What is cardiomegaly treatment


Synonym: Cardiomegalia
English: cardiomegaly

1 definition

With the term Cardiomegaly is an enlargement of the heart that is outside the norm. Cardiomegaly is not an independent clinical picture, but a secondary organ change that can be traced back to other underlying diseases (e.g. arterial hypertension).

2 causes

Cardiomegaly can be the result of increased physiological stress during extreme physical training (athlete's heart). Pathological causes are more common, e.g .:

3 symptoms

As long as a critical size is not exceeded, cardiomegaly can be asymptomatic and can only be discovered as an incidental finding in the chest x-ray. At an advanced stage, it manifests itself in cardiac arrhythmias and signs of heart failure.

4 diagnostics

Cardiomegaly is typically diagnosed through imaging. Possible examinations are chest x-rays, echocardiography, CT or MRI.

4.1 Chest X-ray

The heart / thorax quotient (CTR) in the p.a. projection is indicative in the chest x-ray. If it is greater than 0.5, it indicates cardiomegaly.

In the case of a prone exposure, it must be taken into account that the heart appears to be incorrectly enlarged due to the a.p. beam path, the greater distance to the X-ray detector and the lower inspiration depth. Other sources of error are:

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