What is excess wealth

Redistribute Wealth - A Just Country for All!

The Alliance for Wealth Redistribution is committed to social justice in the 2017 election year and is launching the campaign “Redistributing Wealth - A Just Country for All!” Just in time for the Bundestag election campaign. A total of 30 organizations, from trade unions to welfare and youth associations to migrant and environmental organizations, have come together in the alliance, which made its public appearance for the first time today at the Federal Press Conference in Berlin. The strategic goal is to put tax and redistribution policy at the center of the election campaign in addition to the question of social justice. Among other things, greater taxation of financially strong companies as well as large assets, incomes and inheritances are required.

"The social division has reached an extent that is unbearable," said Frank Bsirske, chairman of the United Service Union (ver.di). Social inequality, insecurity and injustice have been increasing worldwide and in Germany for decades. The central key to fairer and better politics for everyone is a turnaround in tax policy. Therefore, millionaires and billionaires should be used more to finance public tasks, so Bsirske.

The enormous private wealth contrasts with massive public poverty, which is becoming clearly visible in more and more municipalities. “Germany runs on wear and tear. Due to financial hardship, expenditures for culture, social affairs and education are cut beyond the pain threshold in many places. A solidary tax and financial policy is ultimately the acid test and the credibility test for everyone who starts with the promise of a good welfare state and more social justice, ”says Ulrich Schneider, General Manager of the Paritätischer Gesamtverband.

“The increasing social division in society is also evident in the housing markets. We need long-term price-controlled social housing, at least 80,000 additional per year, as well as needs-based housing benefit and the assumption of actually reasonable housing costs at the standard rates in Hartz IV. This is another reason why financially strong corporations, large fortunes, billionaires or millionaires must participate more in the costs of the common good than before become. Redistributing wealth means creating tax equity, closing tax loopholes and draining tax havens, ”says Ulrich Ropertz, Managing Director of the German Tenants' Association.

The unequal distribution of wealth goes hand in hand with unequal power relations around the world and is therefore a serious threat to social cohesion in Germany as well, warns the alliance. Barbara Eschen, spokeswoman for the National Poverty Conference and director of Diakonie Berlin-Brandenburg emphasizes: “Germany is a rich country. It is all the more scandalous that so many people in Germany are left behind because they are poor. The wealth in Germany must be redistributed. And it must finally be an end to playing different groups of needy against each other. "

The action alliance sees itself strengthened in its demands by the current poverty and wealth report of the federal government, in which the government itself warns of an excessive division in society and admits that employees often find their efforts insufficiently respected, long-term unemployed not proportionally by the German Job boom benefited and the service sector lagged behind in terms of wage increases. “We share this diagnosis. Now is the time to turn words into deeds. If you want to fight poverty, you have to strengthen the collective bargaining agreement and stabilize the statutory pension and gradually increase it again ”, says ver.di chairman Frank Bsirske.