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You know it: there is a global pandemic that forces you to stay at home and you are occupied with watching all the films and series that you have been putting off for so long. But at some point some villain comes and wakes you out of the quarantine-induced slumber.

In my case, this villain was an email from the examination office and it contained the announcement of the postponed catch-up dates. Unfortunately, I missed a pass point in an exam and in my arrogance I thought that this exam would definitely not be written before autumn. I was probably wrong and so I began to deal again with the empirical methods of political science. With every page I read, I bit my butt more: If I had only learned a little better for the first attempt, then I would not have been in the position to have to study for an exam during the ongoing semester. Of course, you can always better judge the situation in retrospect…. From now on I will always read carefully and, above all, a lot. So the basics are well covered and the difficult things are easier for you.

My friends helped me tremendously by asking questions, explaining things to me and just being there for me when I had questions. With much better preparatory work, I went to the second attempt, which took place in the university's sports hall with distance rules and masks. My professor asked grateful questions, which made me leave the exam with a good feeling. My instinct tells me that it was enough this time, but my mind doesn't want to feel too safe and questions - preferably just before bed - the answers I have given. That's why I've been waiting longingly for the results for a few days.