How do astrologers make money

What about money?

Financial security is just as much a part of a fulfilled life as knowing one's strengths, inclinations and abilities.

Only when we have enough money for daily life do we have the inner peace to unfold and develop further. But: Even the greatest sum at the end of the month is useless if we have to do something that we don't like.

Earn money with something that suits me!

How is it with you? Do you earn your living doing something that you enjoy and that challenges your talents? Or do you have a job that nourishes you well but doesn't really suit you? Do you want to learn more about which activities are the best for making a living? Then this astrological advice is for you!

We talk about:

  • What are the best things or activities for you to make money? What is easy for you and do you enjoy it?
  • Let yourself Combining calling and making money? (The prerequisite here, however, is that you have had the "job horoscope" drawn up)
  • Is there a Source of incomethat you have not seen before and that you could exploit?
  • Which unconscious pattern are you still holding back from creating a healthy financial base? How can these patterns be resolved?
  • In case you are financial difficulties have to solve: What is the background and what is a possible way out?

This advice can be combined very well with the "career horoscope", "Successfully self-employed" or with the "astrological forecast". The latter advice is particularly suitable for you if you are planning a new project or are currently in a financial crisis.

No short cuts

This advice is not about winning the lottery or shares, about inheritances or any kind of financial fortune. Not even about how you can get your "first million" the fastest without having to work a lot.

As a rule, our sources of income have to be built up with patience (and with the learning of certain skills); even astrology cannot show you short cuts. Therefore, this advice is usually not suitable for people who are currently financially in a tight spot and need something "very quickly" with which they can get money.

Your individual horoscope shows how you do Be able to financially secure your life step by step on your own. And even more: we look at what you enjoy and what suits you and Can make you money if you feel like doing the necessary work.