How can you light up a dark room

Illuminating sloping ceilings - 7 tips for lighting in the attic

Do you live in an attic apartment with small windows? Then you may know the problem: sloping ceilings swallow up light and make the respective room appear smaller. But there are also clever lighting solutions for sloping walls that re-stage poorly lit rooms with light. We give them 7 tips at hand, how you can shine a dark attic apartment in a new light.

Lighting in the attic: illuminate sloping ceilings with pendant lights

A practical and stylish solution for lighting rooms with a slight sloping ceiling are Pendant lights in a row. To do this, the cable length of the individual lamps is adjusted so that the bulbs of the individual luminaire elements hang at the same height. This is a great idea for lighting in the kitchen, for example. Our tip: Arrange the hanging lamp so that it runs in a line parallel to the kitchen table.

Attach lamps to the sloping ceiling

They are suitable in rooms with inclines or generally in angled corners of the apartment flexible cable systems for lighting. The lights are mounted on a wire rope, which can be aligned as desired. The practical thing about this solution: You can use it to direct the light in the room as you wish and provide either direct or indirect lighting exactly where it is needed. You can also use your sloping roof to create a cozy ambience in the living room, bedroom and co.

Use light rails for the sloping roof

If you want to equip the attic with basic lighting despite the sloping roof, you can go to Light rails To fall back on. Although these are not flexible in their alignment, they can be screwed firmly into the incline and equipped with any number of spotlights and spots. The spotlights can then be moved flexibly on a light rail so that individual lighting accents can also be set with this lighting variant.

Sloping ceiling: indirect Lighting in the bedroom

Finding indirect lighting for the sloping roof is also very easy with our lighting tips: You can, for example, do perfect lighting on dark slopes Light coves to install. These are backlit joints and protrusions that emit shadow-free and glare-free light into the room. Sloping ceilings can be perfectly provided with indirect light by means of light coves.

With LED spots: cleverly illuminate sloping ceilings

Simple ceiling spots are an elegant solution for sloping ceilings in the bathroom. They should be taken into account from the outset when planning the room and lighting, as they are embedded in the ceiling. Ceiling spots are so practical because they can be installed almost anywhere on the pitched roof. They are available in different sizes and light levels. We recommend the energy-saving variant: the LED ceiling spot for top floor apartments. Whether in the bedroom, in the kitchen or in the bathroom - a simple ceiling spot always looks good.

Attach a wall lamp to the sloping ceiling

There is also the option of swiveling Spotlight as a wall lamp to be attached to the attic wall. These have the advantage that you can align the light as you wish. When buying, make sure that your desired spotlights are specially designed for installation on a sloping roof.

Cozy lighting from below

An uncomplicated and totally cozy variant of the sloping roof lighting is the Illumination of the wall from below. Table lamps on the chest of drawers or the dining table under the slope are particularly suitable for this. It is best to choose a lamp with warm light that gently shines on the sloping wall. This cannot illuminate the entire room; but certainly a little cozy corner in the living room.