How do I create a custom logo

How to make a custom logo using Photoshop

When we talk about Photoshop, as most of you know firsthand, we mean a program that is widely used all over the world. Because of this, many users use both for tasks related to Photo retouching as well as for the design of certain graphic elements. This is exactly the case that concerns us at the moment. In particular, we refer to the possibility of designing a personalized logo, but in a simple way and without too many complications.

Suppose this can serve us for our small business, as a differentiator for a personal blog we create, or for any other work of our own. As or you can imagine, we have for this with everything the Mudbrick program offers us endless possibilities. Without a doubt, the professionals in the industry have their own personal methods to meet their needs Customers . But this is about getting an obvious result without getting too complicated.


How to make a custom logo in Photoshop

Therefore, in the following, we will show you a simple step-by-step method that is available to everyone, how to create your own eye-catching logo. How could it be otherwise, here it is important that we have them Adobe bricks Program as such to be able to work on what we tell you. So the first thing we do is start the application.

Adjust the desk to create the logo

The first thing we do after starting Photoshop is to generate the document or desk that we are going to work on. Here we are using a square format, as is usually the case with this type of logo design. For example we set a size of 500 x 500 points with a transparent background.

Therefore this one Core values ​​were In the lower part of the window we click the Create button. Next, the desktop or blank document we are going to work on will appear on the screen. In the upper right part of the standard interface that we find in Photoshop, we see that there is a tab called Color. In this case we will determine the two colors that we will use as the basis for the effect that we will at least initially use as the background for the logo. In this case, we can opt for black and white, for example. Of course, you can choose any other tone that you like more. To do this, all you have to do is click on the corresponding little one colour Squares to define them.

Background effect for logo

Now we have to choose the background that we are going to use for it logo In this case we have chosen the menu Filter / Artist / Clouds. At that moment we will see that the 500 x 500 desk what we defined at the beginning is filled with a kind of fog. This is the perfect backdrop for our new logo we're designing.

Next we go back to the program menu, but in this case we click on the Filter / Liquify option. Then a circle will appear over the new image. By dragging at will with the mouse Button pressed, we will see how it is distorted. We can do this at will. Once we're done with that, all we have to do is click OK to make the changes to the image.

Apply a gradient to the background of the logo

Next, let's look at the "Settings" tab, where we select the "Gradient Map" option from all of them that are displayed. Then we click on the colored rectangle, which in our case appears in black and white, to change the color of the gradient background. Here we can choose the ones we like best or those that interest us, bearing in mind that this is the predominant tonality of ours Logo background . For example, in this particular case, we'll use a soft orange for the previously liquefied image.

At this moment we find an attractive wallpaper of the project, but not a smooth orange, but based on the smoothie we made earlier. After that we can add new ones in the same rectangular bar that is now orange Points mix more colors. So if you click twice on these new points, you can define new colors that will be mixed with the existing ones.

Once the background design and its colors are exactly what we want, all we have to do is click the OK button to save the changes. Now all we have to do is combine the layers we created for the background, click on them and select those Combine layers .

Add custom logo text in Photoshop

Now let's design the logo's text and place it on the background we just designed. So we select the text tool, which is located in the right bar of the main interface of the program. From that moment on we can enter the name of the company, blog or company text that we want to appear. We mark it with the mouse and assign a size and a font at will.

But we will not be satisfied with that, but at the same time we can maximally personalize this text. To do this, we will double click on the new layer created from text to see the options available here.

Adjust the text when creating a logo in Photoshop

In this way we can stamp it, register it Shadowing , internal textures, a The sunglasses lenses to the fonts, etc. It all depends on the options we select in the new window.

Once we've made all the changes we want, we'll have to try several times. Click the OK button. Then we find the result of the personal logo we are looking for. We can size Move or rotate this text independently of the previously created background via the menu option Edit / Transform.

Add an image to the logo

As we did with the text, as we described it, we can add an image to the logo that we can load from an external file, for example. Of course, we recommend that it have a transparent background, so let's load it into the project we're working on. Adding creates a New shift so that we can play with it as well as with the text. That said, it is enough that we double-click on the new layer so that we can see the effects that we can apply here.

Note that as mentioned earlier, all of these steps for creating a logo in Photoshop can serve as a baseline as the possibilities provide Adobe bricks Offers to us are endless. This allows us to change all of these parameters, fonts, colors, Filters and Effects according to our wishes or needs.

Round the corners of the new logo in Photoshop

So that the design is not so rectangular, although it all depends on what we want to achieve, we can round off a little more corners. To do this, we have to click on the program's selection tool and mark the design from the rectangular frame. Next we go to the Select / Change / Round menu. For example, in the window that appears, we can specify a radius of 50.

After accepting the changes we will notice that the corners of the selection are a little rounded, which is what we are looking for here. What we need to do now is reverse the selection, which we can quickly do by combining the Ctrl + Shift + I keys. Once this is done we just have to press the delete key so that the logo remains with us rounded corners . With all of this, we have already achieved our goal, which is nothing more than creating a logo in Photoshop.