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October 2018

Big special for EuroBLECH

Deciphering the DNA of steel

Family business: Successors urgently wanted

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Engineering steel


Quarto and

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Editorial 3

The tenth industry get-together »steel market«Would

I, Philipp Isenbart, would like to celebrate with you!

a special anniversary is imminent: the industry get-together

»steel market«, The central platform for decision-makers and

Experts from the steel industry and related sectors,

celebrates its tenth birthday on 23. October on the

Hanover Fair (page 94). This is an excellent one

Opportunity to entertain the first day of EuroBLECH

and let it end relaxed. We from the team

»steel market«Look forward to this special day with you

to celebrate! And of course there is also a birthday present

- to you: this year we are waiting with you

a very special series of lectures on future developments

tried to point out. Six selected speakers

provide exciting insights into areas that the steel industry

will have a decisive impact in the near future. It's about future technologies, networking

and market developments - as well as the question of how digitization affects business processes in the steel trade

stepped up. Collect impulses, make contacts with other industry giants and leave

Celebrate us together!

Fortunately, there is also beyond US punitive tariffs and the threatened tightening of EU climate targets

good news from the industry. The steel location Germany is still a playground for

Impulse generator and idea driver. This can be seen, for example, in the research cooperation between the heavy plate manufacturer

Dillinger, Saarland University and the Material Engineering Center Saarland:

Together we get to the bottom of the microstructure of special steels (page 38). And also the initiative

Massive lightweight construction makes it clear that the ideas for weight savings in the automotive sector

just gush (page 42). Our big special on

EuroBLECH (page 52), which is undoubtedly worth a visit again. Of course also because of the ten-year-old

Industry get-togethers »steel market«, To which I would like to welcome you personally.

Have fun reading and see you soon

Philipp Isenbart


+49 2203 3584-121

steel market@

steel market10.2018


CONTENT 10.2018


6 Successors urgently wanted


8 holes for the cheese: sheet metal levels for Swiss cheese dairy


10 Dispute between US steel company and union

21 Summer lull in European steel trading


26 The tool industry is in good shape


38 Research cooperation: Dillinger decodes the DNA of steel

42 Massive lightweight construction III: 480 project ideas for lighter vehicles

43 Recycling rate for steel packaging has risen to an all-time high


52 Euroblech under the sign of digital transformation

64 Agile giants with a sure instinct: tailor-made frames

for forging manipulators

78 Forward-looking innovations for welding technology


80 Paris Longchamp: Everything flows

83 Metal mesh as a moderator between the inside and outside world

86 Noble and strong: stainless steel in street furniture


88 BOSCHERT and Pass: From the punching machine to the multifunctional one

Machining center


90 specialist media

92 steel dates

94 Events / List of advertisers

95 personal details

96 corporate fonts

98 Preview / Imprint

steel market10.2018


World crude steel production 1) in August 2018



That is unusual for the industry

significant growth in the past

Years ago

German tool industry too

2018 on. Still, there are many

Company unsettled. Go

Is the boom coming to an end in 2019?



Allow new analysis techniques

the view into previously unknown

Depths of the steel structure. The aspired

The result is a new understanding

the context and

thus the possibility of realization

more and more demanding

Property profiles of steels

to predict.



Efficient production, digitization,

Networking, flexibility and

Precision - these are the challenges

on the sheet metal workers

and system manufacturers react

have to. At this year's Euro

BLECH show them solutions and

Application examples for this.


A prime architectural example

Dexterity is Germany

largest new museum building, the

End of 2017 by the Federal President

Frank-Walter Steinmeier opened

Kunsthalle Mannheim. A case

made of bronze-colored stainless steel mesh

marks their new facade.



Photos:, Saarland University, Schuler, GKD / Constantin Meyer





% Change

August 18/17

8 months

2018 2017


in %

Belgium 740 e 640 15.6 5,473 5,202 5.2

Bulgaria 65 e 47 38.9 477 441 8.0

Germany 3,900 e 3,629 7.5 30,255 29,366 3.0

Finland 349 322 8.3 2,808 2,757 1.9

France 944 1,135 -16.8 10,257 10,414 -1.5

Greece 45 e 42 7.1 951 860 10.6

Great Britain 550 546 0.8 5,171 4,982 3.8

Italy 1,162 1,097 6 16,137 15,605 3.4

Croatia 10 e 0… 73 0…

Luxembourg 190 e 129 46.7 1,535 1,444 6.3

Netherlands 516 596 -13.4 4,637 4,612 0.5

Austria 321 678 -52.6 4,497 5,439 -17.3

Poland 810 e 846 -4.2 6,843 6,886 -0.6

Sweden 324 283 14.2 3,101 3,033 2.2

Slovakia 440 e 354 24.4 3,446 3,263 5.6

Slovenia 48 58 -17.2 451 422 7.0

Spain 1,205 1,130 6.6 9,555 9,514 0.4

Czech Republic 444 363 22.1 3,394 3,211 5.7

Hungary 155 160 -2.9 1,330 1,233 7.8

Other EU countries (28) (e) 375 e 370 1.4 3,824 3,723 2.7

European Union (28) 12,593 12,424 1.4 114,215 112,405 1.6

Bosnia-Herzegovina 70 e 67 4.2 378 498 -24.1

Macedonia 35 e 28 25.9 201 161 25.4

Norway 55 57 -3.8 368 391 -5.9

Serbia 158 155 2 1,334 991 34.7

Turkey 3,000 3,182 -5.7 25,159 24,742 1.7

Europe except EU 3,318 3,489 -4.9 27,440 26,781 2.5

Kazakhstan 390 e 391 -0.3 3,071 3,058 0.4

Moldova 60 e 49 22.4 427 242 76.4

Russia 6,170 e 6,175 -0.1 48,264 47,363 1.9

Ukraine 1,786 1,855 -3.7 13,992 13,719 2.0

Uzbekistan 60 e 64 -6.3 458 438 4.6

Belarus 225 e 154 46.1 1,596 1,474 8.3

C.I.S. (6) 8,691 8,688 0 67,808 66,294 2.3

El Salvador 10 e 8 25 66 62 5.8

Guatemala 25 e 25 0 195 192 1.7

Canada 1,020 e 1,043 -2.2 8,519 8,801 -3.2

Cuba 20 e 20 0 141 139 1.7

Mexico 1,750 e 1,636 7 13,932 13,408 3.9

USA 7,461 7,099 5.1 56,903 54,737 4.0

North America 10,286 9,831 4.6 79,757 77,340 3.1

Argentina 455 417 9.1 3,469 2,939 18.0

Brazil 3,020 e 2,955 2.2 23,234 22,502 3.3

Chile 95 e 97 -2.1 725 775 -6.4

Ecuador 50 e 49 2 391 377 3.7

Colombia 90 e 107 -16.2 738 860 -14.2

Paraguay 2 e 3 -33.3 12 13 -5.0

Peru 100 e 86 15.7 809 788 2.6

Uruguay 5 e 5 0 38 36 3.3

Venezuela 10 e 19 -47.3 112 284 -60.6

South America 3,827 3,740 2.3 29,527 28,574 3.3

Egypt 605 573 5.6 5,064 4,444 14.0

Libya 26 29 -11.4 253 256 -1.3

South Africa 528 e 554 -4.7 4,260 4,126 3.3

Africa 1,159 1,157 0.2 9,577 8,826 8.5

Iran 1,980 e 1,816 9 16,437 13,513 21.6

Qatar 226 233 -3 1,766 1,765 0.1

Saudi Arabia 2) 483 485 -0.4 3,531 3,364 5.0

United Arab Emirates 265 275 -3.8 2,124 2,214 -4.0

Middle East 2,954 2,809 5.1 23,859 20,856 14.4

China 80,326 78,207 2.7 617,398 582,574 5.8

India 8,839 8,520 3.7 71,140 66,703 6.7

Japan 8,805 8,728 0.9 70,195 69,641 0.8

Pakistan 435 e 460 -5.4 3,385 3,230 4.8

South Korea 6,097 6,097 0 48,330 47,061 2.7

Taiwan, China 2,040 e 1,886 8.2 15,501 15,213 1.9

Thailand 395 e 388 1.8 3,002 2,934 2.3

Vietnam 3) 1,402 955 46.8 8,937 6,774 31.9

Asia 108,339 105,241 2.9 837,888 795,129 5.4

Australia 520 e 462 12.5 3,958 3,470 14.1

New Zealand 54 58 -7.2 442 440 0.6

Oceania 574 520 10.3 4,401 3,910 12.5

Total (64 countries) 151,740 147,899 2.6 1,194,471 1,140,116 4.8

steel market10.2018



Successor urgently wanted

From Stefan Weber

Germany's entrepreneurs are graying. Every third company manager is older than 55 years. Many even already have

her 63rd birthday behind her - without having set the course for her successor. In hectic day-to-day business

there is often a lack of leisure to deal with such a complex topic. But who for too long

hesitates, endangers the future of his company.

A medium-sized family company,

somewhere in East Westphalia, branch:

Mechanical engineering. The cost structures are right

not in a long time. The production

needs urgent streamlining, possibly

even relocated to another location

become. The 60-year-old head of the company

knows about the seriousness of the situation, but asserts

his hands were tied: "One like that

The old one will never undergo a profound renovation

approve. "The old man - this is his father,

In my mid-80s and still the last

Instance in the company that he used to be


Such stories are told by consultants who

to accompany the generation change

specialized in family businesses

to have. The message: senior bosses do

having a hard time arranging their succession.

Please refer to for an explanation

the hectic pace of day-to-day business. You let

hardly any room for such a complex, time-consuming one

Subject like a generation change.

But very often the unwillingness

to deal with it, above all

emotional causes. Especially the founding generation

may not like to say goodbye.

Who gives to be lighthearted

Life's work in other hands?

Family businesses are the backbone

the German economy. More than 90%

of all companies between Kiel and Konstanz,

Aachen and Görlitz are family-controlled.

They generate about half

of total German sales and

employ almost 55% of all those subject to social insurance

Workers. But they do

are often fragile communities. Not

once every tenth family business

makes it into the third generation. The bigger

the family, the more conflict patterns there are

it. Already at the transition to the second

Generation can lead to family disputes

come. Because suddenly exist

possibly multiple tribes.


The founding generation is reluctant to say goodbye.

Who gives their life's work to other hands with a light heart?

Family businesses are at the heart of the

German economy. But they are often fragile


A generation later is the family

often further fragmented and alienated.

In some offspring

becomes the bond with the company

looser. It is not uncommon for in-laws to report

Family members claims to. If

then it is not clearly defined which

common values ​​and goals a family

connect and who in the family what

Assumes role, quarrel is programmed.

According to the Bonn Institute for

Mittelstandsforschung (IfM) stands in the years

2018 to 2022 in around 150,000 family businesses

the regulation of the succession

at. Most of them have a sales size

between € 500,000 and € 10 million.

The IfM only takes these into account

Companies where due to the minimum yield

a handover economical

makes sense and is also to be expected. Ideally

the senior boss makes a good three

Years before the intended withdrawal

the search for a successor.

Sometimes the thing is clear: the following

Generation is ambitious and qualified,

to take over the parental inheritance, and

the roles can be assigned to satisfaction

clarify all those involved. But a harmonious one

Surrender is within the family


steel market10.2018


Rare. According to observations by the IfM

Therefore, more and more people outside the family are winning

Successor solutions in importance. "We

have noticed for some time that family members

more and more often unwilling or

are capable of corporate responsibility

to take over. Not least because children of entrepreneurs

usually every day immediately

experience how the company does everyday life

dominates her parents «, says Rosemarie Kay,

Deputy Managing Director of the IfM.

Solutions outside the family are taking shape

however, it is often more difficult than the handover

of the staff to the son or daughter. At the

The beginning is the question: where and how to search

I after my successor? Most

Entrepreneurs first sift through their personal details

Network. Business partner,

befriended entrepreneurs or managers

Employees - sometimes found on

this way a suitable candidate. Entrepreneur,

who are interested in a takeover

would be left behind. you


For more than a third of the upcoming corporate successions

Time is threatening to run out.

do not find out about this option. The

only changes when the senior boss dies

Makes search public. For example, by

he chambers of commerce and industry or his

House bank switches on. But also this one

The path does not always lead to the goal. Apart from that

of different ideas about

the purchase price has a simple one

Reason: The large offer of to be handed over

Company faces a great deal

smaller demand compared to. And the

Scissors continue to diverge. If

the baby boomer generation with high birth rates

over the next 15 years from the

When working life retires, it will too

a big one for the executive chairs in the middle class

Leave a gap. Because the following

Generations are significantly smaller. in the

In 2020, a person between 55

and 70 years only about 1.8 younger

(between 20 and 54 years of age) face each other

- In 2000 there were still 2.6 people.

A joint survey of the

KfW banking group and the credit agency

Creditreform shows: Only at 42%

of small and medium-sized companies,

their delivery in the next three

Years, the succession process is ongoing

already. At least 22% are

in concrete plans. But 25%

have so far only been on the subject

informed, and 11% still have

not concerned with the problem.

This threatens for more than a third of the

upcoming corporate successions the

Time to run out.


Change Future

Smart business

Joining, separating &

Change tomorrow

Digitization is changing that

The future of material processing.

Intelligent solutions

revolutionize your business.

Discover trendsetting

Technologies on the

Euroblech 2018, Hall 13 | B98


industry 4.0


3D generation




steel market10.2018

8 In a nutshell



Neunkirchen. The perforated sheet levels for a special

developed storage and transport system of

Käserei Koller comes from the Schäfer company

Perforated sheets. The specialist in steel products delivered for

the project 1,500 stainless steel perforated sheets with 1.5 mm

Sheet metal thickness and 190 stainless steel lifting profiles

1.4404. With the new system, the dairy was able to

the increasing demand despite rising logistics costs

and limited space economically

to be able to produce, announced the Schäfer-Werke.

The Swiss raclette cheese producer Koller has

from Jalu Inox developed a vertical rack for cheese processing

and delivery. The system is

designed so that it saves space when empty

can be stacked. That reduces the transport costs

and favor the CO 2

-Balance sheet, they say. To the

Ensure ventilation and drainage exist

the individual levels made of perforated sheets.


Nuremberg. Modern design projects can use the

Performance index finders are supported, one

Orientation aid for the material selection in the

Industry. This is shared by the company Granta Design

With. Accordingly, the investigation of variants

existing materials simplified,

by copying an existing record and its

Properties can be edited. With the help of

updated information from the »Nations of the

World ”database is designed to give students a better understanding

about the influence of social factors on technological

Can gain acceptance. The special

Editions of the CES EduPack 2018 also include

the synthesizer tool that gives students the properties

of hybrid materials or predict

Examine component costs.


Ortenburg. Micro-Epsilon expands the portfolio

the capacitive displacement and distance sensors of the series

capaNCDT through capacitive thread sensors. you

are not clamped, but screwed into a thread.

This opens up numerous new application possibilities,

for example when attaching

on walls or bores, according to the company.

The capacitive sensors are accordingly

especially designed for applications in mechanical engineering,

if sensors are on walls, bores or

also very deep holes in a defined

Distance must be attached. Besides, it is

possible to fix the thread sensors

To be attached to very thin walls using two corn nuts.

The capacitive thread sensors of the series

capaNCDT should be reliable according to Micro-Epsilon

Deliver measurements down to the nanometer range.

Your partner ...

... for pipes and pipe accessories

made of carbon steel and stainless steel



Butt weld fittings

Dished bottoms



Schaefer GmbH

Threaded fittings

Malleable cast iron fittings

Cutting ring fittings


Pipe clamps

custom made


- Import rolled steel products -

Bars - special dimensions - special profiles

We supply the warehouse steel trade in Germany, Austria

and in the Netherlands

Sommerburgstrasse 53 D- 45149 Essen

Tel. +49 (0) 201 74956032 Fax +49 (0) 201 74956033

[email protected]

Gelleper Str. 20 D-47809 Krefeld

Telephone +49 2151 570085 Fax +49 2151 570310

[email protected]

steel market10.2018




We work every day to improve

ourselves, constantly focusing

on quality, innovation and safety.

Our attention to people, environment

and local culture goes beyond

the borders of the company

and leads us in supporting projects

that affect changing marginalized

communities. This is our commitment

for a better tomorrow.



October 23-26, 2018

Hanover, Germany

HALL 17, B34



via Bresciani, 16 - 46040 Gazoldo degli Ippoliti, Mn - Italy

phone +39. 0376. 685 1

steel market10.2018

10 Steel International

Cracks in the united front

Dispute between US steel company and union

By Brigitte Lebens-Nacos, correspondent in New York

New York. When it came to demands for punitive tariffs on foreign steel products, Americas pulled

Steel manufacturers and the US union United Steelworkers (USW) always working together. Recently hardened

However, the fronts between the steel workers' union and individual producers, albeit on

another area. The reason for the dispute lies in the tough collective bargaining.

The USW and the

US steel company like that

very heart and soul like hers

Demands for massive punitive tariffs

against steel products from abroad.

The two sides coordinated their lobbying campaigns

in Washington and have in

same way towards congressmen

and other political decision-makers


That didn't change as US President

Donald Trump high tariffs on steel imports

from the European Union, Canada,

Mexico and a number of other countries imposed.

Since then, the two sides have praised the

from their point of view positive effects of the imposed

Customs regulations and related together

Position against those steel consumers

the Department of Commerce Customs Exemptions

for their steel imports.

However, tensions recently shook

the alliance: In the collective bargaining between

the steelworkers union and

the companies ArcelorMittal and US

Steel tightened the fronts. The

Reason: the threatened expiry of the collective agreements

Beginning of September. After all, are at

U.S. Steel 16,000 and at ArcelorMittal USA

15,000 steel workers from the outcome of the collective bargaining negotiations


It was a heated affair between the USW union and the steel companies ArcelorMittal and

US Steel. The picture shows a melting furnace in a steel mill.

(Photo: shutterstock)

Drastic tax cuts

When the talks began in July, that was

The situation in the steel sector is far more favorable

than three years ago, when the last contracts

negotiated and signed

were. Not just the higher domestic steel prices

in the wake of the new customs regulations,

but also this year in

Drastic tax cuts come into force

for companies improved the

Steel company finances. The Nucor

Corporation, the largest operator of mini

Mills, posted the second largest quarterly profit

in his story. But also

at companies like US Steel, AK Steel

and ArcelorMittal announced financial

Recovery. Collective since the end

Collective bargaining in the steel sector in the

In the 1980s, individuals negotiated

Companies with union representatives

on the duration and content of new collective agreements.

Five weeks after the start of the current one

Conversations seemed to be the gap between the

Collective bargaining partners larger than in the first meetings.

The union planned accordingly

USW just before Labor Day, the

American Labor Day, protest rallies

with thousands of steel workers

and their families and the distribution

of stickers with the slogan »Stand

up, fight back «.

The steelworkers union characterized

US Steel's proposed tariff as

"Insulting" and "ridiculous". The enterprise

offered a bonus payment of

1,500 USD (just under 1,300 €) per worker

after signing the contract,

a wage increase of 3.25% from September

2018, another 2% increase

steel market10.2018

Steel International 11

in September of the following year and

another 1% hike for September

2020. For the following years, US

Steel instead of wage increases

Corporate earnings based

Bonus payments to. Especially the suggestion

Freeze wages and through

Replacing bonus payments was met with fierce

Resistance from trade unionists. In

a statement called out the United Steelworkers

according to a "fair" collective agreement.

"Derisive offer

The talks are also considered to be very deadlocked

between ArcellorMittal and the

Labor union. John Brett, CEO of Arcellor-

Mittal, recalled in a statement,

that the negotiations in the previous tariff cycle

It took nine months for an agreement to be reached

came. He also found that ArcelorMittal

Cost parity with other integrated

Reach steel mills and mini mills

got to. No doubt that he in particular

addressed the electric steel mills that

unionized and in particular

More flexible in times of economic crisis

are considered the unionized

integrated steel mills. Until it expires

of the collective agreement, both sides were far

removed from a compromise on that of

the union demanded wage increases

and that required by ArcelorMittal

Reduce health insurance policies.

However, there was no mention of strikes. Instead

the union reminded its members

keep doing their jobs professionally


The USW and

both ArcelorMittal and US Steel despite

of all differences agreed, temporarily

to keep the previous collective agreements.

However, either side can do the

current scheme after a short

Cancel transition period. Much suggests

indicate that US Steel and the

Union could soon finally come to an agreement,

in the case of ArcelorMittal, however, this is the case

not foreseeable at the moment. Despite this

Disputes fought steel companies

and steelworkers union

together against a weakening of the

Import duties. In a congressional hearing

regarding tariffs on steel and aluminum imports

made a representative of the USW

for strict compliance with customs and duties

warned of "generous" exceptions to the

Trump's customs regime at the expense of steel manufacturers


Warning of "generous"


There was no sign of any dilution

of these tariffs. Finally have

less the government officials about that

Requests for the abolition of these duties were decided

rather than the representatives of the steel manufacturers

Industry. Particularly influential

are still US Steel and the

Nucor Corporation, the two companies

with the best connections to

Trump Administration: The US Trade Representative

Robert Lighthizer and his deputy

Jeffrey Gerrish were before their government jobs

US Steel attorneys. And Nucor supported

the current commercial advisor Peter

Navarro with a $ 1 million cash injection for

the production of the documentary »Death

by China «, which describes the trade practices of China

examined. Tried with these connections

US Steel and Nucor together with

other integrated and mini-mill companies

control over it from the start

to obtain which applications for customs relief

approved for steel imports

become. About half of the first 600

Applications rejected by the Department of Commerce

encountered objection from US

Steel, Nucor or AK Steel. The majority of the

other requests were rejected because of errors in

the application rejected. Nucor

and US Steel ranged over 1,000 and AK

Steel more than 700 appeals against exception requests


Best connections

on the Trump administration

For Trade Minister Wilbur Ross, the

Dominance of steel manufacturers in the application process

from steel consumers none at all

Problem. »If a product is in quality

and quantity is available domestically

the objection (the steel manufacturer) grants «,

said Ross. When there is no opposition to

Customs relief and no risk for

national security exists, be that

Applicant successful, said the Minister of Commerce


Opponents of the import tariffs on steel and

Aluminum, including the auto and beverage industries

as well as the manufacturers of agricultural

and home appliances, have it

very difficult against the steel lobby. “The tariffs

have an enormously positive effect on

the steel industry, ”Trump repeated in

Tweets and at its large rallies

in the home of the US steel industry,

the so-called »Rust Belt«.


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0001198080_000001 •• Cutting Machining size also from brass up to 2000 and x copper sheets

4000 mm

•• Plasma cutting Laser tube processing up to 3000 x 15000 mm

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• • Processing size sheet metal processing / edging / welding

up to 2000 x 4000 mm

• • Laser tube processing

Water jet cutting up to 4000 x 4000 mm

• • Wire EDM

Complete solutions / assembly

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CNC milling / turning / drilling

Ha-Beck, owner Mathias Hasecke • e. e. K. K.

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Eroding, laser and manufacturing technology

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Ha-Beck, email: [email protected]

Owner Mathias Hasecke e. K.

Eroding, laser and manufacturing technology

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Eroding, laser and manufacturing technology

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We are exhibiting: Hannover Messe, Hall 4, Stand A 42

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steel market10.2018

CNC laser cutting

from MINI to XXL



in metal

Schages GmbH & Co.KG · CNC laser technology

8kW laser

Stainless steel up to 50 mm

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