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Lauterbach is now proposing to lanz that a representative sample be tested regularly, as the English do. don't want to pat myself on the shoulder, but I asked for that here a year ago ...

I am surprised that this is now being demanded. It's been around for a long time.

Apparently nothing useful, of which specifically, for Germany, are you talking about?

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....) Unless of course you can already afford a suitable office chair, then of course the kitchen equipment must not smear against it. Get standards right?


I see what you did there

RKI has launched a study with the Helmholtz Institute over 100,000. What has become of that?

Honestly: I have no idea at all.

I know of a smaller and a larger study that should be done.

One was a longitudinal study for the Munich area. I even mean, a user here (@munichs-finest?) was included, it was about antibodies. And there I have already seen preliminary data that, for example, the proportion of children detected and reported as infected was a factor of 4-5 lower than assumed on the basis of the AK titre.

The Germany-wide study with repetitive measurements to address exactly the problem of what you are writing (which is totally logical that you have to do it - such data with selected test subjects that are representative of Germany would be much more valid than a statement about the infection process than to test people selected on suspicion based on symptoms and contacts), should be set up by the RKI and the Helmholtz Institute. I still have 100,000 test subjects where you could really start something.
But then I didn't pursue that any further. It would rarely be stupid (but who wants to rule that out in this day and age?) Not to have done that.
Yup. The 3rd round is currently running. I got my - negative - result this week. The 2nd round was Nov / Dec 2020. Here the PM from 23.12.

(...) In the first wave, we were still able to detect an unreported number of approximately factor 4 undetected infections, but by autumn this had halved to almost a factor of 2. If one only compares the increase in infections since the beginning of June, the rate of undetected infections has fallen even more significantly. This could be due to lower case numbers and thus better traceability in summer as well as increased awareness and an improved test strategy. (...)

The study protocol in English may be analyzed by relevant contributors