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Deceased unrighteous people

Goddess (formerly, escaped)

Hell, also known as the underworld, is the incredibly terrifying, infernal and spiritual realm of eternal suffering inhabited by demons and the tormented souls of all departed sinners. It was ruled by Lucifer Morningstar, who explains that Hell was designed so that no demon but only a heavenly one could rule.

In "Who is the new lord of hell?" Lucifer returns to rule in Hell to keep the demons under control.

history[Edit | Edit source]

After Lucifer was banished from heaven and hell, he became their ruler until 2011 when he abdicated his throne and retired to L.A. to open the Lux nightclub. Amenadiel was forced to descend to Hell to prevent the damned souls from escaping.

Mortals who feel grave guilt for their deeds end up in Hell to be punished, possibly forever - or until they decide to leave Hell, which Lucifer says no one ever does.

Hell is occupied by Lucifer and his demons, who are tasked with tormenting human souls.

According to Malcolm, one of Hell's torture methods is to use what you love against them when they are damned. When Malcolm was in Hell, he was thrown into a room where his tormentors starved him and isolated him from the outside world. Malcolm also notes that time in Hell is different because thirty seconds was like thirty years to him.

It was revealed that the goddess, wife of God and mother of angels, was trapped in hell after repeatedly attempting to kill people in their anger and therefore induced God to deprive them of their power by unknown means and Amenadiel to have them taken to Hell. Feeling betrayed by his mother not helping him, Lucifer returned the favor by having Mazikeen torture her. However, after Amenadiel was incapacitated, having barely survived after being stabbed by one of the demon blades of Mazikeen, the goddess was able to flee to earth.

In "Shifting Perspectives," LuciferReese revealed information to Getty that he had never told a human soul before. Lucifer is not the one who decides who goes to Hell; it is the people and their own fault that get them there. Lucifer also tells Reese that the doors of Hell are unlocked and people can leave them at any time, but "nobody ever does that".

In "City of Angels" Mazikeen states, "In Hell I must use their own guilt as torture against them. The method is chosen for them.

In "Good or Bad?" Marcus Pierce, who is also Cain's first murderer, is relieved as he lies dying, believing that due to his lack of repentance, he will go to heaven. Lucifer tells him, however, that Pierce regrets the murder of Charlotte Richards, accident or not, and it is this crime that will haunt Pierce for eternity and doom him to hell.

In "Who is the new lord of hell?" Lucifer returns to Hell to save Chloe and the rest of the people from the prophecy.

Trivia[Edit | Edit source]

  • The punishments in Hell are different:
    • Malcolm mentioned that he was completely isolated and starved.
    • Jason is stuck in a loop in which he relives how he abandons the child in the taxi and is attacked by onlookers.
    • In Abel's loop, he tries to find a woman, and then Cain shows up and kills him.
    • Reese is stuck on a loop of awakening from an accident and meeting Lucifer until his own death. He seems free from remembering his ribbons.
    • A common but unconfirmed theory is that everyone has a hell of a loop that takes advantage of their worst guilt or fears.
  • In the 1940s, Lucifer thought Kafka's Hell Loop was the most depressing.
  • Lucifer explains in "Change of Perspective" that a soul that is punished in hell can go to heaven at any time. This is further elaborated in "A Good Day to Die" when Lucifer says that a soul can only find the door to exit its loop if it believes it no longer deserves its punishment.
    • Reese shows that if a guilty soul feels like it did enough good when it died, their loop is pretty benign.
  • Demons are the only others in Hell's Loops; they take on new forms based on the memories of the soul at the time of death.
    • If Lucifer so wishes, a loop can be paused (essentially telling the demons to take a break) to give him personal time with a soul.
  • Abel was the first soul in hell.
  • In "The Devil's Time Out", Lucifer tells a young girl that "there is a special section of hell that is reserved for tyrants".