Which HTML editor are you using

Office What can you use to create HTML files?


Already know some HTML code and commands, but don't know where to enter them to create an HTML file? In the following we want to show which programs and editors you can use to create your HTML file. The methods work for all HTML formats, including the latest HTML5 format.

In this article we will explain how to create an HTML file.

Method 1: Windows Notepad

Follow our step-by-step instructions or take a look at the quick start guide.

Method 2: Microsoft Word

Follow our step-by-step instructions or take a look at the quick start guide.

Method 3: HTML editor


The above methods only give you one way to Create HTML files. There are, however Editors, the specially designed for HTML documents are. This also includes Notepad ++. Such a program serves not just as an input medium, but also benefits you Assistance. For example, you can set new HTML elements are automatically indented become. This helps you to keep track of things.

Notepad ++ brings many advantages with himself. For example Elements that belong together are marked in the same way. Another plus point is that the program always new updates receives. So you can with it too the most current versions of programming languages ​​(like HTML5) use.

Of course there is even more editors. These include, for example CoffeeCup HTML Editor, Webocton-Scriptly andPhase 5. Every editor has his own Advantages and disadvantages.


The CoffeeCup HTML Editor are available in both free as well as in one paid version for $ 29. The free version has all basic features. The paid version also offers Premium features, such as assistance with Font colors or one Spell check. Both versions are only in one English text output available.

Webocton-Scriptly is a program that the Get started with HTML. With the program you can do both simple HTML documents create as well more advanced functions use. It also has a Syntax check. Another benefit is that it is completely self-explanatory is and about a German text edition disposes.

Phase 5 is one for private individuals free HTML editor. He is very simply structured and is a good starting point and first HTML documents. However, he did no update since 2011 get more. That's why some commands out of date. The editor is also on the State of HTML4 and can use some commands of the Do not process the latest HTML version. The program has a German text edition.

Quick guide: Windows Editor

  1. Open the Windows editor about the Start menu under "Windows accessories".
  2. Give Your code a.
  3. Go to "Save as"and select in the drop-down menu"All files" out.
  4. Give your title and insert ".html"as the ending.
  5. Press "to save".

Quick start guide: Microsoft Word

  1. Open Microsoft Word (Version doesn't matter).
  2. Give Your code a.
  3. Choose "file" and then "Save as". From Word 2016 you still have to click"Search"click.
  4. in the Drop down menu now select "Website" as File format out. Then click on "to save". Your file has now been saved as an HTML document.