Who are the best sponsoring organizations for children

Child sponsorships! Does it make sense to donate?

As you know from Amazon and Co., you can use various filters to sort hundreds of potential sponsored children by gender, origin and age. If the desired child still does not come to light, a click on the "Show more children”-Button ...

As an additional incentive, each child's picture is provided with the number of days since they have been waiting for a sponsor. When you have decided to have a child, you will be greeted with the sentence "With 30 € per month you can lift Karla [name of child] out of poverty!"Asked for a corresponding donation. So it makes sense to believe that with your gift you actually and specifically take Karla off the waiting list and that she and not little Anderson will be supported. These "catalog-like advertising”Was back in 2005 in the study The public presentation of child sponsorships criticized by the University of Erlangen Nuremberg. Nevertheless, it can still be found, at least in part, in the large and well-known aid organizations such as World Vision or Plan International, which also enable potential sponsors to filter children by gender and origin. In this respect, the fears expressed by terre des hommes that it would be individual aid that would lead to envy and high administrative costs seem to be quite relevant.

Fortunately, this is not the case. As in virtually all cases of earmarked donations Even in the case of child sponsorships, it is an illusion or misleading marketing. As soon as you look at the small print, it quickly becomes clear that, for example, World Vision actually does not provide individual aid, but rather "Project work in the environment of the sponsored child”. Of course, the children in the photos are not only encouraged when a godmother is found. Of course, you have long benefited from this project work. It is not the case that the employees of the aid organizations go to a village, take photos of the children there and only return when they have found enough sponsors, potentially months later, or even that they only start gradually to look after individual children.

If organizations that advertise with child sponsorships ultimately do nothing else than initiatives that offer less potential for misunderstandings in their external presentation, the question is allowed how much you can really achieve with your donation. We at effective-spenden.org believe that even the aid organizations that arrange sponsorships and ultimately do good project work are still not among the most effective. According to the current state of science, there are also measures within development aid that are significantly more cost-effective than others. Therefore, initiatives that focus on these approaches can also provide more help for every euro donated. Examples of this are programs in which schoolchildren are freed from worms for less than one euro per year, or for less than seven euros during the entire rainy season they are protected from malaria with prophylactic medication. Support with your donation Aid organizations that are active in these areasWith your donation, aid organizations that are active in these areas can therefore offer significantly more children a chance for the future, and that is what we are about.