What is the Schumanns frequency

Phenomenon of the earth's atmosphereSchumann resonances without space travel

There are about fifty lightning bolts on Earth every second. This creates electromagnetic waves that travel around the earth at a height of around one hundred kilometers between the earth's surface and a boundary layer in the ionosphere. If the radiation has exactly the right wavelength, it is superimposed and amplified. This is how standing waves are formed that run around the earth almost eight times per second. This phenomenon is called Schumann resonance, named after Winfried Otto Schumann, a physicist at the Technical University of Munich who researched it in the middle of the last century.

Schumann resonators in space shuttles?

The rumor persists that NASA had Schumann resonators installed in its space shuttles or even in the modules of the international space station. This is important so that the astronauts outside the earth's atmosphere are doing well. This is nonsense. In fact, NASA deals with Schumann resonances. The waves in the atmosphere can not only be observed from Earth, but also with a measuring instrument on a US military research satellite in orbit.

There are standing waves in the earth's atmosphere, but they cannot be seen in photos. (Deutschlandradio)

Since the resonances fluctuate slightly depending on the season, solar activity or the chemical composition of the atmosphere, their measurement allows conclusions to be drawn about the state of the terrestrial atmosphere. There could also be Schumann resonances in the atmospheres of other planets in our solar system and even in those of exoplanets. Unfortunately, they can only be measured by a space probe in the vicinity, but not with a telescope over a long distance.