Why did you learn French?

Just learn French

1. Prepare to learn French

Take a moment for yourself before you start learning French: Make yourself comfortable, prepare your study utensils and have something to drink.

Remind yourself every time why you want to learn Frenchwhat makes the French language special for you and what you have already learned. With this feeling and the right learning environment, learning will be much easier for you.

Good to know: Enjoyment of learning and a relaxed learning atmosphere ensure that you learn much more effectively. Try to start and finish learning with a positive feeling in order to have more fun learning French.

2. Surround yourself with the French language

Do you know that? Are you looking forward to a cozy evening with a great film that you have wanted to see for a long time? But the German synchronization does not correspond to your ideas at all? Then don't worry about it for a long time, go to the language settings and look at yours Series and films in the original language with German subtitles.

The more you surround yourself with the French language, the faster you will make progress in learning. You can too Radio.de Tune to a French radio station or read a simple French book.

Good to know: By listening to the French language a lot, you develop a feeling for the language, learn common idioms and the correct pronunciation. You will learn vocabulary in context and improve your listening comprehension. This is how learning French is fun!

3. Don't be afraid to make mistakes

You probably know the situation where someone speaks to you in French and you can't get a sentence out of being scared of making a mistake. We all know this, so you're not alone in this. But what can we do about it?

Make yourself aware that no master has fallen from heaven yet and dare to use what you can already do. No matter how bumpy your French sounds at the beginning, give it a try and start talking. You will see: you will find it easier and easier to speak French!

Good to know: With every mistake you make, you have a chance to learn something. Just try to spot mistakes and work around them next time. Think of it this way: Mistakes will help you improve your French!

4. Don't let yourself be stopped

You just can't remember certain words? Certain grammatical rules just don't go into your head? No problem! Don't let such difficulties demotivate you. Put the topic aside and learn something else first. This way you keep your motivation and don't waste time on a topic that you can't remember at the moment. After a few days, you can look at it again with renewed energy.

Good to know:If you can't remember something, it's usually because it's not really relevant to your everyday life. Can you z. B. the vocabulary la perceuse - not noticing the drill, maybe because you never use the term. So don't dwell on it any longer, learn the vocabulary that is really relevant to you.

5. Speak, speak, speak!

Overcome your weaker self and dare to speak in French as often as possible. Have no inhibitions about it, because don't forget: most people are happy when you speak to them in their native language.

To put your skills to the test immediately, call the tourist information office in a French-speaking city and ask what you can do there. This way you have the opportunity to have a French conversation. You will also see what you can actually already do. Because it's much more than you think!

Good to know: Only by actively using the French language can you internalize what you have learned in the long term. You are telling your brain that you actually need what you have learned and that you should remember it. If you never use the French language, you will not be able to learn it either. So: practice, practice, practice!