When did you realize that you were polygamous?

Have an open relationship - without jealousy? 5 rules you need to know!

Perhaps you have already noticed that time brings change with it. Even if monogamy is still the most common form of relationship, more and more people are also finding their way to polyamory. Nevertheless, there is a lot of skepticism about such an open relationship. It is feared that jealousy will quickly become a factor ...

... and such an open partnership / marriage could not be real love!

Is this criticism justified? In this article I will tell you the 5 most important rules for this relationship model to work!

But stop: Before we go into detail, you should always ask yourself whether you really want such a partnership. This is the only way to lay the foundation for a happy, open relationship.

1. Open relationship: Find the right partner!

Clearly, a steady couple is the starting point for this type of relationship as well. The choice of partner is extremely important, because both should be able to live in a polyamory. A partner who joins an open relationship out of compulsion will suffer damage, which in the end puts a strain on everyone involved.

But finding the right partner for this is not easy. Women in particular find it very difficult to get involved in this form of sexual coexistence. This is due to the psychology of the female sex: women (from a biological point of view) always want to bind men to themselves and have them to themselves.

In addition, both men and women live in the constant fear of losing their partner if someone shows up who could possibly be more attractive. This quickly creates competition and jealousy, which is poison for a polyamory.

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2. Be honest with her and you instead of cheating!

Many men want an open relationship / marriage. Yet they do not communicate this for fear of losing the woman. The result: You cheat and seduce another woman. We repeatedly appeal to respect honesty as the top rule.

If you want to live in an open relationship, you should tell her that too clearly. Simply so that you can stand by your need to have sex with other women and not hurt them at the same time. Remember that, after all, you don't want your girlfriend to have a secret lover, do you? So, better play with the cards up. Sure, this can lead to arguments, but at least you stay true to your values ​​and don't cheat them.

3. Against her jealousy: treat her like a queen!

It is just as clear to her that you still have a relationship with other women. That's okay too, otherwise it would be more of a "cheating". Still, you should always treat her as if she were the only one for you. This way you avoid jealousy and make her feel good at your meetings!

Make an effort when you see each other. And don't tell her about the lovely lady you met recently. Even if you're in an open relationship, it can hurt and make them jealous. Be completely with her and don't secretly write to other girls. A woman wants to be valued and loved the moment you meet ... and you owe her that too.

4. Strictly separate sex and feelings!

An open relationship can only work if you separate sex and love. For some it is not easy, but without this component a polyamory will not work or it will quickly break down. It's okay to fall in love with someone, after all, you're not a robot. However, if you cannot separate feelings and sex, it is better if you opt for classic polygamy instead of polyamory.

5. Jealous? Equal rights for all!

Hand on heart: do you tend to be jealous when she has fun with other guys? Immediately forget the thought that you could have sex with any woman, but she shouldn't find another lover besides you. To be happy in an open relationship, it must not be one-sided. This means that both men and women have the same right to do what they feel like doing.

That means at the same time: Get your jealousy under control and give her this freedom to have fun with other men. If you can't accept this rule, you shouldn't seek an open relationship.

But if you observe all the rules that I have explained to you here, nothing should stand in the way of a happy love life with many great women!

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