There are natural blondes with brown eyes

Hair color and eye color
Results of an online investigation

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The color of human hair, like skin color and eye color, is determined by the type and distribution of color pigments.
The following is about the relationship between hair color and eye color, based on a German sample.

As part of an online survey - which has not yet been completed - more than 25,000 participants were asked about their likes and dislikes about the hair color of men and women. They were also asked about their own natural hair color and eye color.
The following findings are based on a subsample of more than 9,000 test persons from Germany. Around 27 percent were men and 73 percent women.

This page is all about the questions:

  • What is your natural hair color?
  • What is your eye color?
The possible answers were:
  • light blond
  • medium blonde
  • darkblond
  • light brown
  • medium brown
  • dark brown
  • black
  • red-blond
  • red-brown
  • red
  • blue
  • Gray
  • green
  • brown
  • mixed

The results are compiled in the following tables.
Since the hair colors auburn, auburn and red were very rare (combined only 5 percent), there are only very small samples (especially among men). For this reason, only the shades of light, medium and dark blonde and light, medium and dark brown and black are taken into account.
These are percentages that line by line are to be interpreted.

Relationship between hair color and eye color
Values ​​add up to 100 percent line by line

  blue Gray green brown mixed
light blond 71.2 3.0 9.1 4.5 12.1
medium blonde 51.0 9.615.1 6.8 17.5
darkblond 42.7 6.2 12.9 15.7 22.6
light brown 31.3 8.7 19.3 24.7 16.0
medium brown 25.5 5.1 16.2 32.4 20.7
dark brown 14.6 2.6 16.9 43.9 22.0
black 12.6 2.6 9.3 63.6 11.9

  blue Gray green brown mixed
light blond 56.7 2.2 22.4 3.4 15.3
medium blonde 46.3 4.7 23.0 8.4 17.6
darkblond 35.4 4.3 22.6 17.2 20.6
light brown 24.3 3.0 23.3 29.0 20.4
medium brown 17.2 2.5 19.3 40.4 20.6
dark brown 12.6 1.3 16.0 54.3 15.8
black 5.0 -- 12.9 74.3 7.9

The close relationship between hair color and eye color becomes particularly clear if you look at the columns "blue" and "brown".
For both men and women, the proportion of "blue" decreases continuously from light blonde to medium blonde, dark blonde, light brown, medium brown, dark brown to black, while the proportion of "brown" increases continuously in exactly this order.

It should be noted that this is an online survey and that the investigation none Claims to be fully representative.
But by and large, the values ​​should be quite accurate.

Detailed results of this study are reported elsewhere.

I would be very grateful for information on statistical data on the relationship between hair color and eye color!

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