Why are smart meters being installed around the world

Smart meter: intelligent measuring systems for the energy transition

When will the intelligent measuring system come?

For companies with an annual electricity consumption of 10,000 kilowatt hours or more, the metering point operator is obliged to install intelligent metering systems right from the start. From 2020, companies with a consumption of 6,000 kilowatt hours or more will also have to be converted. The metering point operators have eight years for most consumption groups. Anyone who consumes less than 6,000 kilowatt hours can optionally be equipped with intelligent measuring systems. For companies that generate electricity, installation is required from 7 kilowatts of installed power.

What advantages do companies have from intelligent measurement systems?

Companies can save a lot of money with intelligent measurement systems. The increased transparency enables companies to identify their consumption more easily. Intelligent measuring systems offer an optimal technical basis for operational energy management, which can be adjusted and optimized accordingly with the help of transparent consumption data. As a result, companies can achieve significant energy savings after a short period of time. In addition, intelligent metering systems enable new, flexible tariff models with which electricity can be obtained as cheaply as possible. The possibility of collecting various types of consumption using the intelligent measuring system also offers a lot of potential for savings. For companies, the installation is worthwhile from both an ecological and a financial point of view.

With intelligent measuring systems, electricity loads can also be used more easily and in a more targeted manner. In this way, companies can offer flexibility in the market. This is not only important for the development of intelligent power networks (“smart grids”), but also an improvement for small businesses in particular. You can also use the intelligent measuring system and no longer have to install expensive technology from the industrial sector.

What are the costs?

For companies, too, the costs are based on electricity consumption or generation output. Because this also increases the savings potential for the new technology. The costs for installation and operation are staggered according to consumption and capped according to the current costs for the operation of electricity meters and the savings potential through the new devices. For example, the capped costs for intelligent measuring systems with a consumption between 50,000 - 100,000 kilowatt hours per year are a maximum of 200 euros gross. The upper price limits are calculated in such a way that at least the costs for the intelligent measuring system are amortized through the electricity savings achieved. The costs for intelligent measuring systems can therefore be higher than for simple meters. However, the new functions also offer new savings opportunities.

The most important price caps per consumption level:

  • Intelligent measuring system, 10,000-20,000 kWh: max. 130 euros / year
  • Intelligent measuring system, 20,000-50,000 kWh: max. 170 euros / year
  • Intelligent measuring system, 50,000-100,000 kWh: max. 200 euros / year