ambitions of the makers come to fruition: to depict the reality of young gays as lived normality without understanding their sexual orientation as the only significant characteristic.

"The sexuality of a character is certainly an important aspect, but ultimately only one aspect of many that make up a person," says author and director Benjamin Gutsche. And so it is actually with medical student Vince (Benito Bause), who until now has only relied on his dating apps and now meets his great love Robbie (Frédéric Brossier), or with roommate Levo (Arash Marandi), a web designer who moves to his newly-outed and newly divorced partner Tom (Mads Hjulmand) in the stuffy suburb: The protagonists are lonely, don't all like to dance in Berghain, expect confirmation from their parents, like to play mini golf, watch football, have relationship problems, social Stigmata, anger with friends, or dark secrets.

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And because of: There are no platonic friendships among gays. Vince, Levo & Co. are in large part no different from heterosexual representatives of the party people - in a city where the ex-ruler has made his homosexuality a matter of course with a casual confession.

And that's just as well. Whether gay or straight, whether Tinder or Grindr: the bottom line is that many millennials have the same attachment problems, colored a little pink in this series. ("All you need", from Friday, May 7th, five episodes in the ARD media library)

"Which is worse: gay or black?"

It was very important for Gutsche to incorporate his experiences as part of the gay community in order to create the greatest possible authenticity. He succeeded in doing this over long stretches of the five parts of 20, 25 minutes each. "All you need" has funny dialogues, convinced by sympathetic characters that you have not seen so often on the screen, except for Christin Nichols as a roommate Sarina, who is expecting a child.

The series gets an interesting spin through the black gay main character Vince, as Robbie's experiences as a dissed gay man are broken by his friend's experiences of racism ("Which is worse: gay or black?" ).

Add to that the prejudices of the Turkish Späti seller against gays. Who is the minority here? That could have gone wrong in tone, but it doesn't.

So we are far from a shocking visual experience, apart from a few naked bottoms. It will be tolerable that “All you need” deviates from classic viewing habits, season two of the Ufa production has already been ordered.

"Bitterly necessary" is the first gay TV series from Germany, Gutsche said in a DWDL interview. But what does that mean: TV? The fact that the nun series “Um Himmels Willen” gets prime time in the first, “All you need” in the media library, is an opportunity for Christoph Pellander, editor-in-chief of ARD Degeto.

That can also be seen differently. A request to the new ARD program director Christine Strobl: With constant reference to qualities, opportunities and new target groups via public media libraries, linear television should not be left entirely to the nuns and hospital doctors. "All you need" is also on linear television, but only on the ARD special-interest channel One, shortly before midnight (episodes one and two, Sunday, May 16, from 11:15 p.m., episodes three to five, May 17) .

Nothing against streaming preferences and videos on demand: A little more courage and good offers, even in conventional programming, would do the old aunt ARD good. Oral sex can happen in the third scene.

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