Why don't you like wet weather


If it rains on the seeds in May, it rains ducatsMay rain on seeds, rains ducats.A cool May is highly respected ’- has always brought a fruitful yearCool May, wet the fallow month - fills us with barns and barrelsIf May is quite humid and cool, there is a lot of fruit and food.If May is really hot and dry, the farmer gets small chunks.Cool May brings a fertile year, drier makes it arid indeed.If the oak drifts in front of the Esch, there is a large laundry.When St. Urban (May 25th) laughs, the grapes cry.The weather on St. Urban (May 25th) shows the weather in autumn.Dry frost does no harm.if you plant beans on the May evening, it will be worth itNight frosts in May are harmful, but the wind is goodMay brings flowers to the face but no fruit to the stomachFlax, sown on esters (), grows best of allAs it was in April and May, the weather will be throughout the yearNo summer before Servaz (May 13th), no frost after Servaz.When it freezes on St. Pankratius (May 12th) / a lot of the garden will be ruined.Pankrazi, Servazi, Bonifazi / are three frosty Bazi, / and at the end there is never / the cold SophiePankratius and Servatius (May 13th) are reluctant to see, / because these are two strict gentlemen!Pankratz and Servatius are two bad brothers, / what spring brings you destroy againMamertus, Pankratius, Servatius / stand for cold and annoyanceBefore Pancras, Servatius and Boniface (May 14th) is over, May is not safe from the cold.Pancratius holds his neck stiff / his armor clinks with frost and frostPankratz and Urban (19 and 25 May) without rain / promise rich harvest blessingsPankratz / only gives way to summer.