How the URLs work in Trello

Is there a way I can link to a specific card in Trello?

Then when I talk or tweet about a Trello card to another team member I can say, "Hey, look at this card: http: // trello / 123xyz" so they can go straight to the card (assuming they are Board members etc) - instead of asking them to find the card by association and look for the title?


Yes. If you click on a card and it opens, you can simply copy the URL.

The URLs are very long, but work e.g.

(Note for potential editors: I deliberately did not use any link syntax here to clarify what the URL looks like!)

Update 10/20/2012

Since the url includes the board name, if you move the card to another board, the url will stop working (which probably wasn't possible when this question was asked).

Now there is a "Share, Print, and Export" link on each card that contains a shorter URL to the card that is not tied to the board it is on.

At the bottom right of the map there is now a link "More ...". Clicking on it will bring up a popup that contains a short "Link to This Card" url. (I suspect this was previously the Share, Print, and Export link mentioned by Josh Metcalfe in his answer.)

If you want to link a card by number, you can use:

I discovered through trying that you can use

and it works.

In the lower right corner of the map there is a link called "More ...".

Below that is a shareable link to the map. Like this:

In fact, just entering a hash followed by the card ID works - Trello will automatically associate it with the correct card on the same card. The card number can be found under "Parts and more ..." in the sidebar.

Share the Trello card number ('Card # 1117'). If you enter the number in the search field, your colleague will open the card immediately.

If you don't want your browser to open a new tab (at least in my experience with Chrome), you can remove the protocol and hostname using the link as follows:

Using the board-independent link (as suggested in other answers) also has the unfortunate consequence of redirecting the browser. Pressing the back button redirects the browser immediately. To return to the original location you linked from, you need to take two steps back in history. This is not the case with the link.

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