How vegan is the impossible Whopper

Impossible Whopper: Burger King tests bleeding veggie burger in USA

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Without a cow, and yet the burger is supposed to even bleed. (Symbolic picture) Image: getty images / montage: watson

Burger King is testing a veggie burger in the USA that is also said to convince meat eaters

Veggie burgers are nothing new. So far, however, they have clearly differed in taste from the "original". Burger King is now testing a burger in the USA together with the startup Impossible Foods that should change that.

Many thought the presentation of the new burger on Monday was initially an April Fool's joke. But Burger King seems to be taking it seriously. In a branch in Saint Louis, USA, the company has recently started selling burgers that are supposed to be indistinguishable from the original made from grilled beef.

They are called "Impossible Whopper". And they are made of plants. Completely vegan. Even so, the burgers can even "bleed". To do this, the developers use hemoglobin, a substance that is also contained in the blood and that makes it red in the first place.

With this video, Burger King is promoting the veggie test.

Supposedly, the people and their reactions are real. At least that's what Burger King claims. Video: YouTube / BURGER KING

The veggie mince should be able to replace meat

Impossible Foods has been trying and doctoring the vegan minced meat from the laboratory for years. The goal: Even passionate meat eaters should no longer taste a difference. The company's boss, Patrick Brown, said in an interview in 2017: "We are determined to produce all of the world's minced meat this way." In 50 years, burgers would no longer be made from beef, but from vegan products, he is certain.

The vegan minced meat is already available as a burger in some restaurants. However, the trial at Burger King is a new success for Impossible Foods.

In the market with the bleeding veggie meat, the "Impossible Whopper" is not alone. Competing companies have also developed similar products. Burgers from the company "Beyond Meat" are now also available in Germany.


We tried the "Beyond Burger".

Video: watson / Mara Pelteki

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