Why was Molly Ringwald so famous

Molly Ringwald in "Riverdale": This is how the actress has changed back then

After the death of Luke Perry († 52), the series "Riverdale" is no longer the same. Luke's death hit all series actors hard - including actress Molly Ringwald (51), who has been in the series since 2017. While Luke played “Archie's” father “Fred”, Molly played “Archie's” mother “Mary”. She now plays a leading role in "Riverdale".

Molly Ringwald became world famous as a teen

But Molly Ringwald was not made famous by "Riverdale". The pretty actress has had a great career. Even as a child, the now 51-year-old stood on stage again and again and finally tried her hand as a singer.

But her great passion remained acting and in 1984 she had her breakthrough. Molly became world famous in the film "You can only do that as an adult". She played the main role of "Samantha Baker".

Molly Ringwald: “Riverdale” is not your only big success

The next hit only a year later: Molly Ringwald was seen in the film "The Breakfast Club", which cast a spell over people all over the world. In the youth film, she took on the role of the high school princess "Claire Standish".

Another year later Molly could be admired in "Pretty in Pink" as "Andie Walsh". In this film, too, Molly made a lot of fans. In addition to “Riverdale”, the actor recently appeared in the films “Kissing Booth”, “All These Small Moments” and “Siberia”.