What is a good makeup tutorial

How do I apply make-up correctly?

How do I apply make-up correctly? Many have asked themselves this question.

So we have a little tutorial for you: One Step-by-step instructions for perfect make-up. It's easy, quick and easy to do. Promised!

Step 1: apply foundation

The essentials for a flawless complexion is this Foundation. Applied correctly, it forms the Basis of the perfect make-up.

The color tone plays a decisive role here. You can find the optimal shade for you by applying several different shades to your face next to each other.The clay that then melts into your skin is right for you.

Nowadays there are several shades of primers. Professional make-up artists swear by their application special make-up spongewith which the primer is worked into the skin.

In any case, it is important that the foundation is carefully faded out towards the ears, neck and forehead.

Step 2: the concealer

Small shadows under the eyes and imperfections disappear with a concealer. Apply this to the inner and outer area of ​​the corner of the eye and pat it in gently.

In the last step, hide it from the outside.

Step 3: the powder

For the first finish loose powder is used (For example "Cellular Treatment Loose Powder" from La Prairie).

It is spread over the face with a wide brush and ensures that the make-up lasts for a long time.

Important: Don't use too much powder or your face can quickly look like a mask.

The right foundation is the basis of perfect make-up.

Concealers help to optimally cover shadows and impurities.

Make up your eyes properly - Step 4: The eyeshadow

For the eyes, the fourth step is the Eyeshadow applied. Mono eyeshadows are quick and easy.

If you like your make-up more sophisticated, you can use an eyeshadow palette with different colors.

To properly make up your eyes, this applies Make-up artist rule: Apply dark tones on the moving part of the eyelid, the lightest tone just below the eyebrows.

Step 5: the eyeliner

For expressive eyes eyeliner directly on the apply to the upper lash line. To do this, draw a curved line over the upper lash line from the inner corner of the eye outwards.

Towards the end, let the line widen. For an exact eyeliner it helps to pull the lid up with a finger. This tightens the skin.

"Experienced" women use one for this liquid eyelinerwhich guarantees particularly precise results. Less experienced people choose one Eyeliner stick. Applied to the lower lash line, eyeliner ensures clear contours.

Step 6: Make up perfectly with mascara

Perfect made-up mascara makes the eye make-up really complete. Volume products give more fullness.

But if you have short eyelashes, you can use a product that visibly elongates the eyelashes. There is the optimal mascara for every type of eyelash - The following applies to everyone: Always hold the brush horizontally when applying and start at the inner corner of the eye.

Step 7: the eyebrows

Bringing the eyebrows into shape: The make-up artists of the international cosmetics companies use it for this special brow powder (for example “Soucils Palette Pro eyebrow kit” from Clarins).

Before you apply the powder to your brows with a special brush and carefully shade it, comb your brows down with a small brush.

So you can quickly see which sparsely hairy eyebrow areas you need to fill in.

It starts at the inner end of the brow. Then work your way outwards with fine strokes of the natural brow shape.

Dark tones are applied to the movable lid.

Apply the eyeliner along the lash line.