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Android is for everyone

The open Android platform gives more people around the world access to more information and opportunities than ever before.

Android makes the difference.
The Android platform enables device manufacturers to compete and innovate. App developers can use it to reach huge audiences and build solid companies. Customers have an unprecedented selection of devices at ever lower prices.
Hiroshi Lockheimer, SVP, Android, Chrome OS and Play

A catalyst for economic growth

It is estimated that around 15 million people worldwide will have jobs created by the mobile economy by 2020GSMA - Global Mobile Economy Report - 2015 (page 3). Thanks to Android, this development is being driven forward, as developers and manufacturers are creating even more jobs worldwide with it.

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Unrestricted access to information

With Android, users have more information and options available than with any other mobile platform. One of the reasons for this is that the operating system enables inexpensive devices for growth markets or provides access to thousands of education and health apps.

Android makes the difference.

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This is how Android makes the mobile market more accessible, opens up new possibilities and promotes competition:

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Android is an open source platform and the source code of the operating system can be used with it can be viewed, downloaded, modified, improved and shared by everyonewithout incurring any fees, levies or other costs. Android is the opposite of closed source / proprietary software, in which the source code is not made available to the public and any changes are prohibited.

Nobody is obliged to preinstall Google's own apps in order to gain access to the Android operating system, to use it or to reproduce it.

Device manufacturers and mobile network operators often install other app stores in addition to Google Play on their smartphones, such as the Galaxy Apps from Samsung or the MiMarket from Xiaomi.