How many doctors love their job

Community series, Pielachtal
Doctors are popular in the valley

The Pielachtal people are very satisfied with their doctors and health organizations.

PIELACHTAL (th). For many, you are more than 'just' a doctor. They are trustworthy in person and always have an open ear for their patients. We asked the Dirndl people with which health organizations and doctors they had good experiences. And what actually makes a good doctor? Regardless of whether ASBÖ Frankenfels, Rabenstein or the statutory health insurance physicians. Everyone has their 'fans'.

With a heart

Manfred Schmirl has had good experiences with the worker Samariterbund Rabenstein and general practitioner Michael Stolz. "He is a great doctor and very good diagnostician. He is always open to the problems of patients. My family and I are in good hands with him and I've known him since childhood," he says. Daughter Uschi can only agree: "Doctor Stolz knows things that no one else knows, great diagnostics. Above all, he is top human. He never neglects to have fun, he always has an open ear and takes us seriously."


Nicole Riegler from Tradigist is a patient with physician Clemens Willmann in Kirchberg. "He is a very level-headed person who keeps a clear head even in the wildest hustle and bustle. No matter how full the waiting room is, he always takes time to answer all questions," she says. She also emphasizes that her children like to go to him because he speaks to them personally and does not just talk to their parents over their heads. "If a doctor deserves the title of humanity, it is him," adds the Tradigisterin.
Eva Maria Thanner from Pielachtal is a patient of Doctor Eduard Zeller in Hofstetten-Grünau. "He has been a real companion for me for many years. Even in difficult situations," she says.


For Clemens Willmann, it is the versatility that makes the medical profession something special. "It's always exciting. And there is everything from home visits, from children to older patients. The job is demanding, in a positive sense," says the doctor. He has had his medical practice in Kirchberg for five years, before that he worked at the St. Pölten University Hospital.

Down to business

There are a total of 32 doctors in the Pielachtal.
Of these, twelve are general practitioners from the Lower Austrian Regional Health Insurance Fund (NÖGKK).

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