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Birthday songs

Elvis Presley - Happy Birthday Baby

Congratulate yourself with this unique birthday song from the King of Rock’n’Roll. There is an original recording of "Happy Birthday Baby" in the video.

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DJ Antoine - Happy Birthday

A birthday serenade in the "dance" version. The famous Swiss star DJ Antoine mixes the dreary Happy Birthday into an ingenious hit for the dance clubs.

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Stevie Wonder - Happy Birthday to You

Anyone who doesn't know this legendary birthday song has to be deaf. He sang his way into the ears of the world with various songs. His interpretation of Happy Birthday is one of them.

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DJ Bobo - Happy Birthday

You don't have to introduce the Swiss DJ Bobo, do you? Like many great artists, he also created his own version of Happy Birthday as a birthday song.

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Super Trouper - birthday song

Personalized birthday songs are a trump card at a birthday party. To make the whole thing particularly catchy, the melody of the birthday child's favorite song is used. With a suitable text, a great, very individual birthday serenade is created.

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Don't cry because you're 50

You can write some great songs from the German classic “Marble, Stone and Iron Breaks”. For example, funny birthday songs for good friends. With a very individual text, it will be a hit at the birthday party.

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Breathless through the birthday

Some love it, others can no longer hear it. Helene Fischer with her hit "breathless through the night". This family simply used the popular melody for their own birthday song. Even if the performance can certainly still be improved, it is still a great idea for a birthday.

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Happy Birthday Party Remix

As a birthday song for all the young and the young at heart there is a party / dance remix of Happy Birthday. Definitely a must in the playlist for every birthday party!

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Birthday waltz

Are you a fan of Schlager and folk music? Then there is the ideal birthday song for you here! This birthday waltz “Because it's your birthday today” comes along very traditionally with an accordion.

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It's your birthday today - beautiful birthday song

Congratulate with a calm and beautiful birthday song that sometimes has nothing to do with the boring "Happy Birthday". “It's your birthday today” comes with a catchy melody and a heartfelt text suitable for every birthday congratulation.

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Lotto King Karl - Funny birthday song

Macabre and funny or flat and below the belt? Well, everyone has to decide for themselves, but with this birthday song, the spirits are sure to be divided. Lotto King Karl definitely wrote a bang for his birthday here.

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We're all over 40.

A real party hit straight from the apres ski warehouse awaits you with “We're all over 40.” A suitable birthday song to congratulate every Ballermann fan.

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Randale - The birthday song

There are many birthday songs for children, but the children's rock band "Randale" sings a really funny and happy birthday song that definitely stands out from all other boring birthday serenades.

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Fred Sunshine & the Hamsters - Happy Birthday

Frank Zander sings a happy birthday song for kids as Fred Sunshine & the Hamsters.

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Happy Birthday in German

Yes, you can also sing Happy Birthday in German. Happy Birthday is the name of the song played here and is a really simple birthday song to sing about, even for the little ones among us.

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How wonderful that you were born

Everyone knows this birthday song, but it is still a very popular song for the little ones.

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Sunny Rocket - your most beautiful day of the year

A very happy birthday song for children from Sunny Rocket. You can find the text to sing about yourself under the video.

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Classic happy birthday on the piano

The classic Happy Birthday is played here on the piano in a very classic way. But not only that, the pianist also interprets the hit in different versions. Just like the old masters Bach, Mozart and co. would have done myself. Impressive.

Happy Birthday - Mariah Carey

Mariah Carey interprets the well-known Happy Birthday in the sense of Marilyn Monroe in a very sensual and sexy way.

Happy birthday - Foulaa system

Foulaa System describes itself as 100% fun and 100% danceable. This definitely applies to this birthday song. The Afro Pop style song radiates zest for life.

Nice birthday serenade

Here's a nice birthday serenade that guarantees a nice and atmospheric birthday.

Rheumatism, sugar and gout

With this newly composed birthday song to the well-known melody of "Marble, stone and iron breaks", the birthday child is really upset. One is confronted here with all the possible diseases and ailments of getting old. The art is to continue to enjoy life.

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Wise Guys - birthday serenades

The 5 singers with the band name "Wise Guys" have sung their way into quite a few hearts of the nation with their German a capella singing. Take advantage of this and sing yourself into the heart of the birthday child with this birthday song.

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The ravages of time - birthday song

Unfortunately, the ravages of time are gnawing at each of us. Nobody can interrupt or even stop the constantly rotating clock. So we just content ourselves with the fact that we are still loved and valued in old age. This birthday song honors the values ​​of the anniversary, no matter how much time has already gnawed at him.

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Men over 40

A great, funny and encouraging birthday song for all men over 40. A hymn for all men who have already left their 40th year of life. This song is written for you.

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Now you're finally 50.

Most of them really don't seem to think of a good 50th birthday. The same goes for the composer of the following song.

But as long as you can take it all with humor, it will still be a nice decade.

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