What made Pokemon die


Is a Pokémondefeated, it is no longer able to participate in combat. If a Pokémon is Knocked Out, it is immediately removed from the fight and must be replaced by another team member, otherwise the trainer has lost the fight. In the game, this status change is represented by the abbreviation "BSG".


A Pokémon is considered defeated as soon as its HP drops to zero, be it through offensive attacks by the opponent, status changes such as damage from poisoning, switching to stealth stones or spikes, but also injuries that the Pokémon inflicts itself, such as when it does self-injured out of confusion. Basically, a Pokémon can be defeated by anything that deprives it of HP, only very few attacks such as belly drum and delegator ensure that the attack fails if the Pokémon would defeat itself with it. Under certain circumstances, a Pokémon can also be defeated outside of combat, namely in the first three generations, if the Pokémon is poisoned.

A bug in Pokémon Emerald and the fourth generation games also makes it possible for a Pokémon to be defeated if it uses a Grana Berry, as this may also cause it to lose HP.


Once a Pokémon has been defeated, it utters a slowed or otherwise distorted call and leaves the field. In generations one to five it disappears down from the screen, in the generations after it you can see how it collapses and is possibly called back to its Poké Ball.

After the fight, the Pokémon can still evolve, provided it has won a level in the fight and meets the necessary criteria (except in Pokémon XD). It can also perform terrain attacks like surfers outside of combat. If a Pokémon is defeated, it will always lose one point regardless of how well its friendship with the Trainer has progressed.

If a trainer no longer has a combatable Pokémon, the trainer's eyes will be black and he will be taken to the last Pokémon Center he visited, where his Pokémon are cured. Center brings. He also loses part of his money because he has to pay it as prize money or loses it out of panic on the run from the wild Pokémon.


There are only a few items that can heal defeated Pokémon. In fights where the use of items by the trainer is prohibited, there is no way to get it back in shape. There are also no attacks that can cure it from this state. Only a visit to a Pokémon Center or the following items have an effect on the Pokémon:

  • Revive: Heals half the Pokémon's maximum HP.
  • Top Revive: Heals the Pokémon completely.
  • Vital herb: Works like the top revitalizer, but lowers the friendship between the Pokémon and its trainer due to the bitter taste.
  • Magic Ash: Revives all defeated Pokémon and also refills their AP. In the second generation, she even heals all Pokémon, regardless of whether they are defeated or not.
  • Special candy: Since a Pokémon sometimes receives additional CP when leveling up, the special candy can also revive Pokémon in generations one to five, but this is no longer possible from Pokémon X and Y onwards.


There are a few ways to prevent or delay a Pokémon from being knocked out. If a Pokémon uses stamina, it cannot be defeated by offensive attacks this round, but always retains one HP. Pokémon with the Robust ability survive every attack with one HP from the fifth generation, if they previously had full HP.

There are also two items that can prevent the Pokémon from being defeated, the focus belt and the focus band. While the focus belt is an item that - similar to the Robustness ability - can prevent the Pokémon from being defeated by a single attack and then becoming unusable, the focus belt is a permanent item. If it is carrying a Pokémon, it has a 10% chance of surviving the attack with a HP for every hit that would actually defeat it.

Another way to prevent being defeated is PokéMonAmi. If the Pokémon has a confidence level of at least three hearts, it can survive attacks and Confusion damage that it would defeat with 1 HP. This can be done any number of times per round and even if the Pokémon is already weakened to a CP.

In the anime

Ashs Floink and Diaz ’Gelatini are defeated

In the anime, defeated Pokémon that cannot continue a Pokémon battle are referred to as "Incapacitated". In fights in which a referee takes part, he has the task of deciding whether a Pokémon is defeated. The affected Pokémon is not necessarily unconscious. It may also simply run out of energy to continue the fight, for example.

Often the status change in the anime is characterized by the fact that the defeated Pokémon have spirals at the eye position. This may be intended to make it clear that the defeated Pokémon is confused or no longer sane. Since not all Pokémon species have eyes, there are other ways to illustrate their status change: For example, the crystal cores of Sterndu and Starmie flash when they are incapacitated. This can be seen during the arena fight between Ash and Misty in the episode Adorable sisters takes place.

If a Pokémon is declared incapacitated by a referee in an arena or league match or in a battle-oriented Pokémon competition, his trainer must recall it to his Poké Ball and may no longer use it in that battle. After the fight there is the possibility of having defeated Pokémon treated in a Pokémon Center and thus also healed. Similar to the games, a sister Joy is responsible for this in the anime. This rule is also used in unofficial fights where another coach takes on the role of referee.

In the combat rounds of Pokémon competitions, the jury decides whether a Pokémon is Incapable of Combat. They signal this by showing a red cross on the monitor of their jury table. If it happens that one of the Pokémon in action is declared Incapacitated, the other trainer has automatically won the fight.