Did Sasuke know that Sakura was pregnant

Sakura and the pregnancy

Hall oils! Another oneshot! This time it's about Kabuto and Sakura ^^ I became a fan of this pairing.
This time it's about fatherly joys and motherly happiness,
because Sakura is pregnant by Kabuto.
How will this react?
Will he be happy with her and marry her?
But above all: will a good father be able to be?
Read this Ff then you know!
Have fun!
LG Hinata-Gaara

Bam! The door slammed shut and Sakura collapsed onto the armchair. Too much, the few words had completely upset her.
,, Congratulations! You're pregnant!"
These words still echoed in her head and the more she heard these words the more bewildered she became.
* I can't be pregnant at all! Kabuto has been on a mission for two weeks and won't be back until the day after tomorrow! * Thought Sakura and ran a stressed hand through her hair.
She and Kabuto had only recently been dating and are still freshly in love. A long time ago he had not done the services for Orochimaru and had finally escaped to be completely there for Sakura.
Tsunade had welcomed him with pleasure and immediately welcomed him as a jounin, which of course means that he first had to pass the exam.
But that had been very easy for him, he had even almost defeated Tsunade once.
Anyway, that was three months ago and they had been living together for almost one. Of course they slept with each other every now and then, but that was normal for a relationship.
That couldn't be done! She, Sakura still had so much to do with her seventeen year old life. She wanted to make a big career with her healing techniques and finally pass the Jounin exam, which was in two weeks. A child didn't fit at all! A pregnant and the Jounin exam that wasn't possible, right?
Besides, she didn't want any ...
Or is it?
Not long ago she would have been overjoyed, but now her career had been more important to her. But that now threw all plans upside down.
She and Kabuto wanted to do so much together. Travel, visit foreign places and and and. Sakura got up again and went into the kitchen to make tea (hihi me and my tea ^^).
While the water simmered softly, Sakura gently stroked the still flat building. Life grew up in her, the child of Kabuto ... the child of her, the life they had created. The more she became aware of this, the more determined she became: she would see the child grow up, feel it grow within her!
Sakura had the opportunity to have the child aborted, but never in her life did she want to kill HER and KABUTO's child, the child of her love.
When the tea was ready, Sakura sat down on the soft couch and carefully sipped the hot water brew.
Speaking of which ... what would your sweetheart think of it? She almost dropped the mug in shock. He didn't know anything about it yet!
How would he react? Still, they loved each other and he would certainly soon propose marriage to her, but there had never been any talk of children ...
Would he be happy? How would he react? A thousand thoughts swirled through her head and suddenly she felt sick.
Tsunade had said she was two months old and it would probably be a girl. Huge joy rose in Sakura and she gave in to her impulse and danced around the whole apartment, completely insane.
"I'm pregnant ... dumdidum ... from Kabuto hihi ... I'm happy!" Sakura sang and her cheeks reddened.
She immediately took a bath and made herself comfortable. She really wanted to spend this special evening alone with her child and show him all the warmth that awaited him.
But one thing depressed her: how would Kabuto react? The day after tomorrow, she promised, I will tell him! With that she could enjoy her bath.

The next morning.
It was half past ten and Sakura was still asleep. Since Sakura found it kind of strange, she opened her eyes a crack just so that she could look at the clock.
Half past ten.
,,HALF PAST TEN?? OH MY GOD I SLEEPED UP !!!! KAKASHI-SENSEI WILL ME LÜNCHEN! ", Shouted Sakura and jumped up. But immediately she felt sick. Strange. Since yesterday, since she knew that she was pregnant, she noticed that she had been eating so much for days and especially, so bizarre things For example, she adored gummy bears, but normally she couldn't even get one of them down.
She quickly fled into the bathroom and stayed over the toilet.
"Y-that must be the effects that mom told me about," she moaned and had to choke.
After she was sure that she was no longer sick, she got dressed and ran to the meeting point.
The others weren't there. * They are probably already training *, thought the Inner Sakura and she kept walking. When they weren't here, they were mostly to be found at the edge of the forest.
They were there too.
"Hello," shouted Sakura happily and waved to them.
"Sakura, you're late", her Sensei looked at her punishingly, but she knew he couldn't be angry for a long time.
"Sorry, I overslept."
,, Sakura! Our mood savior! Help me quickly, Sasuke is back in his I'm-all-stupid mood ", Naruto shouted over to her, played desperately.
"Tz" was the somewhat snooty answer of the black-haired Naruto with an I-kill-you-if-you-keep-crazy-looking.
Sakra had to sit down. Again she wasn't feeling well. She put her hands slowly over her stomach.
Kakashi looked at her worried.
"Dear, are you all right? You're so weird, "Kakashi asked, seriously concerned.
The pink-haired grinned and laughed softly.
"On the contrary, Kakashi-seinsei. I have very good news. "
As if one had been waiting for it, Naruto immediately stood in front of her .. Sasuke dragged along by Naruto looked bored, even if he was interested (if a little ^^).
"Tell me what ???", Naruto burst with curiosity. Maybe a ramen bar was still open.
Sakura kept the troop under suspicion until Sasuke said:
"Hey, if it's that important, tell us! Your waiting is annoying. "
,, I'm pregnant."
Sakura had to laugh at the puzzled-looking troop. Even Sasuke's jaw dropped so loudly that you could literally hear her slamming on the floor and Naruto's eyes almost fell out. Even her being-egg almost slipped down the mask in shock.
"PLEASE?", The three of them shouted in unison. "I'm pregnant. And the father is Kabuto. ... Don't look like that! You'd better be happy with me!"
"So, I'm happy for you, Sakura", her Sensei was the first to regain her voice. Then Naruto: "Hey, that's great! I'll tell Hinata and the others about it!" And he was gone.
"Nice for you, but I'm not jumping for the air because of that," Sasuke said coolly. That is exactly what Sakura expected from him. If he were excited now, she would have been seriously worried about him.
After practicing for almost half an hour, Sensei sent her home.
“You are overexerting yourself. I'll give you a leave of absence, you have to take it easy, "Sensei said worriedly.
,, Hey, I'm not a raw egg! My child will be able to handle it! ", Sakura had replied with a laugh. Nevertheless, she accepted the offer and went home. Instead of getting a little rest, she was literally surrounded by the other ninja girls. Ino, Hinata, Temari and many curious girls from the village congratulated her and overwhelmed her with questions like, "How does it feel?" "Do you notice that the child is inside you?" Or "Does that hurt?" And many more.
She had patiently answered all the questions and stayed with the girls until they had asked all of them. Then she was accompanied home by the troops, something bad could happen. ^^
Sakura arrived exhausted at the apartment and immediately took off her sweaty t-shirt. Another hack with pregnancies: You sweat terribly!
When Sakura had made her tea again and made herself comfortable on the kitchen table, she discovered a white letter.
"Well?", Surprised she took it, opened it and read it curiously. It was a letter from Kabuto.

Hello Sakura,
I couldn't hold back from yelling at you. I know I'll be back tomorrow, but I wanted you to know that I won't be able to return home until late in the evening. Asuma was injured on the mission and we are making slow progress. In addition, Jounnin give us some problems but we will manage it. I look forward to being with you again soon, your Kabuto.
P.S .: When I get back I have something for you!

How did this letter get here? With a look at the kitchen window she knew it: a letter ninja had flown the one for her here, some feathers lying on the windowsill.
She fell asleep happy and exhausted, with the comforting thought of lying in Kabuto's arms again tomorrow.

Now she was really terribly excited. How would he react? Would he be happy? And above all: could he become a good father? He had had a terrible childhood, something like that with Sasukes, the only difference being that his father had killed his family and only he was alive. However, Kabuto had not avenged himself, the wives of the dead and the children of the men of the family had taken over.
It was evening now and she remembered the day with a pounding heart. There was a lot going on today. The news that Sakura was pregnant had spread quickly, because Kabuto and Sakura were very well known, if only because of the fact that Kabuto was Orochimaru's cruel student and, together with him, had destroyed almost all of Konoha.
But he'd been given a second chance, albeit a tiny one (^^). But Kabuto worked very hard for them and helped wherever he could to compensate for his terrible deeds.
Two hours ago Ino had called and shouted cheerfully into the phone that she had an appointment with Sasuke. Sakura indulged Ino very much, she had given up on him a long time ago, but she and Sasuke were friends, even if it was a strange friendship.
Sakura was so deep in thought that she didn't even notice how the door was opened, Kabuto entered, took off his shoes and gently hugged Sakura from behind. She started up, startled.
"K-K-kabuto?", She asked uncertainly. He kissed her gently on the neck.; "Who else? Does anyone else have the key to the apartment?", He breathed and nibbled on her earlobe. "Don't, you know how ticklish I am," she giggled and straightened up. Kabuto kissed her demandingly on the mouth.
"I missed you very much," he confessed and looked her in the eye. "I missed you too." They hugged and were silent. It worked in Sakura's head. Could she tell him now? Or is it later? Or not? No, she excluded the latter. Kabuto was the father and he had a right to know.
But how?
"Are you somehow tense or am I hallucinating?" He asked, who had noticed how tense up.
NOW OR NEVER, ELSE YOU WILL ONLY REENT IT! ALSO YOU KNOW THAT HE LOVES YOU AND WILL LOVE YOU, the inner voice cheered on Sakura. She finally gave herself a jerk. Carefully he broke away from their embrace, looked Kabuto firmly in the eye and said, trembling:
"Kabuto, honey. I have to tell you something. "
He looked at her carefully. What did she want to tell him? Certainly not a good thing, because she only spoke so seriously when it was something unpleasant.
“And what, my pretty one? I'm curious, "he said monotonously.
She was trembling violently. She had to tell him now, she had to, had to, had to !!!!!!
"I'm ........ I'm pregnant", it softly from her lips. Kabuto didn't understand a word. "I beg your pardon? I didn't understand you."
She suddenly threw him to the ground and hugged him fiercely.
,, I'm pregnant! Oh, I'm so scared that you will react angrily and leave me! I'm so scared that you don't want our child. But I love you, "she gushed and before she could babble on, he gently held his fingers in front of her mouth.
He looked at her tenderly. He? Be mad at her? Where was she thinking, he smiled. How could he be mad at her? She was pregnant, luck made it perfect!
,, You're pregnant? ... I'm happy! Why do you get the idea that I would be mad and leave you? Honestly, I'm touched how much you trust me! ", He laughed and grinned at her. As she lay on top of him, she became even redder and she had to cry.
"I was just scared, please forgive me .... oh please forgive me for not trusting you ..." She sobbed and Kabuto hugged her gently.
"It's okay, I'm happy for you, honestly. I'm so excited about our child. Once in the world we will be a real family. I also brought something for you, or rather two things. "
Carefully he took out two rings and said in a slightly trembling voice:
"Sakura, I want you please ... I love you and I wanted to ask you ... uh, if you want to be my ... my fiancée."
She pressed it against him and knocked him over again where he had just sat up. After the stormy embrace, they slipped their engagement rings over each other's fingers and Sakura was now really crying. They sat up again. Kabuto held her arm.
"I have something else for you."
Kabuto whistled sharply once and a small bundle of fur ran towards Sakura. It was a cute puppy and he immediately snuggled into Sakura's arm. Overjoyed, she looked up at him.
,, A dog? You knew that I wished for one! Oh thank you!"
Kabuto smiled. "You can think of the name, Sakura."
She thought for a moment.
“How about Thunder? I like the name and it is so black as night ... yes, the name Thunder suits him. "
They snuggled happily together and while Thunder snuggled into Sakura's arm, Sakura and Kabuto kissed while sitting on the floor. He gently stroked her stomach.
This child would become a child of love, for sure!

And in the summer it was the wedding and a few months later a healthy daughter was born. Kabuto and Sakura called them:


~ * END * ~

Soa small and fine, but it had to be ^^. I hope you liked it, I am happy about a lot of love and net so love ^^ clerks !!!!
LG Hinata-Gaara
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