What does stigmatophile mean

Scoptophilia, stigmatophilia, and somnophilia


Scoptophilia is the observation of other people's sexual intercourse. This includes not only watching porn movies, but also directly viewing sexually active people.


In the context of scoptophilia, those affected observe a couple directly during sex. These are mostly couples who are specifically selected by a Scoptophile because they find it stimulating that the latter is watching them during sexual intercourse. The Scoptophile usually satisfies himself. On the other hand, games of three are usually rejected because the Scoptophiles prefer to remain spectators.

It is not uncommon to enjoy watching other people have sex. It is only considered to be a pathological disorder if only scoptophilia leads to sexual satisfaction. Sometimes even a real addiction is possible.

Legal aspects

If the couple engaging in sexual intercourse agrees to the observation, the scoptophilia has no legal consequences. However, if someone is observed having sex against their will, the legislature can intervene.


The causes of scoptophilia are largely unknown. Most Scoptophiles find it appealing to do something unusual or forbidden. Psychotherapeutic treatment is not considered to be very promising.


With stigmatophilia, practitioners have a sexual preference for people who are tattooed or pierced. This paraphilia is one of the physical fetishes.


A typical trait of stigmatophiles is that they are only sexually aroused by people who have certain stigmas such as tattoos, brandings or piercings on their body. Tattoos and piercings on intimate areas of the body are particularly attractive.

Stigmatophilia does not automatically mean paraphilia. However, if the person concerned is sexually satisfied only by looking at and touching stigmas, it takes on pathological features.


The reasons for stigmatophilia are unknown. Presumably, the preference for them is triggered by formative events.


Observing people asleep is called somnophilia. This leads to sexual arousal in the audience.


In the case of somnophilia, the practitioners observe a sleeping person like their partner and satisfy themselves in the process. However, some somnophiles do not shy away from touching the sleeping person intimately or even penetrating them.

The attraction of somnophilia is that the sleeping person does not notice the sexual activity. Sometimes the sleepers also think they have had an erotic dream.


The causes of somnophilia could not be found out. Since somnophiles do not feel mentally disturbed themselves, they usually do not undergo any psychotherapy.